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Pistachio Stuffed Dates
Jamaica Highlights
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laurbeachheadshotLammer and I just returned home from a week in Jamaica.  We took a much needed vacation and boy was it rejuvenating.  We had an authentic Jamaican experience as we stayed in the heart of the Blue Mountains and then ventured onto the beach in Port Antonio.  We indulged in ital food (derived from the word "vital food" meaning natural, pure & clean food) that was literally plucked from the tree or picked from the ground just moments before consuming it.  Each bite was magical!  I invited the sun rays to soak into my skin each day (and then slathered on some sun screen), the sunshine felt SO healing.  We woke up and rolled out our mats each morning outside, along with paddle boarded along the reefs of the Caribbean Sea each afternoon. 

I think it's easy for us to forget how soothing and healing nature is to our souls until we're fully surrounded by it.  Now that I'm home sweet home and back to reality, I'm doing my best to slow down and keep that vacation-mode mentality throughout my daily workload.  It's a challenge, but a nice way to work for sure!  For example, I'm swamped with things to do but I'm making it a point to take a 10-minute bath at some point today to allow any built up tension to subside.  Something that simple yet relaxing will change my world for all the better!

I appreciate being able to share my newsletter with you.  Feel free to pass this along to anyone you feel may be interested.  Wishing you & your family health & happiness this holiday season.  Best wishes for a super-duper 2013!!


Lauren Forney, HHC, RYT
Holistic Health Coach
Registered Yoga Teacher

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Pistachio Stuffed Dates
Going somewhere this holiday or have to entertain at your place?  Consider making these ridiculously delicious pistachio stuffed dates as an app for you and everyone else to enjoy!  (Kid friendly, too.)  They are sweet and I have to say any more?!

1/2 cup shelled pistachios
Pinch of chunky sea salt
16 dates, pitted (take paring knife and make a slit down each date)
1 tablespoon unsweetened shredded coconut

In a food processor, puree pistachios until a thick paste forms, about 5 minutes. Spoon mixture into dates. Season with chunky sea salt. Sprinkle with coconut.  As you can see, I served on a plate of raw almonds.  YUM!
Jamaica Highlights
Here are some of my shots from Jamaica.  We had such an authentic trip!  That country smelled like fresh morning dew and I miss it so much already.  
An afternoon banana kiss rum drink usually made with dairy that they were happy to make with almond milk for me!
Paddle boarding each day.
Our breakfast fruit picked fresh from the yard just moments before we ate it.  Divine!
Passion fruit plucked right from the vine.
The Rastafarian gesture for universal consciousness.
Journaling away.
Sucking the slimy, sweet pods of a cacao tree!

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