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Since I joined the Institute six months ago, it has been great to visit many leaders from all around Indiana to learn their research needs and showcase what we do. Those conversations have helped me better understand what matters to your groups and organizations, and recognize the value of having expert analysis on hand to make informed decisions.

Now, I am even more thrilled to share what we do in our current newsletter.

From our upcoming Thriving Communities, Thriving State project and its recent Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project designation to the ongoing interest in accident-prone intersections using our annual traffic safety crash data, our talented team has a lot to talk about.

And, we take pride in sharing what we know. Team member John Marron, who was invited to speak at the 90th National League of Cities conference in Texas, encouraged mayors and other participants to increase their competitiveness by engaging millennials and baby boomers. 

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Thriving Communities,Thriving State named Bicentennial Legacy Project

The IU Public Policy Institute is pleased to introduce its Thriving Communities,Thriving State project, which was recently endorsed as one of the state's Bicentennial Legacy Projects. 


Through this study, three study commissions will evaluate issues affecting (1) urban, (2) suburban and medium-sized, or (3) rural and small communities. As the commissions gather information, the Institute will host public policy conversations around innovative policies on project-relevant topics, and will host a 2016 gubernatorial forum. The project officially kicks off in January 2015.  


Harnessing the talents of millennials and baby boomers
John Marron, one of the Institute's senior policy analysts and AICP, recently presented to a full house at the 90th National League of Cities (NLC) Congress in Austin, Texas. He discussed how cities can advance their competitiveness through harnessing the energy of millennials (born approximately 1980-1999) and baby boomers (born 1946-1964). 


City leaders need strategies to welcome, connect with, engage and perhaps recruit the talents of these generations, Marron added.

car crash 
Traffic safety data gets Top 10 review
Each year, our team produces its traffic crash facts, a statewide look at injuries, fatalities and reported collisions. Now, The Indianapolis Star and The Journal and Courier are showcasing our work in their Top 10 accident-prone lists of Marion County and Lafayette intersections. 

  Eagle Creek Trail

Did you know?
With over 60 miles of trails in Marion County, there has to be a way to evaluate how people use them. 
That's where we step in. Our research team calculates usage counts for all eight trails in Marion County.

On the Eagle Creek Trail, as with most trails, the summer months kick off the busiest season with December seeing the least amount of traffic.
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