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December 1, 2014
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Baaba Heru's - Khamitik Jewelery
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Discuss Antibiotic Resistance
Upcoming WIBO Trainings
Interviews & Vegan Recipes by Jason Wrobel
Stephanie Alston-Nero Upcoming Events
Buying Guide for Fruit -Vegetables & Farmers Markets
Merchant Services for your Business
What does #s on your Produce Mean?
Caribbean Cultural Center Winter Events
Free Holistic Health Events for Practitioners
Are You Pooping Wrong??
Natural Sources of Sugar, Oil & Salt - Dr. Aris Latham
Ph Food Chart
Dr. Clinton Crawford's Ghana Study Tour 2014
Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll
National Black Theatre Events
Monsanto Products
8 Most Nutrient Dense Foods
Great Wellness Supplement for Joint & Cardiovascular Health
Wholistic Marketplace @ Bikram Yoga
Kowteff African Dance Company
Alvin Ailley Winter Season 2014
Apollo Theatre's Kwanzaa Celebration
Holistic Holiday @ Sea
Holistic Rooms & Apartments to Share
Taking Orders for Vegan West Indian Black Cake !!
Rev. Barbara Dominick - Upcoming Events
What We Need to Know About EBOLA
Holistic Handyman Services
Holistic Heights Product Line
NYC Veg Food Festival
1st Annual Buy Black Holiday Market
Mosque #7 Health & Wellness Day
Colon Therapy & Reflexology Special by Life Spring Rejuvenation Center
5 Things Anyone Can do to Control Blood Pressure
Community Service Grants for Massage Therapists
New Documentary: "Frack Them All"
Shocking Mistake in Darren Wilson Grand Jury
Upcoming Events with Ayo Handy-Kendi
Kundalini Yoga & New Book
Dr. Llaila Afrika's New Book !!!
Benefits of Alkaline Water
Lady Bug Jones Critter Corner
Temple of Anu Upcoming Events
Dangers of Artificial Sweetners & Benefits of Ginger
Juicing Recipes Corner
Hip Hop News & Events
Howard Jordan Journal
Foods for Thyroid Health
Natural Antio-Biotics to Stock Pile Now
Urbanology with Dr. Tony Rogers
King Simon's Upcoming Event with Dr. Llaila Afrika - NYC
Nature's Cures
Schomburg Center - Fall Calendar
Benefits of Ionic Detox Foot Bath
Roc-a-Natural Expo 2015
Nominate your Holistic Health Activists
Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses
Six Black SuperFoods
Free Health Fair Seminar
Green Thumb Gardening
Learn benefits of Alkaline Water & Demo
News & Events with Robyn St. Clair
5 Health Benefits of Hummus
New Book "Real Food Revolution"
Kwanzaa Celebration with Maulena Karenga
Toni Morrison interviewed by Stephen Colbert
Mama Asantewaa Reporting in from Geneva Switzerland
Healthy Chocolate Vegan Pudding
New Film, "The Bejanski Legacy" trailer
Story of Saarjjie Baartman
Oregano Oil Benefits Superior to Antibiotics

Vegetarian Starter Kit


Shiny New Vitamix on way for Dec 31, 2014 drawing  !!

Primal Spirit Foods

Mamma Chia

Soy Boy Smoked Tofu

Dr. Llaila Afrika's
Products & Services
Dr. Llaila Afrika

Enlarged Prostate, Cyst and Tumor
Enlarged Prostate, Cyst and Tumor Formula

Hormone Balancer Hot Flashes
Hormone Balancer Hot Flashes Formula

2015 Upcoming NY Holistic Health Certifications Courses

  • Dr. Afrika's 3-Month Beginner Holistic Health Certification
  • Dr. Africa's 2-Day Holistic Health Advanced Course
  • Dr. Afrika's 1-Day Anatomy & Physiology Course

El Ha Gahn
Dr. El Ha Gahn

Course Dates:April 11-12, 18-19, 25-26th

A Life of Peace  Wellness Institute
Online Certifications & Classes 
Summer 2014


New Interview w/Dr. Akua Gray
Dr. Akua Gray
Akua Gray Holistic Sexuality Workshop - Acid Sperm
Akua Gray Holistic Sexuality Workshop
"Acid Sperm"

USA 1-713-459-5208
GHANA +233 54 918 2872

Dr. Akua's New Book !!!


 ALOP Wellness Webinar

1. Detox and Body Rejuvenation Webinar
    Wednesday, January 7, 2015 7pm CST/8pm EST

2. New Body Herbs Webinar: Herbal Nutrition
    Wednesday, January 21, 2015 7pm CST/8pm EST
ALOP Monthly Webinars are always complimentary!


A Life of Peace Wellness Institute offers financial aid scholarships to students seeking to gain knowledge in the areas of Holistic Health & Wellness Education. Scholarships are offered for each tuition based ALOP class. Often these community based resources go unclaimed. Please take a moment to review the classes being offering this year. and the updated ALOP calendar,  If any interest, you don't hesitate to activate your membership and apply for the scholarship.

National Action Network - Al Sharpton


Dr. James McIntosh


United African Movement
Upcoming Events
Alton Maddox

December  3, 2014 @7p

  Dr. Mwalimu Baruti

Brooklyn Christian Center

1061 Atlantic Avenue

(Bet. Franklin & Classon Avenue)

Brooklyn, NY 

Please support the Freedom Party.


