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Healthy Start to the New Year

  January 2014
Volume 10 Issue 1

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The Oliver Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity.

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Oliver Foundation Healthy Choices Grant


 The goal of the Oliver Foundation is to encourage children, families and communities in Texas to improve the eating and physical activity patterns of Pre-K, Elementary and Middle School children.


Grants will be awarded to Texas non-profit organizations, agencies and schools that demonstrate the greatest need and likelihood of sustainable impact on children's nutrition and activity levels through innovative programs.


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April 15, 2014



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Teen Board Mentoring
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Healthy Snacks

January is the time for Citrus in Texas.


Try Texas oranges and grapefruits for healthy snacks, also great to pack in school lunches. For the younger kids, they can be peeled in advance and put in a sealed container for lunch.


Keep them handy in the refrigerator so they are the "go to" after school snack paired with a half peanut butter sandwich and a glass of low fat milk.  They are a great source of Vitamin C and fiber.


Citrus up your salads!!

Top your green salads (use a mixture of fresh greens, including chopped kale and spinach) with fresh orange or grapefruit sections.

The citrus should be peeled, sectioned and cut in bite size pieces

Add some shredded carrot and green pepper for added color.

Top with a citrus-based vinaigrette. 


Visit the Oliver Foundation website for more recipes.

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Holiday Party
"Eating Healthy: A Global Affair"
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Make Healthy Choices for Life!


Healthy Start to the New Year


It's now January 2014, the time when Americans vow to make many resolutions and changes for the new year, the top two are: eat healthier and to exercise more or at least start exercising.


If you are one of the thousands of Americans who gained the "Holiday" five to eight pounds, or any weight at all, NOW is the time to "get it off". If not,   by 2015 it may be 15 pounds. Remember it will take longer to take it off than it did to add the pounds. Patience and persistence. Prevention is always the key.


 Tips for the New Year

  1. Try a buddy system for both exercise and healthy eating.  This helps you to be accountable because others are aware of your goals.   Associate with family and friends that have the same or similar goals, it works, plus you have a buddy to lean on when the going gets tough when you hit those plateau periods.
  2. Make it simple so it's achievable- both your eating and exercise habits.  Select a form of exercise that is both something you enjoy doing and is accessible daily.  Start with minimum goals and add to them, day-by-day and week-by-week as your endurance and strength improves. Track it (electronically or journaling) so you see your progress. That's motivating!
  3. Include and focus on your favorite foods, try low fat cooking methods and new spices and seasonings. Explore new healthy grains, fruits and veggies.
  4. Shop and keep your refrigerator stocked with lots of fresh fruits and veggies:  think about your frig as a rainbow of colors.  If healthy foods are in the house you will eat them and so will the rest of the family.  Accessibility is the key. Shop the produce section first.
  5. Snack on healthy choices when hungry to STOP over indulging later.
  6. Remember to drink water throughout the day, with meals and snacks.
  7. No extremes- don't cut out all of your favorite foods; have them in portion right portions. 

Keys to Success 

  • Healthy eating habits that are attainable daily throughout the year.
  • Exercise/physical activity that you enjoy, have access and will continue year long.
  • Make your plan public, get a buddy, if you relapse get with your buddy.
  • Splurges, in moderation, are ok when its part of your plan.
  • Follow the Oliver Foundation 7 "Healthy Choices" to so you can "Make Healthy Choices for Life!"


Teens Present at Southern Obesity Summit
November 17-19, 2013, Nashville, TN 
Teen Board members Danielle Fournier, President; Cameron Markoff, Treasurer; and Kathrin James, Member presented at the 7th Annual Southern Obesity Summit.  Over 600 participants from the 16 Southern States attended.  

The Oliver Foundation 10th Annual
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Contest 

The Oliver Foundation 10th Annual Rodeo Contest is just around the corner. So, get out your hats and put on your boots!  
Submit your Healthy Activity entry by February 7, 2014 for a chance to win 
four (4) rodeo tickets with parking pass. Rodeo - March 4- 24, 2014.


