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Mission Local Profile Feature Article:
"The Girl from Empanada Finds Her Groove"
By Andra Cernavskis

Once again, Mission Local is on the beat when it comes to community developments and we thank you for it! Chile Lindo's founder Paula Tejeda was honored to have been featured. 

Read about the Girl from Empanada and her latest venture: "The Girl from Empanada Finds Her Groove"

A Week with Catalina Claro in San Francisco


(left-to-right) Danny Grewen, Vinnie Rodriguez, Dan Neville, SF Mayor Ed Lee, Ollie Dudek, Catalina Claro

A night at the Golden Gate Business Association's 40th Anniversary Celebration


No soon had she landed and Catalina was a featured performer for the Golden Gate Business Association's 40th Anniversary celebration at the War Memorial Opera House. Chile Lindo brought together a band of talented jazz musicians to perform with Catalina Claro at this event.

Paula's wheeling and dealing got the photo op with San Francisco's Mayor Ed Lee. Touchdown for Chile Lindo.


Catalina Claro, Axel Herrera, Rick Brown

A night at La Peña Cultural Center


Catalina Claro's Bay Area tour kicked off at none other than the Chilean founded cultural center- La Peña in Berkeley, CA. A warm crowd welcomed Catalina Claro.


Local musician Rick Brown accompanied on the trombone and fellow Chilean local percussionist Axel Herrera accompanied on cajón.

Thank you to La Peña!

A day at Viracocha in San Francisco's Mission district  


This intimate fundraising concert at Viracocha exemplified what Chile Lindo is venturing to accomplish in the community. It was truly a celebration of Chilean culture, food, wine, and entertainment. Guests enjoyed wine, and delicious empanadas and alfajores made by Chile Lindo.


We also had a fun raffle where our guests won Chilean prizes such as Isabelle Allende's autographed books, Catalina Claro's music, and one of kind Michael Roman's silk screened aprons.

Catalina delivered a beautiful and warm performance along Rick Brown on trombone and Axel Herrera on cajón.


Of course the event concluded with lots of wine. Salud!


Catalina Claro, Axel Herrera, Rick Brown, Danny Grewen
Catalina's last night at the Makeout Room in San Francisco


Friends, family, and Consul General of Chile, Rolando Ortega, supported the Chile Lindo Network at this final concert.


Catalina Claro, Axel Herrera on percussion, Rick Brown on trombone, joined by Danny Grewen also on trombone, rocked the final performance. What a fun night! After the show concert goers clearly were delighted by the concert. Me alegraste la noche! exclaimed a fan. Meaning "You made my night!".



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Paul Pendergast, Pendergast Consulting Group, GGBA Chair
Paula with production consultant Viridiana Ponce