December  10, 2014

 Molefi Asante

Brooklyn Christian Center

1061 Atlantic Avenue

 (Bet. Franklin & Classon Avenue)

Brooklyn, NY 7:00 pm

Please support the Freedom Party


December 13, 2015 @6p

New play:  "Where are All the Good Black Men? 
Brooklyn Christian Center

1061 Atlantic Avenue

(Bet. Franklin & Classon Avenue)

Brooklyn, NY


December 17, 2015 @7p

 Dr. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene

Brooklyn Christian Center

1061 Atlantic Avenue

(Bet. Franklin & Classon Avenue) 

Brooklyn, NY


January 3, 2015 @12p - 4p

 UAM Kwanzaa Reunion and Birthday Celebration for Tawana Brawley

224 Martin L. King

NJ 07501


January 7, 2015 @7p

Dr. Umar Johnson

Brooklyn Christian Center

1061 Atlantic Avenue

(Bet. Franklin & Classon Avenue)

Brooklyn, NY

Interested in Sponsoring the Chapter?
Do give us a call for a listing of our Sponsorship Packages.  We are open to creating a Sponsorship package customized to your needs.  Contact 347-427-8668 or email
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November 21st, 2014

New Moon
November 22, 2014
0 Sagittarius 07'

Deborah Singletary
Rev. Deborah Singletary

" Don't do it till you feel good about it.."


Dietra Kelsey


Conta Sista Dietra Kelsey

Join us on Mondays at 9pm eastern! Hip Hop Astrology is where the Stars meet the Stars!

Each week will expound on the physical events of the stars and show you with pinpoint accuracy the celestial Cause of the event. 

Make sure to bring your pen and pad to take notes! Dont believe what we say, simply research the terms that we talk about for yourself so you can see how it all works. 

Tune In !  
Cowrie Shell Natural Hair Care
Sista Yendys Nefer Atum
Sista Yendys Nefer Atum
Yendy's Product Line
Natural Hair Product Line

The Seduction of Transcendence: YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga
Yirser New Pix
Yirser Ra Hotep, Master Instructor, E-RYT, MSW
Kemetic Yoga Logo
Perpetual Meditation:  Kemetic/African Contributions to Yoga
Perpetual Meditation: Kemetic/African Contributions to Yoga

"I need about 10 to 15 brief testimonials from certified instructors for the website. Please send me a one paragraph testimonial to ASAP"

Yirser Ra Hotep - Master Instructor

"Wellness Coffee"
 Organo Gold


Product Contains
Medicinal Mushrooms!
Organo Gold Coffe
Product Benefits.... 


Provides Energy 
Boost Stamina  
Oxygenates Blood  
Natural Detox  
Mental Alertness  
Builds Immunity  
Quality Sleep  
Support Circulation

Study Links Coffee to Lower Liver Cancer Risk!!
Two Natural Healing
Products Which
Stimulates the 
Bodies Own Adult
Bone Marrow
Stem Cells 4 Self-Repair  !


"Stem Enhance"
"Stem Flo"
Stem Enhance 2
Studio of Ptah Logo
Khamitik Jeweler 
Baaba Heru
Baaba Heru, Chief Designer
Studio of Ptah for Erika Badu
Erika Badu - Rocks Ankh Ring
Baaba Heru's Jewelry #2
55-59 Chrystie Street
Suite 408
New York,  N.Y. 10002
Monday - Saturday
11am- 7pm
Eastern Standard Time
Baaba Heru's Jewelry
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Discusses Antibiotic Resistance
Dr. Oz
Events to Grow Your Business
 WIBO Logo


Plant-Based Professional Certification Course


Raw Vegan Breakfast Protein Bars Recipe
Raw Vegan Breakfast Protein Bars Recipe

Stephanie Alston-Nero

Healing is a Gift to the Self, the Ancestors, 
and the Unborn. Indigenous wisdom teaches 
us that when we heal ourselves, 
we heal seven generations back and 
forward in time. During the month of
 December, I am spreading the Gift of 
Healing throughout the generations.....
The Beauty & Power of EFT, Medicine of the 21st Century
The Beauty & Power of EFT
Medicine of the 21st Century

Buying Guide for Fruits & Vegetables
in Season 


Is your business ready to accept credit card payments?
Credit Card Terminal
Total Merchant Services

Call us today to set up your wireless card machine
Call Alan Desgrottes (877) 372-6034
Fax. 1.866.275.2002

Let him know you heard about this service via this newsletter !!!
Caribbean Cultural Center
Winter Season Events
Caribbean Cultural Center

Free Workshop! Social Media Boot Camp
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
New American Chamber of Commerce
26 Court Street, Suite 701
Brooklyn, NY 11201

9:00 am to 12:00 pm  

  • Getting Started with Email Marketing and Building Your Contact List
  • Face Book for Small Businesses
  • Build Your Marketing Tool Kit
  • Market Yourself & Your Business: Engagement Marketing Tips & Hints
  • Ideas to Make this Your Most Profitable Marketing Season 

Matchmyspirit Free Vegetarian Potluck & Holiday Bazaar

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Located at the New York Open Center 
22 East 30th Street 
New York, NY 10016
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm


To exhibit at our bazaars please email Naini at
Are you Pooping Wrong???
Can slightly elevate the feet for easier elimination by investing in one of these feet elevator (Squatty Potty), available on

Squatty Potty® toilet stool: How toilet posture affects your health
How toilet posture affects your health

Natural Sources of Sugar, Oil & Salt
Sugar, Oil and Salt - Dr. Aris LaTham
Dr. Aris LaTham

Sunfired Foods International has sprouted the Sun Gourmet Organico Raw Food Adventure Restaurant, as a showcase dining facility featuring the exciting culinary creations that are the masterpieces of the chefs in residence at the Sunfired Eco Culinary Resort and Institute in the Valley of Life!


