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Issue: 6
October 2012 
In the August issue of News and Views we asked WBCCI members about their favorite campgrounds.  Here are a few of the responses.  More to come future issues.  
The Airstream Park in Clear Lake, Minnesota


From John Tetzlaff


"We like the inexpensive living, wonderful people, kids at play, great golf, wonderful swimming pool, lovely large pull-through wooded lots, now newly gated with the safety of knowing the evening hours are secure while you sleep."

Monte Verde RV Park in Angel Fire, NM   


Lynn and Maria are WBCCI members and FANTASTIC hosts! The scenery is incredible and you are located just 22 miles from Taos. We have had many WBCCI Rallies here. There is a 50% discount for WBCCI members.  Where else can you get that?

The Silver Bond


What is it that mysteriously connects Airstreamers?   The elegance of silver, the bullet-shape, the commonality of ownership, or all three?   


When we pulled into Quartzsite AZ recently we opted to park on BLM lands. The gem and mineral show being over, there were few RVs left on hundreds of acres of open land. No hookups, no fees, just the silence of the desert. As we turned off the road we saw a glint of silver in the distance. Though there were 10,000 "sites" to choose from, our rig seemed to gravitate toward its cousin and we parked about 200 yards from the other Airstream Classic. Close enough to get acquainted, but not close enough to crowd.



It was late when we arrived. Just enough time to watch the setting sun turn the sky to fire over the mountains.   At breakfast the next morning the other "Airstream couple" gave a knowing wave and nod as they drove by, headed out to do errands.  That evening Jenel and Jada from Washington State came over to introduce themselves, as all Airstreamers eventually do. After the initial exchange of hometowns and future destinations, Jenel said something that still has me pondering. "You know," she said, "when we drove by and waved this morning, I had an almost irresistible urge to ask you if you needed anything from the grocery store or if you wanted us to take your trash into town. I can't explain that. We hadn't even met you yet, but somehow I wanted to do you a favor."  


It's hard to explain but it's always there, isn't it? The bond of silver.   


Sky of Fire2  

 By Carolyn Beardshear #7982, Cental Indiana Unit  

Ice Cream Shops of Huron, South Dakota  

Putters and Scoops                       

Putters and Scoops on Ravine Lake in Huron SD would like to extend a very special welcome to the Wally Byam Caravan Club during your 2013 rally in Huron. We are making plans so that your time with us is filled with much joy and great memories. In the 1930's Bathhouse you will enjoy 16 flavors of  SDSU Ice Cream, sandwiches, fresh baked pie and root beer floats. Outside we have activities for a day's or evening's worth of fun, including mini-golf, paddle boats, kayaks and more.


Melanie Harrington, Putters and Scoops


Putters and Scoops course
Goodrich Ice Cream

Plus Baskin Robbins, Dairy Queen, and TCBY
Photo by Shari Owens Davis

Access WBCCI.ORG on your
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Are you looking for a rally to attend while  on the road, but there's no WiFi at your campground?  Need some immediate technical advice from Shus News or Phred Sez? 

There's no app for that yet, but you CAN access the WBCCI website with your smart phone or tablet and a cell phone connection. 




Don't miss The Mitchell Corn Palace  
at the I-90 exit for Huron, SD. 
corn palace

The World's Only Corn Palace, visited by more than 500,000 people a year, is a Moorish Revival Building which stands as a tribute to the agricultural heritage of South Dakota.


The original Corn Palace, called "The Corn Belt Exposition" was established in 1892. Early settlers displayed the fruits of their harvest on the building exterior in order to prove the fertility of South Dakota soil.  

 CP Mural 2

The Palace is redecorated each year with naturally colored corn and other grains and native grasses to make it "the agricultural show-place of the world".  Thirteen different colors or shades of corn are used to decorate the Corn Palace: red, brown, black, blue, white, orange, calico, yellow and now even  green corn!  The corn used is especially grown for this task, using a variety of seeds to produce different colors.  A different theme is chosen each year, and murals are designed by local artist Cherie Ramsdell to reflect that theme.   

CP Mural 3   CP Mural 





Try Craigslist for Recruiting New Members


Here is an example of 'thinking outside of the box' regarding recruiting new members. The Nashville TN Unit posted this on Craigslist and have had 20 inquiries ranging from "we'll be there" to "we're looking for an Airstream trailer". The listing is titled 'Nashville Airstream Club Memberships - $10' and the ad was placed under the for sale, Airstream area. The Unit stated "... the reason we put a price on the ad is because we want to steer clear of Craigslist policies.  

We are offering for sale memberships (at least we say we are)".    


Here is the script of the Nashville TN ad:

"Did you know there's an Airstream trailer owners' community in Nashville? At regular meetings we discuss common issues including units for sale, maintenance issues, who's going where next, common fellowship and concerns.

If you own an Airstream trailer or motorhome or are looking to buy an Airstream we'd love to have you come meet us. You need not yet own an Airstream trailer to attend one of our (usually) monthly luncheons to learn more about Airstreams. We would be pleased to have you as a guest.

Our club is a very active group who enjoy weekend trips to local parks as well as "rallies" that take us away for weeks at a time. There's something for everyone.

Please respond to this posting and we will tell you where and when our next meeting is."


Photo by William Ferry
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