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Director, Ken Wayne says, "I've always loved a good thrill. Whether it's the acute anticipation of a roller coaster's initial drop, the knowledge that a monster lurks just out of sight in a scary movie, or the simple exhilaration of an after-dark game of ghost in the graveyard with the neighborhood kids, that sense of fear, coupled with the security of knowing you're not in any actual danger, is a wonderful emotional ride. One of my earliest and fondest memories of scaring myself to the point of nearly wetting my pants, is the first time I ever watched Audrey Hepburn in the classic thriller, Wait Until Dark."


When he started his master's degree in theatre directing in the summer of 2011, they weretold the culmination moment of everything they would learn would be directing a play.The class wwas advised to choose a play that they loved and which would inspire themenough that they could work on it for years...literally. They would be required to analyze everything about this production, from the background of the playwright to the hidden meanings of the final scene, from the motivations of each character to the color of the dress worn by the heroine. Now, three and a half years later, Ken is thrilled to be presenting his thesis production of Wait Until Dark.


"It has been an extreme pleasure to work with such talented and dedicated people on this project. The cast and crew have enthusiastically embraced my vision and have worked on it with a passion that has matched my own. I hope that as you sit in the dark with us in the theatre, that you will let yourself get swept up in the journey of a woman and will embrace the thrills we have in store for you." Ken WayneDirector


The show opens on Friday, January 23, 2015 and runs only two weekends so get your tickets reserved and do not miss this suspenseful and dark drama. Further information and ticket sales available at FCTstage.org.

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            Wait Until Dark
             January 23-25, 30-Feb. 1

      Captains Courageous
       March 27 - April 12

         May 1-3, 8-10, 15-17





     Twelfth Night

      June 5-7, 12-14, 19-21


Audition Dates:

Monday, January 26 at 7:00 pm

Tuesday, January 27 at 7:00 pm


Audition Location: 

Hope Christian Fellowship (4173 Bludau Drive, Warrenton - one block from the theater in Vint Hill)


Be Prepared: 

Please arrive early enough to sign in and be ready to go at 7:00 PM; important information and instructions for the audition will be shared at the beginning. You will need to attend either the Monday or Tuesday evening event, though you will need to be present for the entire audition that night. There will not be callback auditions for this show. Bring a "headshot" photo and the completed Audition Form. Also be prepared to provide your complete availability for rehearsals should you be cast. Be prepared to sing a brief selection from a Broadway musical other than Honk! (i.e., a verse and a chorus). You will be asked to sing a Capella. Select a song that demonstrates your vocal range and characterization ability. Keep in mind that the songs in Honk! vary from deeply emotional ballads to show-stopping comedic numbers. You may be called upon to participate in improvisational interaction to demonstrate stage presence and comedic timing.

Go to FCT's website to print the audition form and calendar.

About Honk!

Since it first hatched in 1993 Stiles & Drewe's musical Honk! has delighted audiences in thousands of productions worldwide. Winner of multiple awards, including the 2000 Olivier Award for Best Musical (beating out The Lion King and Mamma Mia!), this heartwarming celebration of being different is a quackingly good time filled with both tender moments, uproarious comedy, and unexpected surprises.


The story of Honk! is a retelling of the classic fable of the Ugly Duckling. The actors all represent various animals - ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, cats, etc. However, the cast is not dressed in animal costumes; instead, their role in the story, along with their mannerisms and a few suggestive visual cues, bridges between the events in the animals' lives and the experiences of real people every day. Audiences find themselves connecting with the powerful emotions of the tale as they laugh, cry, and consider the immeasurable value of every unique individual.



Honk! offers a great stage opportunity for a large cast of all ages. In addition to creative ensemble roles that transition from barnyard creatures to underwater ballerinas to high-stepping bullfrogs and more, there are some terrific featured role.


UGLY - Our story's youthful protagonist. Gawky and odd-looking, he is shunned for his odd appearance. Possesses a heart of gold. Male, 16-25 yrs old. Range: Bb2 - G#4

IDA - Ugly's loving mother and the only person who is supportive of the outcast child. Female, 30-50 yrs old. Range: F3 - F55..

