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June 2014
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$50, that is - from any RingCentral IP phone, when purchased with a
2-Year Contract AND Annual Pre-Pay (customer pre-pays each year on a 2 year contract)

Offer valid for any PBX replacement. Phone Discount - No limit on number of phones. All phones must be purchased with a RingCentral digital line to qualify. Excludes ATA's. Phone discount available through June 30, 2014.

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AT&T has released additional discounting on the Uverse product to help drive sales through the end of August!!


Any New Install or Migration (from ADSL to Uverse) customers who purchase Uverse Broadband of any speed between now until 8/31/2014 are eligible to receive the following...

  1. 50% off monthly recurring charge for the first 3 months.
  2. $100 Visa Gift card. Mailed 60-90 days after installation completes.
  3. CPE - New Acquisition=100% rebate; Migration=waiver
  4. 12-month term required 

Offer is stackable with the following offers:

  • All for Less or Essentials bundles
  • Mobility Free Tablet Offer (Launches 6/9)
  • Broadband Upgrade as Qualifier for All For Less
  • Free Tech Support 360 with new IP Broadband Offer (Expires 6/30)

With the launch of this offer, several other offers will be discontinued on 6/8:

  • AFL Introductory Offer (discount for first 3 months)
  • New Broadband Acquisition offer (discount for first 6 months)
  • U-verse Platform Migration Offer (free month)
  • Free IP Broadband with Mobile Share Value Plan Offer

Key Benefits:

New, Win, Winback, and Migration customers will receive 50% off for the first 3 months of their service and a $100 reward card regardless of speed purchased.



Remember all Uverse products are sold on 12 month terms only.


Thank you




Effective May 29,2013 all Coax Sales Policy Change



  • Effective 5/29/14 Coax opportunities will ha ve a maximum $7k construction build out to the customer premise . If construction is over $7k Charter will not proceed with the order.
  • Note: Multi-site opportunities are exempt from the $7,000 cap and follow existing policy.
  • Any opportunities with construction costs over$7,000 initiated before May 29th, 2014, have until June 13th , 2014 for a  signed contract to be obtained in order to be considered under the previous version of the policy. The opportunity must either have a viable ROI or the customer must agree to pay all construction over $4,999.
  • Any opportunities at a residential address with signed agreements that require construction must be moved to "CPR Requested" by June 13th, 2014 in order to proceed.
  • Any opportunities at a residential address with surveys in flight will not be permitted.  The customer must be contacted by the Sales Rep and informed CB services will not be provided.
  • Any opportunities at a residential address with verbal customer commitments and requiring surveys will not be permitted.  The customer must be contacted by the Sales Rep and informed CB services will not be provided.


Site Survey - A coax site survey will be valid for 1 year from the site survey completed date in Salesforce. (Fiber surveys are still valid for 6 months.)


ROI for construction over $4,999 - A ROI is not required if the customer is paying for 100% of the construction cost over $4,999 when construction costs are $5,000 to $7,000. If the single-site survey returns total construction costs over $7,000, the opportunity will not proceed.