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Changes are an opportunity to grow, nourishing bone broth & cholesterol seminar.

At the end of last year I resigned from my job as Amscan's Corporate Wellness Director. The experience was bittersweet and I'm still not sure it's sunk in yet. After a good 10 years at Amscan in Westchester, NY, it was finally time for me to move on (check out where I'm now working, below). Changes are hard and come mixed with emotions, but they're an excellent opportunity to grow. I've been staying open to feeling it all as it comes - the grieving of leaving sweet coworkers and a place that I loved for so many years, the excitement for what's next, the confusion of my new schedule, the fear of whether I made a mistake or not, etc. I recognize that they're all normal and part of this process of a major change in my life. Lots of journaling, reflecting and meditating has certainly been helping! Support from my husband, family and friends have been especially helpful. My only wish is for the employees that I cared for all of these years through my Wellness Program continue to make wellness their number one priority in their life.

As I sort through the remnants of my Amscan office I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing opportunity I had to work there for so long. Funfact - the next time you head to a Party City check out the glow sticks; I'm the glow stick girl! I can also be found on a few other random packages or displays in the store - HA! I love that even though I'm not longer at Amscan, I'm stuck on so many packages that they still can't get rid of my smile!

Best wishes for a happy & healthy 2015.



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Nourishing Bone Broth

A few years ago when I was really trying my best to heal my gut, but still not eating meat, I decided to give bone broth a try. While in school for nutrition we learned all about how bone broth is one of the most nutritious foods we could ever consume because it's so rich in minerals that our bodies crave. Bone broth is actually a traditional food that our ancestors have been making for generations. Unfortunately for our health, somewhere along the line that tradition got lost in many of our families.

Thankfully, bone broth and it's super powers are making it's way into the mainstream these days in news articles, Facebook posts and places that are literally selling it in coffee cups to go. I used to order mine from Chef Lance out in California at The Flavor Chef, but realized it was much more cost effective and nutritious when you just throw it together yourself at home. During the colder months I make a batch at least every 2 weeks or so, if not more often. Since my recipe is in a slow cooker, there's little work that must be done!

Download my nourishing bone broth recipe HERE and learn about it's amazing benefits, how to use it in the kitchen and how to store it.  I would love to hear how you and your family enjoy it and the creative ways that you incorporate it into your meals.
Pure Health Services
I'm excited to announce that I'm now working at Pure Health Services in Red Bank! It's a lovely one-stop-shop for wellness. The owners, Dr. Chris & Dr. Mai are both holistic-minded chiropractors that added massage, nutrition, Reiki and yoga to their chiropractic office. I will be health coaching and teaching yoga there and will be offering an occasional health seminar (see below). I'm thrilled to be a part of their team and look forward to you coming in to checking out their beautiful space! 

My next wellness seminar will be on Thursday, February 12th at 6pm on The Great Cholesterol Myth: The myths and truths about cholesterol. You've been told for years that the primary cause of heart disease is an elevated cholesterol level because of poor eating habits and hereditary factors. You've been told to quit eating eggs, to eat less fat, or to take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. Finally, you can reduce your risk of heart attack & stroke by breaking all of the rules & stop believing in the cholesterol myth! Discover the myths and truths about cholesterol; what you really need to know to protect your heart & reduce your risk of stroke. $20 in advance, $25 at the door.  
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