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We at Anvil Studios are really excited to announce the latest product release of one of our recent, favorite designs: an aerodynamic hydration system that mounts between aerobars and designed specifically for the demands of triathlon racing. This design reduces drag and turbulence while maximizing an athlete's energy output efficiency, allowing them to stay tucked while hydrating. This awesome, new bottle is named the AP Pro and was designed with world champion triathlete, Andy Potts for Nathan Sports, Inc.



Nathan Brands AP Pro Aerobottle



The system is simple, elegant, and consists of five individual components:


1. An aerodynamically and ergonomically designed water bottle with a large mouth split for easy cleaning.


2. A light-weight and minimally designed aerobar cage holster with easy snap-on assembly (no need for additional zip ties/velco straps or time consuming screw-on attachments).


3. A double layered quick-fill baffle cap that prevents sloshing and protects water from road-dirt.


4. An accessory deck ring for holding maps, attaching a computer mount or bento box.


5. An aerodynamically and ergonomically designed straw mast.



Nathan Brands AP Pro - details  



The design exploration was exhaustive and we started from the ground up. We explored all possible shapes and ways to attach water containers to a racing bike. We discovered different opportunities for easier attachment methods, a wide variety of solutions for quickly filling a container without forcing the athlete to break from a tucked position, and future expansion of the product ecosystem. We interviewed triathletes, reviewed each phase of development and prototypes with Speedy Reedy's (a local triathlon bike shop), and collaborated closely with Olympiad and professional triathlete, Andy Potts. The process was very hands on and we utilized 3D printing process to create and test multiple iterative rounds of prototype refinements. 



Nathan Brands AP Pro - first generation prototyping

The final product hits the market this month with its debut at the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii. For even more info, check it out on some of these links:

Nathan Sports website 
Andy Potts on youtube
Andy Potts Prototype Review in Kona 2012
Bottle set-up


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