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This past year Anvil Studios had the opportunity to sponsor a project with Western Washington University's senior industrial design studio. The assignment was simple: define and design for the emerging Social Wearable Health market. The students had to identify a market need, and then design a wearable device that contributed to a healthy lifestyle. This included a stationary dock for data transfer/charging and the user interface located on a smartphone or tablet. The results had to unite under a consistent design language while also accomplishing their individual, functional requirements.


Quantifying, and making available, localized air quality content.
Samuel Martin, Sean Braaten, Larisa Schulze, Libby Kunkle

From pregnancy to preschool.
Anna Perrella, Kevin Courtney, Jessie Wixom, Jeff Grothe

Assisting and advancing listening.
Sean Missal, Hunter Frerich, Nolan Leh

As themes emerged, thoughts aligned and teams were formed. Below are the results of the individual explorations that resulted in team efforts, proving that a product's design and user experience are enriched when multiple minds work together. That's the Anvil way, and we thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with the students! 


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