Dear Friends!

I first met Stanford graduate Jasmine Aarons back in 2010--where else but at Chile Lindo! She stopped by to consult as she prepared for her first Fall Trunk Show at the Emily Joubert Home & Garden gallery. She told me all about her project and it didn't take long for me to realize that she would go far, and, of course, I immediately fell in love with her vision. What's not to love? VOZ brings together eco-fashion and the beautiful Mapuche (Chile's indigenous people) designs, and VOZ empowers women.

Soon after, Jasmine embarked to Chile to further her eco-fashion start-up.

Fast forward one year and I run into Jasmine at SFO. I can't remember if she was on her way to Chile or on her way back, but she told me that she was waiting to hear from Start-Up Chile, the Chilean government program that sponsors entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile. Of course, she would join the Start-Up Chile team.

I wish I could have gotten this newsletter to you earlier about this Sunday's upcoming trunk show, but as usual I'm writing at the shop, as I serve EMPANADAS, etc., ... too many irons in the fire and can't seem to ever catch up.

Nonetheless, I hope to see you there on Sunday, and CONGRATULATIONS Jasmine for getting this far--I know only too well that it ain't easy girl!!!



Jasmine E. Aarons
CEO & Design Director

Marin Fall Trunkshow
Sunday, October 21st 
1:00 to 5:00PM
1000 Bridgeway #C