The Sun Gourmet Organico is a magical work place where chef Aris engages his students in fun filled culinary ecstasy, which allows them to create a symphony of extraordinary nutrition, drawing the maximum flavor from the very freshest of ingredients.


The experience at Sun Gourmet Organico will take your taste buds on an unimaginable mouth watering journey with exotic tropical fruit juices and smoothies, healthy, earthy green drinks and tonics, salads made with locally grown organic greens and veggies, delightful dressings, dips and sauces, savory plant-based, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables dishes, wraps and rolls and delicious paradise pies, "nice" creams and desserts.


Sun Gourmet Organico cuisines are a gem in a worthy setting, located in the picturesque volcanic crater valley in El Valle de Anton, Panama. Sun Gourmet Organico in junction with Sunfired International Culinary Eco Resort and Institute offers food preparation and chef certification classes, detox programs, retreats, special events and catering. For more information, please call within the U.S  (424) 777-6877 or within Panama (507) 6388-6923 or email

Ph Food Chart
Dr. Clinton Crawford's Ethiopia Study Tour 
 Dec 28, 2014 to Jan 8, 2015 
Dr. Clinton Crawford
Dear Fellow Travelers,


Greetings! We are gearing up for our annual Ethiopia Tour-2014 scheduled for Dec 28, 2014 to Jan 8, 2015 and you are invited to join us.  We will travel the country's awe-inspiring historic route, explore its ancient culture, art, and rich history, as well as fellowship with some of the friendliest people on the African Continent.  Don't miss this exciting tour! Sign up today!
Share with a friend or two and we hope to hear from you soon!  
Dr. Clinton Crawford 
Sankofa World Tours 
Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll
Benefits of Chlorophyll

National Black Theatre
Upcoming Events


"Washington's Food Fight:
The Debate Over GMO Labels"
Washington's Food Fight: The Debate Over GMO Labels

Should genetically modified food be labeled? TVW goes in-depth to learn about GMOs and break down the arguments for and against Initiative 522 in "Washington's Food Fight: The Debate Over GMO Labels.

Great Wellness Supplement
Joint & Cardiovascular Health !!
Isotonix OPC-3: Product Demo
Isotonix OPC-3: Product Demo



KowTeff African Dance Company: Caught in the Act
KowTeff African Dance Company

Alvin Ailey Winter Season 2014

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - Celebrating Revelations at 50
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - Celebrating Revelations at 50

The Making of Matthew Rushing's ODETTA

The Making of Matthew Rushing's ODETTA: Part 1

Go behind the scenes of the world premiere of Matthew Rushing's ODETTA, choreographed by guest artist and Ailey Rehearsal Director Matthew Rushing. The new work pays tribute to Odetta Holmes, the singer, songwriter and civil rights activist known as "the queen of American folk music."
DECEMBER 27, 2014
2P & 7:30P
A Question of Modesty

Holistic Holiday at Sea: March 14 - 21, 2015
Vegan Travel - Holistic Holiday at Sea Vegan Cruise
Vegan Travel - Holistic Holiday at Sea Vegan Cruise

Holistic Holiday at Sea, presents the ultimate gift for your mind, body and spirit. Share the experience and wisdom of some of the world's leading authorities and experts in vegan diets, plant based nutrition, holistic living and natural health. Cruise the Caribbean on one of the world's premier Italian luxury liners, the MSC Poesia, which combines the style and sophistication of Europe with American comforts and convenience. Visit exciting ports of call, such as St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Nassau, Bahamas while you dine on specially prepared organic vegan meals and beverages prepared by our own chefs. Lectures and workshops included. Come enjoy the ultimate vegan travel experience!

Contact:  Mut Ra-at


12 INCH CAKE $65

Call to place your order b4 the holiday rush !!

Upcoming Events
Reverend Barbara Dominick
What We Need to Know About Ebola

CDC Emergency Partners Update
 2014 Ebola Response - October 16, 2014

Peace Family (far & near),

I recently made decisions not travel by air due to this health crisis.  I am also a member of the US Dep't of Health & Human Service/Healthy People 2020 Consortium and often get some information from gov't agencies. Here's one of the latest on the Ebola crisis. Please carefully review it and if you find it important, do share it with colleagues, family and friends. We need greater awareness on this latest crisis and some of us can do some scientific research on behalf of our community. We don't need any more "canaries in the coal mine".

Mama Asantewaa Harris
Community Vision Council - Our mission;
Saving lives by building bridges, creating safety nets and 
finding solutions for ourselves, our families and our community.
Our vision - Wellness
Defend and Restore the Morales/Shakur Center
Sisters Health & Wellness Collective

"Immune Enhancement Strategies"
Article by
Dr. Robert Woodbine,  ND, M.Ac.O.M., L.Ac 

Will There Be an Ebola Outbreak in America?
Will There Be An Ebola Outbreak In America?
Will There Be An Ebola Outbreak In America?


Need Small Repairs?


Cabinet Installations?

Sheet Rocking?

Moving jobs?

Holistic Heights

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask
Revitalize your skin with invigorating beneficial minerals of the famous Dead Sea mud. 

The Dead Sea (lowest point on Earth) is rich in 21 minerals, 12 of which are not found in any other ocean or sea. It is the saltiest and most mineral laden body of water in the world. Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask helps you achieve the most beautiful skin you have always dreamed about. Some of it's trace elements are Boron, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Rubidium, Selenium, Silicon, Strontium, Vanadium, and Zinc. 

For best results use at least 1-2 times per week. Apply evenly to clean, dry skin. Avoid eye and lip areas. Leave 10-15 minutes or until dry. Rinse with lukewarm water. Pat dry. For external use only.