DRAKE Ugly's father who detests his son. Male, 30-50 yrs old. Range: A2 - G4

CAT -  Our story's antagonist. Sly and cunning, he is a very hungry cat who preys on his next meal. A strong, physical, comedic character. Male, 20-35 yrs old. Range: C3 - Bb4

QUEENIE - Very domesticated, humorous, snobby cat who lives the "high life." A melodramatic, physically comedic character. Female, 20-40 yrs old. Range: G#3 - F5

LOWBUTT - Pampered, judgmental house-chicken and Queenie's best friend. Female, 20-40 yrs old. Range: G#3 - F5

GRAYLAG - A goose and the Admiral of the squadron charged with Ugly's safe return. He is Dot's husband. A British accent is preferred. Male, 40-65 yrs old. Range: A2 - G4

DOT - Greylag's composed, respectful wife; the one who actually keeps the squadron flying. A British accent is preferred. Female, 30-50 yrs old. Range: A3 - Gb5

BULLFROG - A laidback, self-confident frog who is encouraging, light-hearted, and optimistic. Strong southern drawl is preferred. Male, 30-70 yrs old. Range: A2 - F#4

PENNY - A beautiful Swan that is kind, compassionate, and caring. Ugly's unlikely love interest and friend. Female, 16-25 yrs old. Range: C4 - F5

FATHER SWAN - Penny's loving, protective, and caring father. Male, 35-55 yrs old. Range: A2 - F#4

MOTHER SWAN - Tender, compassionate, loving, and caring. Mother to Penny. Female, 35-45 yrs old. Range: G#3 - F5

MAUREEN - Ida's best friend, a somewhat conceited moorhen. Female, 30-50 yrs

old. Range: F3 - F5

HENRIETTA - A friend of Maureen and Ida's, she is somewhat of a busybody. Female, 30-50 yrs old. Range: C4 - F5

DUCKLINGS (FROGLETS, FISH, etc.) - Ugly's spiteful little siblings and the other little critters on the farm. Male and Female, 8-12 yrs old.

TURKEY - The School Headmaster who is self-basting, self-boasted prime specimen. Deathly afraid of Thanksgiving. Male, 40-60 yrs old. Range: A2 - F#4

GRACE -  Most distinguished duck on the lake and the school governor. Proud, honest, and genuine. Female, 35-65 yrs old. Range: A3 - Gb5

ENSEMBLE - Graylag's Goose Squadron, Dancing Fish & Frogs, Jaybird the Reporter, various off-stage voices, etc.


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Audition Dates

Monday, Feb. 2 from 7:00 pm-10:00 pm
Thursday, Feb. 5th from 7:00 pm-10:00 pm
Callbacks Sunday, Feb. 8th at 4:00 pm

Audition Location
Allegro School of Music, 20 Main Street, Warrenton

Performance Dates
June 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 

Please see more info regarding auditions on FCT's website.  
FCT's December Gift Certificate Raffle was designed to support FCT's Seat Campaign. FCT will be replacing the cushions and the fabric of the existing theatre chairs once they get approval from Parks and Recreation on the choice of fabric. 

The gift certificate raffle was a huge hit as it provided 4 winners with over $500 of various gift certificates! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Congratulations to the 4 winners:

Amy Kay
Kathi Eanes
Corrine Thomas
Mike McFetridge

Artistic Committee Meeting
FCT's Artistic Committee will hold its next meeting on Thursday, Feb. 12th at 6 pm at the Vint Hill Villages (formerly VHEDA) Conference Room, just down the street from the theatre. We would love to have your ideas and vision for FCT's future artistic program included in our conversations, which provide recommendations to the board of directors for our Main Season and our other artistic goals. Please join us if you can. If you need directions, or have ideas but can't attend, please email Don Richardson at ArtisticChairman@FCTstage.org.
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