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New website, new name, new beginnings!

Everyone keeps asking how it feels to be married and my answer is always, "The same!" But I'll tell you what's not the same, changing my name (sooo much harder (emotionally) than I thought it would be!), merging our finances, and all the other adult, not-so-fun things that must be taken care of. I thought this time would be the perfect opportunity to update my Center Your Health files, marketing materials and website with my new name and fresh content because believe it or not, that's fun to me!

Totally jazzed to announce the launching of my new and improved website for Center Your Health! I hope you take a moment to visit it. I'd love to hear how you like it. By the way, check out my new name/signature below!








Lauren F. Grogan
Holistic Health Coach
Registered Yoga Teacher
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Overnight Oats

There are loads of nutritional benefits to eating rolled oats, but let's discuss the most important one - the ease it brings to your mornings. Rushing out the door just minutes after waking is no way to begin your day. Instead, starting your day by calmly sitting down to a nutritious meal will allow you to organize your thoughts, to spend some time with family, and to boost your mood before you venture out into the world. Also, starting the day with a nutritious meal is a way to remind yourself that you are a person who values healthy behaviors. If you're a coffee lover, did you see my Instagram post on how important it is to eat before your caffeinate? Hopefully a recipe as simple as this can help you break the habit of drinking coffee first thing in the morning. Check it out... 


PM Ingredients:

1/3 cup whole, oats (GF if necessary)  

1 cup milk of your choice (I prefer coconut or almond) 

1-2 tablespoons chia seeds (start with less if chia is new to you) 

1 ripe banana, peeled and smashed

1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


PM Directions: Mix together the above ingredients in a bowl and place in fridge overnight.


AM Ingredients:

1 tablespoon nut butter (of choice, my favorite is almond butter)

100% pure grade B maple syrup


AM Directions: Mix nut butter into oats with a spoon and drizzle just a taste of maple syrup over top. Serve overnight oats cold. Since we're approaching fall, I love substituting the banana for some pumpkin puree and topping these oats with some cinnamon, walnuts and pecans. 

Wellness for Survivors

I'm proud to be a part of Balanced Bodies Studio's inspiring workshop, "Wellness for Survivors".  This series has been designed specifically for anyone who has dealt with a medical issue as a result of any form of cancer or medical condition. If you would like to begin or continue a healthier and more fit lifestyle. Each class will integrate both an information/lecture piece with a hands-on movement session. There will be a limited, advance registration to ensure that each participant receives individual attention.

The focus of this workshop is to introduce or re-introduce health and wellness to anyone who would like to enhance their well-being following any medical or surgical event.


Class Name

Dates / Times



Saturday, October 11 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Hilary Friedman

Functional Movement in Everyday Life

Saturday, October 18 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Lisa Sabato

Yoga and Nutrition

Saturday, October 25 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Lauren F. Grogan

The Power of Diet, Thought, and Movement

Saturday, November 1 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Dr. Dean Lupo


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