  • Gently peels away dead skin cells to reveal a more youthful, healthier skin layer
  • Use as body wraps or facial mud mask
  • Amazing Detoxification, opening the bodies pores drawing out toxins. 
  • Helps relieve wrinkles, psoriasis, eczema, acne and dry skin.
  • Made with Mineral Rich Mud directly from the Dead Sea
8 oz.

Ingredients: Pure Dea Sea Mud, Therapeutic Grade Frankincense & Clary Sage essential oils.  

Honey Cocoa Sugar Scrub

Restore skin to a fresh healthy glow. Exfoliates aging skin & unclogs pores paving a way for fresh new cells to regenerate beautiful, radiant skin. Promotes increased blood circulation, improves acne scarring, cellulite, stretched skin and stretch marks.  Ideal for all skin types. For Face & Body. 

16 oz. 

All Natural Ingredients: 

Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Raw Organic Cocoa Butter, Raw Organic Shea Butter, Organic Grenada Cocoa, Organic Raw Manuka Honey, Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Myrrh, Neem, Vitamin E, Nutmeg, Proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils & Oh so much Love! 

MARCH 14 - 15, 2015
NYC Vegetarian Food Festival Preview « CBS New York
NYC Vegetarian Food Festival
CBS New York





Colon Image
Colon Hydrotherapy: Fact & Fiction
Colon Hydrotherapy & Demo

Reflexology Demo
Reflexology Demo

Call today to make your appointment b4 offer expires
Contact:  Sista Deanna - 347-427-7417

5 Things Anyone Can Do to Control Blood Pressure
5 Things Anyone Can Do to Control Blood Pressure

Medications for high blood pressure are some of the most frequently prescribed in this country. How can you reduce them or even get off of them and control it naturally? Dr. Judith Boice discusses some simple tips that can have a big effect and almost anyone can do them!
New Documentary: "Frack Them All!"
Frack them all! 'Safe' drilling in US (RT Documentary)

Russia Today investigates the fracking epidemic in rural areas all over the United States in Frack Them All! Industry representatives claim every possible precaution is taken in the natural resource extraction process that has become popular, and a lightning rod for criticism, in recent years, but residents in areas where extraction sites have been built coming down with a slew of unexplained illnesses and ailments are just one example of the data being compiled showing thoseprecautions are not nearly effective enough.
Shocking mistake in Darren Wilson grand jury



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This newsletter has grown from health & wellness subjects to include: politics, community news and entertainment.  Mainly due to feedback from our readers.  
Again welcome, and we hope you will enjoy this current issue! 
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Khalidi Lawson
New York  App Designers
347- 933-9973
The political community mourns the loss of Life Time Mayor, Marion Berry. Although he suffered turbulence in his life he was beloved by his constitutents. Below is an interview on his journey to politics and many ups and lows of his life:
Marion Barry Discusses His Humble Upbringing, Moving Pass DC Scandal & His Impact on DC
Marion Barry Discusses His Humble Upbringing, Moving Pass DC Scandal & His Impact on DC
Condolences to his family and the DC Community.  He did much to get DC on the map as a reputable city during his time in office.

Continued condolence and support to those families suffering a loss due to police violence and/or community violence.  We have to do all we can to protect our community's civil rights.  Lets continue to build the world we want to see using all means at our disposal  !!


Many were experiencing issues navigating the newsletter in your email.  At the very top of the newsletter it says:  "Having trouble viewing this email, click here."  It will take you to constant contact's website where you may navigate the newsletter more comfortably. It has been quite difficult for Constant Contact to format their newsletter templates to display perfectly on all the various email platforms.  

Special thanks to Sista Fiona who brought this issue to our attention  !!

Also Sister Eleanor Dupont encountered issues attempting to join the Chapter via the Chapter's Mobile App.  Brother Khalidi Lawson's development team has  since resolved this issue.  You can also join the Chapter via the "Join the Chapter" page on our website or through the Mobile App.  Special thanks to Sister Eleanor Dupont for bringing this to our attention and for joining the Chapter !!

Speical thanks to everyone for all your birthday wishes and fabulous gifts received for my 50th birthday.  I spent the time with my sweetie, resting and taking care of home.  It was quiet and toasty warm eating lots of food and watching some great documentaries. Fun time catching up with family and friends via text and Facebook & Skype.  Birthdays should be everyday!

Sista Shai  :)

