What is ULUV MUSIC all about?

Dear Amigas y Amigos:

Historically, San Francisco has been at the center of the international music scene, n'est-ce pas? It is the Mecca of indie and world music, not to mention rock and jazz. It is the birth place of the phenomenal Classical Revolution, now performing in cities across the country and Europe. Yet, in spite of the prestigious music scene in our city: local musicians still play for tips at most venues (shameful); city permits to produce local festivals are expensive and require lots of paperwork (tedious); and, for small business owners to host live entertainment, the required licenses translate to more red tape and operating costs (daunting). ULUV Music is here to make a difference, finding practical solutions to improve the working conditions of those that make San Francisco swing--our local musicians! Find out how!

Also, please check out the first ULUV Music Fundraiser Happy Hours. What could be better than seeing my lovely friends Yuriza Jared and Eddie Cabezas (Peru) of SANG MATIZ in concert with DJ DUCEROCK. This event is happening at the legendary Marco Senghor's renowned village, Bissap Baobab! Talk about a Mission District partay!

Nos vemos.~
Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo 

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ULUV Music

ULUV Music is a charitable organization, whose goal is to increase revenue streams for the Bay Area's music industry by producing community driven music events that showcase local artists, businesses and charities. Through creating more opportunities for the local music community, ULUV Music will help sustain, grow and preserve the San Francisco Bay Area's rich music culture.




Whether you're an artist wanting to perform,

a business interested in hosting live music,

vendors interested in participating,

or YOU just want to get involved,

ULUV wishes to hear from you!

Send any and all inquiries to:

 [email protected]  


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ULUV Music has a number of amazing community based initiatives including an annual music festival, a program to create concentrated music corridors throughout San Francisco and a day of music events across San Francisco in celebration of music and the people who create it. 




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ULUV Music DAY - June 21st, 2014


Former Making Waves in SF




ULUV Music Day is a connected set of free and public music events taking place on June 21st, to celebrate music and the people who create it. Inspired by Fête de la Musique, whose events last year spanned 108 countries and 726 cities around the world, ULUV Music is bringing Music Day to The Bay. ULUV Music has coordinated dozens of live music performances taking place at Bart stations, the Ferry Building, parklets and businesses throughout San Francisco.


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ULUV 2014 - October 11th, 2014


Following last year's ULUV 2013, a daylong event hosting 3 stages at 111 Minna, ULUV Music is bringing this year's festival to The Mission.  


ULUV 2014 will be held on Valencia between 18th and 20th streets on October 11th from 2pm - 2am (with outdoor music ending at 10pm).


The donation based, alcohol-free, family friendly festival will showcase local talent on 2 outdoor stages and the surrounding music venues. The event will shine a light on neighborhood businesses by featuring vendors from The Mission District only.


A portion of proceeds from ULUV 2014 will go towards supporting 4 charitable organizations.

This year's charities are:  



MusiCares - Provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need covering a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies.


Little Kids Rock - Has given more than 300,000 under-served schoolchildren access to music classes and brand new instruments at no cost to the students, teachers, or school districts.


Niroga Institute - Brings yoga and meditation to underserved individuals and communities such as schools, juvenile halls, homeless shelters, cancer hospitals and rehab clinic.


Do It For The Love - is a wish-granting organization bringing people in advanced stages of life threatening illnesses, children with severe challenges and wounded veterans to live concerts.


In the days following ULUV 2013, ULUV Music, in partnership with their beneficiary MusiCares, provided full dental care to 50 musicians and industry professionals free of charge. ULUV Music and MusiCares will again be hosting a dental clinic following ULUV 2014 and hopes to double the amount of individuals served.

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Launched this year, District is ULUV Music's initiative to create concentrated music corridors throughout San Francisco to attract patrons, add value to local businesses and support the sustainability of The Bay Area's rich and diverse music culture.


The program is designed to assist businesses with the necessary services to host live music performances in their establishment up to 7 days a week. Until recently, this was an expensive and complicated process. But with the efforts of ULUV Music and The City of San Francisco, this can be a simple, cost effective process that adds value to businesses and creates opportunities for local musicians.


Once permits are acquired, ULUV Music will provide all the necessary services to start hosting live acts in a way that's beneficial to the business and community. ULUV Music's team consists of professional music promoters, sound engineers and corporate event planners with over 400 shows executed in the past 5 years.


District services include:

* Booking from a roster of over 400 local artists of all genres and cultures

* Best practices in sound, sound levels and set up

* Sound engineers, sound equipment and sound equipment discounts

* Best practices in fair artist compensation

* End to end logistics regarding performance

"Chile Lindo, building community one empanada at a time!"