Your Healthy Activity entry must include a minimum of three (3) of the 

Healthy Messages: Nutrition, Water, Healthy Snacks, Physical Activity, Low-fat Dairy, Breakfast, Portion Control. 


Request an application form by e-mailing:
Congratulations to Simon Middle School, Hays CISD
"Project Grow"
Project Grow is a program designed for middle school students to participate in planting and harvesting a school garden to increase fruit and vegetable consumption.  The students will create recipes and conduct hands on cooking classes using the fruits and vegetables they have grown. This program involves parents, staff and students.  Physical activity and calories burned are also monitored and part of the program.  Students have planted seedlings in the classroom and will transplant to their garden beds in the spring. 

Westwood Elementary, Spring Branch ISD
Action Based Learning Lab
The Oliver Foundation recently donated several pieces of equipment to the Westwood Elementary Action Based Learning Lab.  The favorites are the Light Wall and Mikato, along with two  Playstation gaming bikes and a DDR pad. Teachers have seen a big difference in the students learning ability and behavior.

   Meet the Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board

The Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board is a 12-18 member organization represented by students across the Houston area.
Each month you'll meet a different member who will share their perspective on living a healthy life.
Nikita Ghosh serves as Secretary and has been a member since 2012. 
She is a sophomore at Clements High School. She is a student in the Global Studies Academy at Clements and plans to study Spanish along with her other Pre AP/AP classes. Nikita has a lifelong passion for dance and has continuously done a variety of styles ranging from ballet all the way to Indian dance forms of which she is now part of a Bollywood Senior Dance Company. Nikita is a member of her school's Varsity Stars Dance Team and is Parliamentarian of her school's DECA chapter, the largest chapter in the world. Her lifetime goal is to become a pediatrician and she hopes to continue balancing all her extra-curricular activities along with her academics to reach that goal. 

Nikita's Healthy Tips:


1. Make Exercise a Routine: Everyone always says "Oh I'm going to work out every day," but normally this pattern is broken by the second week. In order to prevent this have many options of exercise ready so you can't get bored of just going to a gym every day. Join a Pilates, yoga, or Zumba class if you're not into working out for it forces you each week to have a commitment and go to the class. There are many gyms now that offer these courses, so take advantage of them and get fit using a routine.

2. Control Portions: If you're positive you can't just eliminate a food completely, try just reducing all your portions instead. If you know that you take too much food on a daily basis make your goal to reduce the amount you take not necessarily just what you take. Portions are a major factor in "losing weight" for it forces you to maintain a certain diet without completely eliminating the foods you love most.

3. Be realistic: Don't let the past be a reason that you refuse to set goals for the future. If year after year multiple resolutions were being broken too early in the year, you may want to readjust the number of goals you have and what's in them. For example, if you want to eat healthier, try getting rid of only one main unhealthy food for a while and get that confident satisfaction before going on to more unhealthy additions. 

For additional information about the Oliver Foundation Teen Board go to the Oliver Foundation website. 

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Lesson Title: In-Class Activities  


          Health Charades

  • Play a quick game of health charades.

  • Have a student or a group of students act out a healthy activity and allow the class to guess the activity.

    Examples; playing sports (choose specifics like baseball, soccer, etc.), drinking water, gardening, etc.


    Healthy 20 Questions

  • Play a game of healthy twenty questions. Example: "I am thinking of a healthy snack."

  • Encourage the students to ask helpful questions to try to "solve" the mystery of the word instead of just guessing.

  • If the students struggle, give them clues such as, "my healthy snack is in the milk group."


    One Minute Exercise Jar

  • This is a great activity when you see that your students are starting to lag and are beginning to get that glazed over look in their eyes.

  • Make small slips of paper with 1 minute exercises, place them in a jar.

  • When students need an energy boost, ask a student to come up and pull a slip of paper out of the jar; then do that exercise.   

Looking for more nutrition integrated lessons?  Go to the Oliver Kids Manual where you'll find 50+ lessons. 
Have you created a Healthy School Environment in your district?  Send us an e-mail  and tell us all about it -  info@oliverfoundation.org .
You may be spotlighted in the next Oliver Foundation newsletter - T.E.A.M. Talk.

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