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This year, the San Francisco International Film Festival presents
Chilean films:

El hada de cristal
Crystal Fairy
dir: Sebastián Silva

ll Futuro
dir: Alicia Scherson

La noche de enfrente
Night Across the Street
dir: Raúl Ruiz


The 56th San Francisco International Film Festival is HERE!

The 3 Chilean directors featured are Sebastián Silva, Alicia Scherson, and notably the renowned film-maker Raúl Ruiz, with his posthumously released "Night Across the Street" ("La noche de enfrente"). Raúl Ruiz died in August, 2011. Read the NYT obituary.

El Hada de Cristal
Crystal Fairy
Sebastián Silva

An American in Chile (Michael Cera) joins up with three lanky brothers and a spaced-out hippie chick to seek out the perfect high of a desert psychedelic in this partially improvised road movie from Chilean director Sebastián Silva, whose The Maid won a 2009 Sundance Jury Prize. Merging Woody Allen-esque humor and Ugly American dickishness, Cera is a revelation. View More. Buy Tickets.


ll Futuro 
Alicia Scherson

Through their relationship with a pair of bodybuilders, an orphaned brother and sister stumble on an opportunity they can't refuse: seemingly easy money by way of a former Mr. Universe turned reclusive movie star. This adaptation of Roberto Bolaño's novella isn't a standard issue crime drama. Ultimately, it's something else altogether: a poignant meditation on time, aging, identity and the movies. View More. Buy Tickets.


La noche de enfrente
Night Across the Street

Cinema sadly lost Raúl Ruiz in 2011, but this posthumously released film, shot in his native Chile, brings back the elegance of his straight-faced surrealism in the story of a man nearing retirement and death who indulges his love for words and conjures up his childhood heroes, from Beethoven to Long John Silver. Ruiz's visual message from beyond is that death is just a word, and not to be feared.
 View More. Buy Tickets.
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Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo

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