   Thanks for your Support   

Special thanks to the Community for supporting the Chapter at the various events in 2014.  We are so grateful for YOUR support of our various holistic health services, products, events and courses.  We are grateful to our many Holistic Health Practitioners who participated in various events this year.  Our fabulous Volunteers were:  Nikki, Nia, Bakara, Shevern, Kweisi, Kaden, Kia & Desma.  Those who are new to our Wellness Community may peruse our Chapter Photo Gallery by clicking camera image below. The first 43 photos will be of the Circle of Sisters Expo.  In addition, we are thankful for those who supported our Chapter's Movie Screening of "Business of Disease" on October 18th.  Due do technical difficulties, we screened "Food Matters" instead.  Brother Kweisi did a food demo at the Natural Living Food Festival with the help of Sister Jennifer. We have only one photo of that event.  The balance of the photos will be of the Circle of Sisters, Apollo's Harlem Healthy Soul Festival, the Spirit & Harmony Festival, MTA Brooklyn Depot Health & Wellness Week, The Sickle Cell Walk and the Joseph Addabbo Event and prior events dating back to 2009.    
Big shout out to our sponsors who have been very supportive of our efforts in 2014  !!
For those who have not met the Chapter's Sensational Seniors of the Bronx & Harlem, see their fabulous photo below. Their monthly Reflexology Parties are hosted in the Bronx by Mother Marlene Perrineau and in Harlem by Mother Marva Nelson.   They receive reflexology & shoulder massage treatments from Sista Shai who is very, very proud of their progress.  They are already quite active but now that their legs and health are stronger, there is no catching up to this bunch !!  They do Latin Dance, travel abroad together and support one another in their wellness: 
From the Rear (left to right), Mr. Robert & Doris Knowles, Ms. Laura Innis, Ms. Merle, Ms. Marlene Perrineau, Ms. Beverly Stewart, Ms. Cherly Poku, Ms. Joanne Johnson, Sista Shai, Mr William Tuck, Ms. Cheryl Simmons.  Missing from photo is Uncle Oscar Singh who was comfy in the reflexology chair waiting his turn after everyone else received their wellness services.   We love them all and wanted you to  meet them via photo. Their next Senior's Reflexology Party date is December 9, @ 11a - 9p at Mama Marlene's home in the Bronx.  You may give her a call if you are interested in attending 718-731-5763.  
Also Mamma Etta Dixon is having a Reflexology Party for Seniors Citizens in Brooklyn on Thursday, December 11th, starting at 2p to 6p. Non-Seniors are welcomed to attend.  If you want to participate in the Brooklyn Reflexology Party, do give Mama Etta Dixon a call at 718-395-7195.  Feel free to leave message and do let her know you were referred by the African Holistic Health Chapter of NY.  

Click link below for Chapter Calendar of Events for 2015. The Calendar changes each newsletter but we shall keep the most current calendar in each  newsletter, no worries !! 

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Rukaiyah Ferguson
Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your Vitamix Blender.  We look forward to photos of your creative cuisine with the Vitamix.  You are totally the envy of the Chapter  !!

Now that the Vitamix has been awarded, the clock has been reset for our next membership drive ending on December 31, 2014.   We hope you will join soon to enjoy all the discounts, benefits, classes and support the Chapter has to offer.  Special thanks for all the new and renewing members.  We have a bunch of Membership Goodie Boxes going out shortly.  


All new and renewing members are in the running to win a shiny new Vitamix blender.  The Drawing will transpire on December 31, 2014.  The Vitamix Corporation donated 3 Vitamix blenders to our Membership Drives.  All new and renewing members were in the running to win and congratulations to Sista Nbt Mer, Brother Sekou Sankofa Bey and Sista Rukaiyah.  The Vitamix Corporation will donate a forth machine for our 4th Quarter 2014 Membership Drive.  

All new & renewing members will qualify for the drawing who join between July 1st and December 31, 2014. For those who have no idea of what a Vitamix is or does, do check out the video below: 
Vitamix Review: Overview, Demo & Free Bonus 
Vitamix Review: Overview, Demo & Free Bonus


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Upcoming Events


Sista Shai &  Brother G - Reflexology & Literature
Sista Deborah Sekmet Leftridge - Reflexology
Brother Kweisi - Vegan Food
Elder Ayo Handy-Kendi - Speaker on Breathology
Sista Ashley Appon - Tarot Readings

Brother G will be on hand with his new book below but you can order online by link below.  Below is a customer review of Princess Nefertari:

Customer Review by Angela Harden - 9/4/14

"Princess Nefertari is an amazing book that has changed my life. I relate to her use of white lotus root as a form of escapism from her dead sister's voice in her head. All people who have used drugs and alcohol to escape their problems should relate to that. The way you allowed her to channel her negative experiences into positive outcomes was amazing. In Hollywood, most females who made the bad choices Nefertari made would have been thrown away and considered unfit for a Prince. And wombfire- how creative! Can't wait for Saga Book 2."

Brother G's new book "Princess Nefertari:  Protectress of the Nile" is now available as an E-Book and hard copy on   

Our Beloved, Queen Afua, did the forward for the book !!

It is available

Chapter will have wellness products & literature, offer Reflexology & Breathology treatments, Tarot readings & Vegan Food.  Do stop by for some health & wellness pamper time.  Gift Certificates will be available in denominations of $50 or more  !!

Celebrities guest confirmed so far.....

Full Force
Delphonics Revue
Melissa Morgan
Curtis Blow
Roxanne Shante
The Sugar Hill Gang
Do You Still Love Me- Melisa Morgan
Do You Still Love Me- Melisa Morgan

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Chapter Outreach Table  

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    Ayo Handy-Kendi

PositivEnergy Breath Coach,
Founder, Breathology, CB, CTBF, CSM, CLYL, CSYMI, 

Master Reiki
CEO, PositivEnergyWorks
Author, Speaker, Storyteller, Host, 
The PositivEnergy Center
Capitol Heights, Md. 20743
Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki
In Light
Yoga and Health 
MutShat Shemsut/Gianprem,
Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Master
Teacher, Level 3
 Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki

Everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and spiritually elevated. Let MutShat Shemsut/Gianprem assist you in revitalizing your mind, body and spirit through Kemetic Reiki.  A session includes:  *aura cleansing   *energy scan  *aritu/chakra reading  *aritu/chakra clearing *aritu/chakra balancing *recharging of subtle energy field.  May include sound or gemstone therapies and aromatherapy. Kemetic Reiki will:  *reduce stress *reduce pain *eliminate toxins and purify *strengthen the immune system and much more. 


Also offering:  *Couples Ra Sekhi which is helpful for marriage, other unions

       *Distance Healing **Ear Candling

         Energy exchange:  sliding scale


Available appointments:

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays


Kundalini Yoga in the Beauty of Full Northeast Bronx!

