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March 2015                      National Nutrition Month               Volume 11 Issue 3

National Nutrition Month

Texas School Breakfast Week March 2-6, 2015
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Kathrin James
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Slow Cooker

Steel-Cut Oatmeal



1 cup steel cut oats

4 cups water

1/2 tsp salt



1. Place all ingredients in slow cooker.

2. Cook on "low" overnight

(7-8 hours) until all water is absorbed.



Nut butter, nuts, seeds

Fresh, frozen or fried fruit


Spices - cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla.


Steel cut oats are a less processed form of rolled oats.  They have a lower glycemic index than most other grains song with protein and fiber.


*Steel cut oats can also be cooked easily on the stove. Boil water (3:1 ratio), add oats, a pinch of salt and simmer for 20-30 minutes.



  Congratulations to our 2015  Rodeo Contest Winners!


Jackie Caver

Turner Elementary, Pasadena ISD


Melanie Marshall

Nottingham Elementary, Spring Branch ISD


Brandi Bowlen

Epps Island Elementary, Klein ISD


Each winner was awarded 4 tickets with parking pass to a performance of their choice.  


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March is National Nutrition Month, a special month that we really concentrate on the quality of our food and dietary intake, which we should be doing every day of the year.   March 11, 2015 is the National Registered Dietitian Day, which reminds us that Registered Dietitians are the experts in the field of food and nutrition, your go to professionals for expertise in this area.  Dietitians are also the experts in medical and therapeutic nutrition for such areas as: diabetes, heart and cardiac indications, hypertension, kidney, plus general weight control, to mentions a few.  In Houston, the Oliver Foundation founded Houston Dietitian Day on March 11, 2009 by proclamation of the Mayor. Read Press Release


"Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle" is the national theme for 2015, plus it is also the month that the farmers markets come alive in Texas with the first fresh produce of the season.  The best way to get more healthy bites into your diet is to increase your fresh fruit and vegetable intake.  Five to nine servings are recommended for adults and five for children.  So get out to the farmers markets for the freshest and healthiest "bites" of the season. Take the entire family, its educational and an opportunity for kids to learn where their food comes from, the ground, not a grocery store in plastic. You are supporting the local farmers and most times there are opportunities to speak with the farmers to learn about their produce.  

School Breakfast Week 
March 2-6, 2015 
Schools across Texas will be celebrating "The Smart Way to Start Your Day - Breakfast." This year's theme is all about the importance of starting the day off right by eating a healthy Texas breakfast. 
Oliver Foundation Teen Board Members Present

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Voyage '15 Annual Teen Conference
February 7, 2015
Presentations to teens:

Nikita Ghosh - "Building a Resume and Interview Tips"

Sky Chen - "Healthy Habits"

Presentations to Parents/Guardians:

Jahnvi Jain and Annika Gandhi - "Helping Hands: Guide your Teen to a Healthier Lifestyle"

Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
February 8, 2015
Healthy Living Soul Food Luncheon

Bradlee Few and Myles Fucci -
"Childhood Obesity and Healthy Choices" 

Meet the Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board
The Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board is a 12-18 member organization represented by students across the Houston area. 
Each month you'll meet a different member who will share their perspective on living a healthy life.  

Annika Gandhi, Board Member 
Clements High School - Sugar Land, Texas 

Annika Gandhi is a junior at Clements High School in Sugar Land. She is a district officer of a business organization called DECA, and also participates in the school's choir program. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the Science National Honor Society. In her free time, she enjoys cooking healthy recipes, working out, and, more than anything, traveling. 

March is National Nutritional Month!

National Nutritional Month focuses on promoting the importance of making smart and informed eating habits and food choices. The theme for this year is "Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle". Healthier eating habits include eating throughout the day, swapping junk food favorites for more nutritional options, and also cutting down on unnecessary calories, fats, and carbohydrates. 


Annika's Tips for a More Nutritional Diet:

Although fast food and restaurants may be more convenient, there are innumerable benefits to cooking at home. By cooking your food yourself, you can be more aware of what is actually going into your body. Cooking at home usually results in a much lower sodium and fat intake. Additionally, cooking at home allows you to make nutritional substitutions. These include swapping mashed avocado for mayonnaise, using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and whole grain foods instead of regularly processed ones.  Also, making your food at home will help you cut down on portion size. One definite way to cut down on portion size would be to use smaller plates. It's amazing how much more satisfied we feel when consuming an entire small plate of food rather than half of a large plate of food.  Another thing to make sure you do is to pre-portion your snacks. Rather than taking the whole bag of chips to the couch, just put a few in a bowl to enjoy. 

For additional information about the Oliver Foundation Teen Board go to the Oliver Foundation website.

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Lesson Title: Healthy Breakfast


The month of March highlights the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, with School Breakfast Week, March 2-6, 2015.


Encourage your students to eat a healthy breakfast EVERYDAY, not

just during National School Breakfast Week or on testing days.


Have your students list healthy breakfast items and then write why they think breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Eating a healthy breakfast can make the difference between fueling up your body right for the day or running out of gas before lunch.

A few ideas:

  • Whole wheat frozen waffle - top with peanut butter or fruit
  • Instant oatmeal - go for a low sugar choice and top with fresh fruit.
  • Breakfast whole wheat tortilla wraps - add ham and low-fat cheese slice or peanut butter and apple slices or if time allows add scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa.
  • Single serving low fat yogurt - top with granola, nuts or fruit.
  • Single serving low-fat cottage cheese - stir in berries.
  • Try low-fat string cheese, apple slices and whole wheat crackers for a complete breakfast meal on the go.
Looking for more nutrition integrated lessons?  Go to the Oliver Kids Manual where you'll find 50+ lessons. 
Have you created a Healthy School Environment in your district?  Send us an e-mail  and tell us all about it -  info@oliverfoundation.org .
You may be spotlighted in the next Oliver Foundation newsletter - T.E.A.M. Talk.

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