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Issue #2                                                                       April, 2012  


Sedalia Visitors' Guide
Short Caravans for Everyone
Book / DVD Exchange at Sedalia
Help Archive WBCCI History
Geocaching with Kids
Lanterns to Sedalia
Share your favorite photo
What's a "Come and Go" Caravan?
Caravans with Openings
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Planning your trip to Sedalia? 

Click  HERE to view the Sedalia Visitor's Guide.  
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Chairpersons needed for International Rally
  • Region and Unit Bulletin Boards  
  • Ariel Photos
  • Unit yearbook contest
  • Photo Print Contest
  • Bean bag baseball 
  • Hitch up - Back up Clinic

Contact Barry Heckenswiler



It Pays to Advertise Your Unit's Caravan  
Advertise your region or unit's short caravan to all WBCCI members.  You'll meet new people and have more fun. Send caravan information to Marion Pember for inclusion on the WBCCI website. 

Book / DVD
Exchange at International 
Lots of units exchange books and DVDs at rallies.Why not have a swap at the International Rally at Sedalia?  We need a volunteer to make this happen. You just need a table, some time, and a few volunteers to help.  Email ecc@wbcci.net if you are interested in organizing the exchange.  
Help Scan WBCCI Archives for the Website

Have you ever visited the "magic closet" of WBCCI historical materials at Jackson Center?  Most members haven't, but visiting the pictures and diaries from old caravans and club events is a fascinating way to spend hours or even days.  We'd like to bring the archives to everyone in WBCCI, no matter where they live, by digitizing this material at the International Rally.  We need a volunteer or team of volunteers who can organize several laptops, scanners, and software so members at International with some free time can help to scan these documents. We'll post the results on the website for members around the world to enjoy.  Contact ecc@wbcci.net if you'd like to lead or be part of this team.  
Airstreaming, Kids, and Geocaching -
A Great Summer Adventure   

Catch the Geocaching Bug!

      Geocaching is "a high-tech treasure hunt." Kids love a good mystery and geocaching offers opportunities to solve as well as create mysteries while on Airstream road trips. The Groundspeak (www.groundspeak.com) website offers an archive of GPS coordinates and clues for 1,703,720 caches around the world. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. At the most basic level, a cache consists of a water-tight container, a guest book, a pencil, and items for exchange. The content for each cache varies, but always involves exchangable trinkets and may include "travel bugs," items that are tracked online. When such a treasure is found, your hunter can celebrate the achivement with the rest of the world and help the bug travel by moving it to another cache along the trip..

         Airstreaming kids can also create caches and register them for other outdoor enthusiasts to find.  However, the popularity of the sport offers a wide selection of containers, including one that looks like a pine cone. The market is also growing for specialized trinkets such as collectible state Geocoins, adorable animals, and trinkets based on the fun of the hunt.


If you have a Smart Phone you are ready to enter the exciting world of geocaching. Go to the App Store and search for "geocaching."  The Geocaching Intro app is a great place to start and it's FREE!  On your computer, iPad or smart phone, go to http://www.geocaching.com/ for lots of information about geocaching, including a simple tutorial.  Click on "Geocaching Apps" on the right side of the screen and you'll find apps for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7.  The "Intro App" is a great place to start.  



Send additional ideas for "Airstreaming with Kids" or geocaching to Jen Ehrhardt for publication in the upcoming "Airstreaming with Kids" section of the WBCCI website.  



Making Tracks to Sedalia


The 55th annual International Rally is be held in Sedalia, Missouri this summer. Much of Sedalia's history and early prosperity is based on the railroad and the stockyards from the great cattle drives of the late 1800's. In this same tradition, Airstreamers from all over the U.S. and Canada will be traveling to Sedalia this June. We will be following the travels of 4 members as they post pictures of their journey with a replica Railroad Lantern on the WBCCI Facebook page. The lantern carriers will end their journey on stage during the opening ceremony of the International Rally as they give the signal for the rally to proceed. Climb aboard and enjoy the view as we travel the rails of this great land. All aboard!


If you are going to the International Rally and would like to participate as a lantern carrier, please send an email to lantern2sedalia@gmail.com 


2011 Torches to DuQuoin  



The Lighting of the Torch in DuQuoin, 2011
The Lighting of the Torch, Opening Ceremonies in DuQuoin


Do you have a favorite club photo?

Share your favorite Airstream Photo on the new WBCCI.ORG Website.  We are collecting pictures of club members engaged in some of those oft-touted Airstream adventures. Jan Roybal will be managing this section and she can resize your picture and optimize it for the web.  Email her your favorite photo at Airstreamphotos@wbcci.net  Initial Limit: One photo per member, just to get the section started.   


Study in Silver Study in Silver - Central Indiana Unit Rally, 2010 


What's a "Come and Go" Caravan?

For Unit and Region Caravan Leaders

      Simply put, shorter "come and go" caravans allow participants to join, leave and/or re-join the caravan at an

any point. This is ideal for working members, those with limited time, or members of units in adjoining states.

      Participants may be responsible for their own campsite reservations at state parks, thereby taking responsibility for any cancellations.   They also pay individualized rally fees based on the activities in which they participated.  Sound complicated? It's really not.  Spreadsheets and a shorter time period make this easier for caravan leaders to calculate.   

      Here's an example of what a spreadsheet for managing a two week "come and go" caravan might look like.  The software does the calculations and you plug in the names and numbers!  


Final Accounting - XYZ Two-Week Caravan
Funds collected, spent and returned -  by rig
(this is only a snapshot, not a working spreadsheet)

Come and Go Caravan Spreadsheet, Part 1 

Come and Go Caravan Spreadsheet, Part 2


For additional information on "come and go" caravans contact Marion Pember or the Electronic Communications Committee



These 2012 National Caravans have openings. 


The Southeast Coast Spectacular,  Oct. 2 - Nov.10SE Coast Logo 

Seafood and the historic southeast coast of the United States,  

Leaders: Ron & Cyndi Carnein     623-974-4762   


The Great River Road, Sept. 12 - Oct. 12 Great River Road Logo

Historic and recreational attractions along the mighty Mississippi 

Leaders: David & Linda Andrzejewski  603-770-1609  

Gone To Texas, Sept. 17 - Oct. 20    

From Fort Worth  to the Texas Hill country west of San Antonio. Co-Leaders: Lyle and Peggy Snow  281-251-  7566   

CIU Caravan