 In Light Yoga & Health

3626 De Reimer Avenue

Bronx, NY  10466


Phone:  646-571-9500


Come & join MutShat Shemsut, Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, for some very sacred, very powerful Kundalini Yoga.  Practice the "Yoga of Awareness" and experience the transformation of your body, mind and spirit over time.


Class Schedule:

Thursdays:  4p to 5:30p & 6p-7:30p

Saturdays:  10a - 11:30a (Except 1st Saturdays of Month)

Sundays:  9a  - 10:30a

Teachers' Lunch Time Yoga:  Tuesdays & Thursdays: 11a - 12p

 Donation:  $10, $11 to swipe


If you are a "seeker" Kundalini Yoga is for you.  

If you want to maintain the balance of your aritu (chakras), Kundalini Yoga is for you;
If you want to exercise your mind and body, Kundalini Yoga is for you;
If you want to exercise your mind and body, Kundalini Yoga is for you;
If you want to elevate your spirit, Kundalini Yoga is for you;
If you want to vibrate the cosmos, Kundalini Yoga is for you;
If you are curious, Kundalini Yoga is for you !!!
Ongoing Kundalini Yoga Classes:  Brooklyn
United Spiritual Church
2192 Fulton Street
Wednesdays, 6p - 7:30p
"C" train to Rockaway Avenue or #25 bus
Donation $10, $11 to swipe 
What to Wear??
Wear loose-fitting clothing, light colors are preferred.  Wear a head covering, preferably white.


 Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki for Couples

at In Light Yoga and Health
Would you like to enhance your marital relationship or other types of union?
Ra Sekhi for Couples is a special healing modality that will help to clear away old arguments and confusion.  It will help bring a couple to a place of peace together, with a focus on healing, unconditional love and balance.
A session includes:
  An aura cleanse as a couple
  Guided meditation
  Transmission of healing energy
  Creation of affirmations to strengthen your bond
The energy exchange is 63.
Contact MutShat Shemsut today to schedule a session. 


About MutShat Shemsut/Gianprem


MutShat Shemsut/Gianprem is a Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Master, Teacher, Level 3, Reiki having studied with Master Teacher Rekhit Kajara Assata Nebthet in Oakland, California.  She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.  After eight years of practice, she began study with Krishna Kaur in Los Angeles, receiving her Level 1 certification in 2008.  Level 2 certifications were acquired under lead trainer Gurucharan Singh Khalsa in Espanola, New Mexico and at Kundalini Yoga East in New York, with Sat Jivan Singh and Sat Jivan Kaur.  She is a certified Y.O.G. A. for Youth teacher.  MutShat gives her clients the benefit of both transforming modalities, assigning personalized Kundalini yoga meditations to address individual needs as determined by the Kemetic reiki sessions.  MutShat believes that it is her purpose to assist others in their elevation even as she elevates herself.


"It is the mind that makes the body." Sojourner Truth.     


Chapter Member
 MutShat Shemsut Co-Authors and Edits 
with Ra Sekhi Arts Temple: Speaking With Spirit    


Divine compilation of prayers from Ancient Kemet, West Afrika, the Diaspera and original prayers by our own Ra Sekhi Arts Temple members. Speak with spirit in the ways of the Ancient Ones and share the energy with your loved ones. Raise your vibration, connect with Neteru, Orisha and the Divine within

Speaking With Spirit
Paperback:  160 pages
Publisher:; 1ST edition (2014)
ISBN-10: 1499228341


The book is $19.95.  To purchase order at or contact: MutShat Shemsut, at  for Paypal invoice.  Cell: 646-571-9500 
Dr. Llaila Afrika's new book
"Holistic Self-Diagnosis" 
Dr. Llaila Afrika - Holistic Self Diagnosis (NEW BOOK)
Dr. Llaila Afrika - Holistic Self Diagnosis

The first 100 copies sold will be signed personally 
by Dr. Afrika!!

Sesame Street: The Water Song
Sesame Street: The Water Song
"LADY BUG JONES" welcomes you  to a Critter Corner  Video Feature  !!

Lady Bug Jones says, "Ruff, Ruff, Drink your Alkaline Water, Ruff, Ruff, be mindful of your food combinations, Ruff Ruff, no eating after Sundown. Ruff, Ruff." 

Just a reminder to get your pets to the vet.  They sell great products that clean dog teeth.  I use "Greenies" for my teeth & "Blue Buffalo have great holistic biscuits for Dogs.  These products can be purchased at PetSmart or other pet stores. I just ran across the great Green Juice Biscuits for Dogs.  Doggies, you gotta try these!  
Click here ! Below is a video submission on the positive impact of re-introducing wolves into their natural habitat.  Seemed like such a simple thing to do but check out the footage below:
How Wolves Change Rivers
"How Wolves Change Rivers"

Stay tuned for animal updates in the December 15, 2014. Send me your critter video submission asap.  My doggie inbox gets quite jammed with submissions and I try to publish the best of ones, which are taken in by Crystal the Cat.  She's in the picture below and a very good Administrative Assistant.  She also wants to raise awareness about the Endangered African Wildlife.  Do watch the trailer below and supply your financial support !
Protect Endangered African Wildlife Animals And Species
Protect Endangered African Wildlife Animals And Species

Special thanks to Brother G for the video submission.  We appreciate the excitement and interest this column has taken with readers.  Feel free to submit your own critter videos for our next issue !
Crystal the Cat - Admin Asst.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs & Cats

"8 Things You Should Never Feed to Dogs and Cats"

Animals and Young Living Essential Oils April 2014
Animals Essential Oils April 2014


Temple of Anu - Calendar of Events 2014

Here are the Kemmunion dates for the remainder of 2014

As for special holidays: 

Dec 21 we will celebrate Web en Djed, the Raising of the Djed Pillar. 
Dec 25 is MasHeru, the birth of the child Heru
Dec 31 is the Feast of Sekhmet

Ready for 2015 Wep RenPet Retreat?

