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Stay calm & healthy during hectic times.

CYH Lauren 2013The countdown to my wedding has officially started this month - it's only weeks away now. In an effort to look and feel me best for the special day I've been even more mindful of my overall health. This whole experience has been such an enlightening journey. I've learned a lot about myself and the importance of self care during such a stressful time. I keep on reminding myself that this is really great (happy) stress to have. A few of the people I've been dealing with for planning the wedding have commented on how cool and calm I am considering how hectic of a time this is. I, of course, was surprised by this but then realized that my efforts have been paying off!  Below are just some of the things I've been sure to practice on a daily/weekly basis to keep my sanity and health.

How I've stayed cool, calm & healthy while planning my wedding:

1. Instead of freaking out over the stress, experience it. Wedding planning is good stress that is temporary and for lots of people, once in a lifetime. My very close friend reminded me of this, and it flipped my world when she said it!
Lammer & I at my shower last weekend - such a lovely day!

2. Take a bath every week. There is nothing more soothing to me than being completely submerged into a hot, Epsom salt bath with a few drops of lavender. No music, dim lighting, deep breaths. Complete meditation. It's amazing how this re-charges me for at least another few days after it happens.

3. Drink tulsi tea every day. I swear by drinking a cup or two of Organic India's tulsi tea. I'm obsessed with the cinnamon rose flavor. It's adaptagenic properties have tamed my stress level, helped to strengthen my immunity all while balancing my hormones. I also enjoy a small cup of hot water before bed with some vitamin C powder to sooth my adrenal glands.

4. Eat wholesome, homemade food. I love preparing my meals at home, but sometimes it can be easy to just grab things out of convenience when there is a lot going on. I've made it a point to eat as often as I can only home cooked meals. Not only does it feel great because I know exactly what ingredients are going into it, but I've saved so much money!

5. Bedtime = 10pm. A couple of yeas ago, my overall health improved drastically ever since I declared my bedtime to be 10pm. Even though there is tons to do every day and I could stay up late getting things done, I'm not risking throwing off my hormones or health of my body. To bed at 10pm it is! For the nights that I'm wired, I take a GABA to mellow me out.

Naturally, there are a lot more things that I'm practicing, but these are key. Please don't for one second think that I'm as happy as a clam, coasting through this whole experience with no worries. I've got good days and bad.  I'm not superhuman and stress-free, but by tweaking my diet and lifestyle I can at least be close to it!  I hope this helps to inspire you to put yourself and your health first the next time you're faced with a stressful or hectic time in your life.



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By the time I walked out of the bathroom and was ready for my day I had used over 16 products from my toothpaste, hair products and makeup. Even though the products I purchase these days are higher quality...they're still not 100% healthy! I am committing to making more of an effort with my everyday products with the same enthusiasm that I do with my food. Best part, it's WAY cheaper!!

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