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Oval Concepts' products are guided by a unique blend of passion, tradition and heritage. The philosophy of "get fit to fly" means each product offering/category provides incremental adjustments designed into every product. This allows seasoned athletes and weekend warriors alike to get the most efficiency out of their bike riding performance. To coordinate with the release of their Fuji time-trial bike, Oval Concepts collaborated with Anvil Studios on the development for their new brand-defining aerobar designs.


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Born of Formula 1 aerodynamic technologies, Oval Concepts' Jet Stream aero bars applied the same principles there to its integrated racing handlebars. The innovative patented technology allows for a fluid transition of air in between the bars with a cleaner exit, resulting in much less drag.


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 The new designs apply modern aesthetics, more integration of elements, and are designed-for-manufacturing. The product family consists of the 970 (next generation Jetstream technology integrated into the handlebar system) and the 960 (a more simplified, traditional shaped TT bar). The design effort consisted of 3 phases: Concept Ideation, Refinement and Appearance Models.


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The final products hit the market in August and are now enjoying some much deserved spot-light exposure at the 2013 trade shows; Eurobike and Interbike. Additionally they can be found on


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