Wep RenPet Retreat
July 30 - August 2, 2015
Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center
Craryville, NY

The Temple of Anu has begun making preparations for our annual retreat experience, starting by adding a day to our weekend retreat! This extra time will allow us greater opportunities to meditate, commune with Nature, invoke the Neteru (Divine forces), enjoy vegetarian cuisine prepared with fresh produce from the on-site organic garden, recharge our spiritual batteries, and deepen our connection to the Legacy of our Ancestors.

Side Effects Artificial Sweetners = Aspartame
Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener
Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener

"Ginger: Part of a Diabetes-Management Strategy"

Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont
Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Dr. Neal Barnard 

Juicing Recipes for Beginners
Juicing Recipes for Beginners

Here are some basic juicing recipes to get you started juicing everyday, providing concentrated liquid nutrition to your body and blood. You don't necessarily need a juicer to juice. We'll give you another technique for making juice with a blender.
Jay Kordich's Living Health Program Show
Jay Kordich's Living Health Program Show
Juice Pulp Recipes - The 11 Best Uses

Powered By Green Smoothies Trailer
Powered By Green Smoothies Movie Trailer

Hip Hop Corner


Contact Jah Jah Shakur: 908-548-7652

If you want record companies and rappers stop degrading & disrespecting black people in their songs, sign petition below

Das EFX - Mic Checka [Official Video HD]
Das EFX - Mic Checka 

The Jordan Journal Radio Show
Host: Howard Jordan, Esq. 
Anthony Miranda- organizing member of the Campaign for Fair Latino Representation discusses Latino underrepresentation in the Mayor de Blasio administration. 

Arnoldo Torres former National Director of LULAC,  journalist, consultant, partner in a Sacramento, California firm Torres & Torres.

Jose Lopez, younger brother of the Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera imprisoned by the U.S. government for over 33 years.


The Jordan Journal is a current events-driven program that is committed to a cross-fertilization of ideas between people of color and the progressive community in the United States. The host, Howard Jordan. describes himself as: "As a self-defined internationalist and First Amendment absolutist, no issue is off the table and I endeavor to give all sides of a given controversy an airing. As such, this is not a Latino interest program, but rather, a general interest program hosted by a Latino activist."


To comment on the program write to me
To listen to past shows go the our website 
Foods for Thyroid Health & Wellness

How to Have a Healthy Thyroid
How to Have a Healthy Thyroid

The Thyroid Gland - Regulating Metabolism & Immunity
Ellen Jensen-Tart


This week, Dr. Ellen Jensen was featured on "Making Life Brighter",  a radio show based on the latest findings in natural health and healing and power of Iridology.


Listen to her recorded interview with host, Winifred Adams, as she discusses how iridology can lead to better health. On the show she also shares her personal journey towards natural medicine and introduces listeners to her book, Health is Your Birthright,.  Visit us at Bernard to get the book at the special discounted price of $15.00.

Coconut Oil Provides Thyroid Benefits
Coconut Oil Provides Thyroid Benefits


King Simon Upcoming Events


Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Fall Calendar of Events
Schomberg Library
The Many Benefits of Ionic Detox Foot Baths
The Ionic Foot Detox Machine a Scam or a Hoax?
The Ionic Foot Detox Machine 
2nd Annual Roc-A-Natural Hair, Health and Beauty:Transform Your Life Expo 2015

Beauty begins within and starts with Roc-A-Natural!!


Click here 2 visit website


Come be inspired by illuminating your beauty from the inside out at the 2nd Annual Roc-A-Natural Hair, Health and Beauty:Transform Your Life Expo, Sun, April 12, 2015 @ the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 515 Malcolm X Blvd, Harlem, USA. 


Info on Vendor, Sponsorship, Health Practitioner, Stylist and Barber opportunity coming soon!! 


"It's all about being in a natural state of mind"


Join the conversation! 


#howiROCmynatural #ranHOTSpavilion #ranEXPO2015 @theschomburg 


Nominations will be open until December 31st
to nominate your Holistic Health Activists !

Greetings community! 


We wanted to send you a quick note to let you that nominations for the Fourth Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards are now open! We included a few bits of information to get you going!
  • We heard you - we made the nomination process faster and easier than before;
  • Have questions? Great, check out our new FAQs and if you still have a question, shoot us an email at
  • Want to know who won last year - check out the amazing winners 
  • Nominations will be open until December 31st, so you can nominate 
    as many Health Activists as you would like; 
  • Engage with us on social media - we want everyone to share in the excitement!


The WEGO Health Team


Six Black Super Foods

Black Rice

Brown rice is good for you, but black rice is even better. That's because the bran hull contains significantly higher amounts of vitamin E, which bolsters the immune system and protects cells from free radical damage. In fact, black rice contains more anthocyanin antioxidants than blueberries, according to a study from the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.

Black Lentils

These legumes are loaded with iron: One cup has about 8 milligrams, getting you almost halfway to the daily requirement of 18 milligrams for women. Lentils also boast high levels of soluble fiber, which may not only lower your cholesterol, but could also improve immune function, according to a new University of Illinois study.

Black Berries

Polyphenols found in dark berries may help reduce cognitive decline in older age by cleaning up cells that impair brain function, researchers at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging in Boston say. Blackberries are also hugely fiber-rich.  One cup has almost 8 of the 25 grams you need daily.

Black beans

The dark skins of these beans are packed with bioflavonoids-potent plant-based nutrients that may protect against cancer, research out of Cornell University reveals.

