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We are excited to share with you that a number of our product designs won Spark Awards this year! The AP Pro Aerobottle for Nathan Sports, the Kestrel Legend SL, the entire Kestrel Family Design Language, and the Jet Stream Aerobars for Oval Concepts all won in multiple categories. In addition the Wearable eHealth projects that we sponsored with Western Washington University's Senior Industrial Design class this past Winter won. 2013 has been a fantastic year and we are looking forward to 2014.  


Spark:Product Silver - Nathan Sports AP Pro 

Spark: Product Finalist - Oval Concepts Aerobar Pair  


Spark: Transport Silver - Nathan Sports AP Pro 

Spark: Transport Finalist - Oval Concepts Aerobar Pair  


Spark: Concept Silver - Air Quality 

Spark: Concept Finalist - Communication Aid   


Core77 Screenshot

A big thank you to our contractors and interns who helped make these designs winners; Rosie, Sean, Mark, Luke, and Waymen!

And congratulations to all of the students, especially the Air Quality design team; Samuel Martin, Sean Braaten, Larisa Schulze, and Libby Kunkle for their Silver! 


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