November 2013

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3 Benefits to Using a Cold Deck System for Silicone Molding


A cold deck (cold runner) system is an assembly of insulated feeding units that prevents liquid silicone from curing while conveying silicone into the cavities of the mold. The following are a few reasons that using a cold deck system can be very cost effective in high volume molding applications. 


1. The cold deck eliminates waste (sprue and runners) that is generated in a conventional silicone injection molding. 


2. The cold deck also reduces cycle time because it eliminates the need for a secondary process to remove the sprue and runner from the molded part. 


3. A cold deck can also provide you with greater flexibility with both gate style (open vs. valve gated) and location.


Cold Deck System

Source: DME Company 



There are a number of companies that can provide cold deck systems and additional information, below are a couple places to start:


Roembke Manufacturing and Design Inc. 


To watch a video on valve gate cold decks, visit:  ELMET



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