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  May 2014
Volume 10 Issue 5

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The Oliver Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity.
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Oliver Foundation Healthy Choices Grant


 The goal of the Oliver Foundation is to encourage children, families and communities in Texas to improve the eating and physical activity patterns of Pre-K, Elementary and Middle School children.


Grants will be awarded to Texas non-profit organizations, agencies and schools that demonstrate the greatest need and likelihood of sustainable impact on children's nutrition and activity levels through innovative programs.


Visit our website for grant application 



Award Amount



Next Deadline

July 15, 2014


to our recent Healthy Choices Grant Recipients  
Fort Bend County Kids & Cops, Inc.
Deputy Jerome Ellis
Turner Elementary, Pasadena ISD
Jackie Caver
Epps Island Elementary, Klein ISD
Brandi Bowlen, RN
Wichita Falls YMCA
Donisha Reed
YES Prep Public Schools Southeast
Kyle Stallard
Brazos Bend Elementary
Fort Bend ISD
Sandra Arreola
Martin Elementary, Alief ISD
Kelley Sullivan
Condit Elementary, Houston ISD
Tara Ritchie


Healthy Recipe

Hydrating Watermelon Summer Salad


Let's keep it simple, healthy and hydrating.


4-6 cups washed and lightly torn spinach leaves

3-4 cups cubed watermelon

1 small cucumber diced

1 avocado, peeled, pitted and diced


In a large salad bowl add the 4 ingredients and lightly toss.  Add salt and pepper to taste.


Use a low fat, low calorie balsamic dressing- add lightly just before serving. 


For variety you can add: strawberries, crumbled feta cheese  or mint. 




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Teen Board Mentoring


Would you like a teen board member to come and talk to your students?


for availability. 
Be Active, Get Healthy
May 7th  
National Bike to School Day
National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

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September 2014


Exercise and Hydration in the Texas Summer Sun


Summer is a great time to get outside and exercise - but you must be hydrated and follow a few simple rules to avoid heat - related illnesses.  The signs and symptoms include:

  •   Muscle cramps
  •   Nausea or vomiting                   drink water
  •   Weakness
  •   Headache
  •   Dizziness
  •   Confusion

If any of these occur, stop your exercise immediately, get out of the heat and get hydrated.  You may not even know that you are suffering from a heat related illness, so if your workout buddies tell you that you are acting different, take their advice, get out of the sun and get hydrated. Many times getting hydrated is the last thing you want to do, since you may not know what is occurring.  Have someone stay with you and listen to their advice since you may be confused.


Prevention is always the key - follow these simple rules:

  1. Hydrate before you exercise (1-2 glasses of water) and hydrate with water and/or a sports drink during extended periods of exercise in the heat.
  2. Wear loose fitting light colored clothing.
  3. Avoid the hottest part of the day, i.e. 10-4 PM. Go early or later.
  4. Sunscreen is a must.  

Remember when you exercise you are loosing both fluids and electrolytes, so you must keep both your water and sodium intake in balance.   


You can also help stay hydrated by consuming fruits and vegetables with a high water content, plus most are nutrient dense, high in fiber and low in calories.

 Good choices are: watermelon, grapefruit, cucumbers, strawberries, iceberg lettuce, celery, tomatoes, cauliflower, spinach, raspberries, and cantaloupe to name a few. 


Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board 
Congratulations to the newly elected 2014-2015 officers:
President: Shelby Barhorst
Vice President: Joyce Chen
Secretary: Nikita Ghosh
Treasurer: Jahnvi Jain
Historian: Karina Arnold
Event Coordinator: Kathrin James
IT Coordinator: Amanda Stoner 
It's Time Texas Summit
June 23-24, 2014
JJ Pickle Center, Austin, TX
Oliver Foundation Teen Board Members  Shelby Barhorst, Joyce Chen, Karina Arnold and Nikita Ghosh will be presenting:
"Peer Mentoring: Move Forward with Youth"  

For more information and registration visit
   Meet the Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board
The Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board is a 12-18 member organization represented by students across the Houston area.
Each month you'll meet a different member who will share their perspective on living a healthy life.
Brandi Gould, Board Member
Brandi is a senior at Lamar High School. She is a member of her school track and cross country teams. Brandi is a Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient and is currently secretary of her troop. She is very active in her church, serving on the Usher Board, N-Style, Praise Dancing and choir. Brandi is also secretary of Upward Bound at Texas Southern University. Brandi will be attending Sam Houston State University this fall and will major in communications.  

Brandi's Healthy Tips:  Fun in the Sun 


Statistics show that during the summer season, some children can gain over a pound a week which needs to be corrected. Summer is filled with great weather, fun, and good times with the people you love. In order to improve this statistic we must  work to  change our eating and exercise habits. You will have a better summer by living a healthier life by being active.


During the summer, I recommend you take your child on a mile or two walk at the park or go swimming at a local recreation center. The benefits of walking and  running will lower your stress level, boost your bones, and make your heart stronger. Swimming does a lot for your body because you burn a lot of calories, build muscle mass, and it's very therapeutic. 


I also recommend that you place your child in a summer day camp if available. Daily activities and weekly field trips keep the kids active.This will also help your child build social skills interacting with other children. Summer camps are also known for teaching your children ways to stay healthy and are enrichment for your child to improve in school. 


During the summer, I run for a summer track club. This is the itme to join a club sport so you will stay healthy. It helps me stay in shape and teaches me a lot about teamwork. I like to eat granola  and fruit because it is great brain food and it increases my chances of running a good race. The fruits  I eat during the summer are watermelon, oranges, and strawberries;  plus they are loaded with vitamins and fiber, especially the berries.


Have a great summer filled with healthy activities and lots of fruits and vegetables. 



For additional information about the Oliver Foundation Teen Board go to the Oliver Foundation website.
Healthy Choices Nov2010
Lesson Title:  Water, Water Everywhere
Science - L32
Grades: 2nd  - 5th

Objective:  Students will find out the importance of water in life by figuring out the water content in fruits and vegetables.


Slices of various fruits and vegetables          Food Scale
Paper plates                                                Paper Towels
The teacher will talk about the importance of water in all kinds of life, reminding students that we are made up of mostly water which is why we need to stay hydrated.  An easy way to see how much water is in nature is by observing fruits and vegetables.  They are also filled with water.


  1. Weigh slices of apples, bananas, potatoes, celery and various other types of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Students record the weight on a chart
  3. Leave the food slices out on paper plates, cover with a paper towel and re-weigh them daily for 3-5 days.


Once measurements are done, ask students which food lost the most and the least weight.  They can also graph the results. 


Looking for more nutrition integrated lessons?  Go to the Oliver Kids Manual where you'll find 50+ lessons. 

Have you created a Healthy School Environment in your district?  Send us an e-mail  and tell us all about it -  info@oliverfoundation.org .
You may be spotlighted in the next Oliver Foundation newsletter - T.E.A.M. Talk.

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