FCT Presents 

"Captains Courageous"

An original musical by Peter J. Fakoury


Rudyard Kipling's immortal story, "Captains Courageous," was the only novel he ever wrote about Americans, and it has lasted as a timeless tale for generations. Written more than 100 years ago, the window through which Kipling's story unfolds - the cod fishing industry of New England - has long since passed away. But his tale is teeming with constants and issues which will remain universal forever: the struggle to grow up, the development of character, the challenge of balancing career with family, and the fleeting value of money and status. 


The son of a naval commander, I fell in love with all things nautical when I was very young. My dad taught me to swim and sail while I was still a preschooler, and boats and the water have been in my blood all my life. So it's no surprise that I fell for this story when I first read it as a child. It lingered in my mind and heart until I grew old enough and crazy enough to say to myself, "I think I'm going to turn this into a musical." I had no idea how difficult it would be. But I was off on an exciting journey, one that still continues. As a life-long songwriter, writing the music was the easy part. But adapting the script from Kipling's book was a challenge for someone with limited stage experience. Still, the project became a dream that fired my heart and kept me challenged toward my creative goal. Once it was done, the challenge was only beginning, for a play needs an audience! Fortunately for me, FCT was willing to take a crack at an untested musical and granted me my first chance to see it on stage. Under the skilled directorship of Martha Lynch, it had its World Premiere on the FCT stage in 1995. Then it went dormant for years for my lack of skill at arranging the music for an orchestra. 


My children were very young when we first produced this show and didn't remember it at all. As I got older, I longed to see them see their dad's creative work. I've written so many songs in my life, but these songs are some of my favorites. Maybe because my first exposure to musical theatre was "Man of La Mancha," and writing this show became my own "Impossible Dream." I felt a strong urge to bring it back. 

Fast-forward twenty years. In 2014, armed with greater musical knowledge, and hopefully a little more maturity, I was ready to try my hand at arranging orchestrations. I am not a trained musician, so the task was daunting. But just like the earlier stages of developing this work, it was fun to reach out for something beyond my grasp and try to haul it in. I have found that the quest to learn something new is never without its



So "Captains Courageous" is back! My kids get to see it, and so do you. And once again I have FCT to thank for allowing me to revive it, and the creative talent of many friends. A novelist can write his book and put it directly in the hands of readers, but a playwright has to put the work into the hands of actors, directors, producers and technical people in order to get it before an audience. But that is the fun of all this, the thrill of being part of a creative team. I have been so blessed to work alongside these wonderful FCT friends. 


While "Captains" started as a spark of a dream for me long ago, it now belongs to all the people you'll see (and won't see) who will bring it to life for you on the stage. Their own unique interpretations of my lines and lyrics have opened my eyes to many new ways to view the characters in Kipling's story. That is the magic of theatre.


I hope you enjoy watching this tale of transformations, as young Harvey Cheyne, the quintessential spoiled rich brat, learns a few lessons about growing up... right before your eyes. 


Peter Fakoury

The play runs March 27-April 12. Curtain time on Friday and Saturday nights is 8 pm and 2 pm on Sundays. Consider attending with your whole family on Easter Sunday, April 5 at 2 pm. All tickets are good for a free dessert with the purchase of an entree at Bertucci's Italian Restaurant in Gainesville. Consider printing your tickets when you order them and have dinner before you come to the show. Tickets range from $16 (students and senior citizens) to $18 (adults) and can be purchased and printed online at www.FCTstage.org or by calling 540-349-8760.

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