Come join us tomorrow at Slate Bar and experience the passion and excitement of the game
Chile vs Panama
Reporting from the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, US Ambassador to Chile Mike Hammer explains that in his role as an ambassador he cannot express an opinion regarding Copa América.

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Veramonte Winery

Chileans love empanadas so much because there's nothing better than empanadas and wine. Ask any Chilean about their wine terrain, and they'll tell you that in Chile it's impossible to produce bad wine.

My father always told me that the priests kept the best Chilean wines in their church cellars... but California has a wide variety of excellent Chilean wines too.

Local Bay Area Chilean vintner Agustín Huneeus and his wife Valeria own the bio-dynamically farmed Quintessa Winery in Napa Valley. In 1990 Huneeus went back to Chile taking his California vinti-cultural know-how to the coastal mountain ranges of the Casablanca Valley and developed the Veramonte vineyard.

Kappa Pisco Sour

Ever had a Pisco Sour? At Slate Bar, you'll get to try the best. Daniel Hyatt--Slate's classy bar manager, world traveler, and man of many exploits--is a virtuoso at preparing cocktails, and he really surprised me when it came to his hand at pisco sours. For our Copa América Party, Dan ordered Chile's Kappa Pisco. Kappa Pisco is a Chilean brandy made from Muscat grapes. Produced by the Marnier Lapostolle family, makers of Grand Marnier liqueur, the brand was recently acquired by Gruppo Campari.

Kappa Pisco is named after the Kappa Crucis star cluster--the famed Jewel Box of the Southern Cross--visible only in the southern hemisphere. With a name like that and the exquisite design of the bottle, I was sold before I even tasted this heavenly liqueur. 



Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon
June 12, 2016

On Sunday we met up with Joe Maloy, Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon champion (#16 with back facing camera) chatting with other members of the 2016 US Olympic Team.

The Boston Globe 
Triathlon just one way to escape from Alcatraz
Competitors from all walks of life and skill levels take on San Francisco Bay
"Some athletes drove or pedaled along the bike and run routes to get a sense of the terrain. For me, the best preparation came from taking a swim clinic the day before the race with coach Pedro Ordenes, founder of Water World Swim in San Francisco. Ordenes holds the world record for Alcatraz swim crossings - more than 900 - and is the only person to complete a roundtrip crossing of the Beagle Channel between Chile and Argentina. He now teaches swimmers how to embrace open-water swimming in the Bay Area and beyond, and runs three Alcatraz swim clinics in the days preceding the triathlon.

At 6:15 a.m. the day before the race, Ordenes took 40 of us out to Alcatraz by motorboat, offered important tips, and then gave us the option to do the entire crossing or just part of it, so we could get a feel for the water and currents. We ended up swimming the whole route, an experience that helped eliminate a lot of the fear.
That's why I felt relatively calm the next day when Gilsenan's voice boomed over the loadspeaker, "Now is the moment you've been waiting for! Good luck racers, and remember to have fun!""


Coach Pedro Ordenes

Coach Pedro Ordenes, beloved founder of Water World Swim, is known worldwide for his record-breaking swims. Pedro holds the world record for Alcatraz swim crossings - over 900. He is also the only person to complete a round trip crossing of the Beagle Channel between Chile and Argentina, in water temperatures averaging 39F and without a wet suit.

And in 1999, Pedro swam across the Strait of Magellan in 39.7F waters just to celebrate the new millennium.


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Swim With Pedro

If you can swim a mile in the pool you are ready to transition to open water! Our Swim With Pedro sessions are 1-hour swims and a great place to practice in the open water with coaches on hand, whether you're training for an event or getting into open water for the first time.
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