Black Soybeans

Move over, edamame. A Korean study found that eating black soybeans can help reduce the risk of thrombosis-a type of blood clot that's potentially fatal-even more than yellow or green soybeans. And all soybean oil contains alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fatty acid that may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Black Tea

Green and white teas get all the health hype, but good old black tea has its perks, too. It contains theaflavins-antioxidants that a study from Rutgers University in New Jersey suggests may improve recovery from muscle soreness after intense exercise. Drinking black tea may also lower your risk of having a heart attack.

Cities of the Future May Eat Plants Grown in the Air
Cities of the Future May Eat Plants Grown in the Air


Free Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Water !!!

Patricia - 347.743.1007 

Kangen Water Demo
Kangen Water Demo
News & Events with
Robyn St. Clair
Robin St. Clair
5 Health Benefits of Hummus
Homemade Avocado Hummus Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 802
Homemade Avocado Hummus Recipe
 Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen 


New Book "Real Food Revolution"
The Real Food Revolution, It's Time for Change - Con. Tim Ryan
The Real Food Revolution, It's Time for Change
Congressman Tim Ryan

DECEMBER 26, 2014
Kwanzaa Principles

Dec. 26, 2014--Kwanzaa Collective--(venue & time tba)*

Dec. 27, 2014--Nat.l Assoc. of Kawaida Org.'s (NAKO) with featured presenter Dr. Maulana Karenga (venue & time tba)
Maulena Karenga
Complete Kwanzaa Sets Available Now 

For your holiday celebrations--Kwanzaa, Dec.,--2014
from the University of Sankore Press

We look forward to assisting you in celebration
Toni Morrison Interview by Stephen Colbert
Toni Morrison completely schools Stephen Colbert on the topic of racism

On Wednesday night, Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Toni Morrison appeared on "The Colbert Report." The incredible author not only discussed rereading "Beloved" for the first time since she'd written it, but also discussed race and racism.
Reporting Back - United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva, Switzerland
Mama Asantewaa Harris


I attended the UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva, Switzerland on 11/10 - 11/15. Just returned today! Michael Brown's grieving parents, Dhoruba Bin Wahad/Political Prisoners, young Chicago's warriors "We Charge Genocide" (see below), three of us from Black Women's Blueprint, ACLU and lawyers advocating for Gitmo detainees and others were there to engage the UN in petitioning our government on its failures to comply with some of the UN Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment principles. The US has signed this treaty - yet police brutality, rapes and killings, extreme punishments in prisons-solitary confinement, no medical care, forced feedings & torturous acts, rapes in the military, children & women groomed molested and raped by priests & other egregious acts of torture continue... 


For thirty five minutes, We Charge Genocide silently stood in defiance of the hypocrisy of the US responses to the UN Committees questions and in solidarity Sam & Samantha stood, Monica, Nikki of BWB & a lawyer from Chicago stood, the Ferguson delegation raised their fists. 


It was such a powerful action!

WCG to Geneva, Day 4: Page & Monica Recap UN Questioning The U.S.
WCG to Geneva, Day 4: Page & Monica Recap UN Questioning The U.S.




Asantewaa Harris/
Community Vision Council

Defend and Restore the Morales/Shakur Center 

Raw Food Recipes: Healthy Chocolate Pudding (Vegan)
Raw Food Recipes: Healthy Chocolate Pudding (Vegan)

Here comes another great raw food alternative. For all people who are serious about losing weight, but do not want to let go of delicious tasting dishes: Here comes your solution!

This raw food weight loss recipe is created to deliver delicious taste, yet it is made without sugar, dairy products or any kind of processed food. 100% healthy raw food ingredients for you health only. Enjoy!
Beljanski Foundation Fundraising & Film Premiere Invitation 12.4.14
The Beljanski Legacy Trailer (Documentary in english)
The Beljanski Legacy Trailer 

As part of the Health Media Inner Circle we would like to extend a very special invitation for you to attend the Beljanski Fundraiser and Film Premiere on December 4, 2014 from 6 - 10 PM in NYC.

Building on over 50 years of encouraging research in identifying natural substances to affect prostate, ovarian and pancreatic cancers, as well as the current efforts focused on testing Pao pereira against the most common and aggressive brain tumor - Glioblastoma.  

Join our host Sylvie Beljanski and the leaders in the field of identifying and repairing the underlying causes of chronic disease. 


For more information and to register go: here.

Story of Saartjie Baartman
Story of Saartjie Baartman

Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman (before 1790 -- 29 December 1815)[1] (also spelled Bartman, Bartmann, Baartmen) was the most famous of at least two[2] Khoikhoi women who were exhibited as freak show attractions in 19th-century Europe under the name Hottentot Venus-"Hottentot" as the then-current name for the Khoi people, now considered an offensive term,[3] and "Venus" in reference to the Roman goddess of love. The Hottentot Venus may be famous but Sarah Baartman is far less so.

This video is to honor her story, struggle and life that we will never forget. We need not to make history repeat itself. This daughter of South Africa wouldnt want that.

Oregano Oil Benefits Superior To Prescription Antibiotics 

President Obama Speech on Immigration - Obama Unveils immigration reform by executive order!
President Obama Speech on Immigration - Obama Unveils immigration reform by executive order!

Now here's Saturday Night Live's version of this speech  !!

Saturday Night Live Capitol Hill Cold Open. Obama Schoolhouse Rock Immigration Bill. SNL
Saturday Night Live Capitol Hill Cold Open. Obama Schoolhouse Rock Immigration Bill


5 things you should know about Obamacare !!  
5 things you should know about Obamacare

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Sista Shai
Sista Shai (Shy-ee)

African Holistic Health Chapter of NY