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There is so much I'd like to say regarding the participation of Chilean artist Germán von Appen in this year's Sausalito Art Festival, but my goal is to get this information to you by tonight, so I'll be brief.


I will say, however, that it all happened thanks to Sausalito Mayor Herb Weiner and his can-do attitude. While a group of us were in Viña del Mar, last March, at the home of the city's Cultural Director, José Miguel Gil--then and there--Mayor Weiner paved the way for this great opportunity for one of Viña del Mar's illustrious artists.


You may recall that a Sausalito-Viña del Mar Sister Cities' delegation travelled to Viña last March, to prepare to receive the women entrepreneurs from Agep-V (Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Fifth Region). Seven Women, Seven Days, Seven Dreams, ring a bell? It is impressive how much was accomplished on that trip to Viña. I'm still trying to find the time to write about it and post the photographs on facebook.


By the way, this is not Germán von Appen's first Sausalito art show, as he had a solo exhibition on October 2012, at Studio 333. At the time he was part of a cultural exchange to strengthen the sister city relationship.


Of recent, I've learned that exhibiting at the Sausalito Art Festival is a noteworthy opportunity. The Sausalito Art Festival is considered the third most important art festival in the world.


Welcome back Germán. Wishing you a very successful exhibition, good luck!


Paula Tejeda







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SSCC von Appen
From left-to-right, Lizzie Brown-Jeremy, Susan Roe, Karen Aiken, Paula Tejeda, 
Juany Muñoz, Germán von Appen

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