Our mission here at the IU Public Policy Institute is to improve the quality of life in Indiana and its communities.
That's why we've highlighted WFYI's Intersections series featuring Troy Riggs, Director of Public Safety Outreach, and his approach for decreasing crime throughout Indianapolis. The series highlights perspectives from residents, law enforcement and community leaders.
Our Thriving Communities, Thriving State project is months away from unveiling its recommendations for stronger Indiana communities. Find out more about our focus areas and commission members in our newly launched web pages.

Congratulations to Laura Littlepage, Senior Researcher and SPEA Clinical Lecturer. Her "Measuring Social Return on Investment Lessons from Organizational Implementation of SROI in the Netherlands and the United States" research paper was recently published in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Additionally, Littlepage is the project manager for Thriving Communities, Thriving State.
We're also happy to announce the call for nominations for the John L. Krauss Award for Public Policy Innovation, named in honor of Institute founding Director John L. Krauss. Don't forget to submit your nominations by September 30.
As always thank you for your support.

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Our Work & Announcements

WFYI's Intersections series
Bringing community leaders, residents and law enforcement together, WFYI has launched its Intersections series to discuss what's happening with crime in Indianapolis and ways to address the challenges.

Read about Troy Riggs, Director of Public Safety Outreach, and his days as a rookie police officer in "Keeping a promise to himself." Riggs shares how those early days shaped his future roles in public safety. Additionally, this piece highlights his data evaluation for neighborhoods near six major intersections -- the same intersections that serve as the series' focus areas.

New Thriving Communities commission web pages
As part of our Thriving Communities, Thriving State project, three commissions are examining state and local strategies and policies that can help small town/rural, mid-sized and urban communities. Find out more about each commission's members, focus areas and more.  

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Accepting Krauss Award nominations
Do you know of any organizations or individuals who have positively impacted public policy change through translational public policy research or activities?

Nominate an individual or entity for our John L. Krauss Award for Public Policy Innovation (Krauss Award). This award is given biennially for notable applied research or activity that helps the state of Indiana and/or Indiana communities with "real world" solutions through public policy.

Nominations will be accepted through September 30.  
Littlepage studies philanthropic giving and social investment
Laura Littlepage, Senior Researcher at the Institute and Clinical Lecturer at SPEA, co-authored a research paper on the challenges organizations face in evaluating philanthropic giving and social investment. 

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