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Chile Lindo's mission is to highlight Chilean culture beyond empanadas... and that includes music, art, literature, and Chilean products.

Today, I'm happy to say, I've put together some great gifts for the Sausalito Sister City event tomorrow, Saturday, August 11, thanks to the generosity of some of Chile Lindo's friends and collaborators:

Iconic prints of Violeta Parra, Mapuche Woman, and Hombre con Carreta, by Ruiz Tagle,Ediciones Errete

 Isabel Allende's "Cuentos de Eva Luna," autographed by Author

Bolsa Marraqueta by KaiKai, Chilean Products

Puzle-Imán Santiago, Chile by KaiKai, Chilean Products

Skyline Productions CD: traditional Chilean music collection

3 Postcard of Neruda's home by Award Winning photographer Claudio Pino

Chile Lindo poster of "Los Jaivas" concert at La Victoria Theatre in San Francisco

Chile Lindo Alfajores: 1/2 a dozen
GiftBasket Chile Lindo Raffle Gift Basket 

Sausalito "Three Sisters" Celebration

Please join us on Saturday, August 11, for a festive evening in celebration of Sausalito's three sister city relationships, and to learn more about the diverse cultures of the three countries they represent.  The evening will include samples of food and beverages from each of the three countries and a fund raising raffle.  All proceeds of the evening will go to support the three sister city programs.  Doors open at 5PM.

511 Caledonia Street
Sausalito, CA 94965
United States

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KaiKai Papelería y accesorios que retratan con amor y humor nuestra identidad chilena, diseñados y fabricados en Chile.

Stationery & accessories reflecting with love and humor our Chilean identity.

Designed and produced in Chile.

Chilean wines - three whites and two reds - that we will have the opportunity to sample at our Three Sisters celebration this Saturday evening.

More information about the event may be found at: http:/sausalitosistercities.org/

Many thanks to the following for their generous donations of these wines and their support of our sister city programs:

* Agustin Huneeus/Veramonte
* Carolina Wine Brands
* Kingston Family Vineyard
* Global Vineyard Importers

Special thanks also to Wines of Chile which has assisted us in many ways both with our Three Sisters event and otherwise.

Chilean Fresh Fruit - We are very pleased to have the support of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (http://www.chileanfreshfruit.com/) for our upcoming Three Sisters event. Chile exports a wide range of fruit and their fruit industry represents one of the highlights ofthe relationship between Chile and California since many of Chile's successful agricultural practices have been influenced by academic and commercial exchanges with California, especially UC Davis, over a long period.

Even though it is currently winter in Chile, at our event this Saturday we expect to be able to serve Clementine Tangerines from Chile, which we believe were grown not far from Viña del Mar!

Have you had a Chilean Lomito? It may be Chile's most famous sandwich and will be one of the items you can sample at our Chile table at our August 11 Three Sisters celebration here in Sausalito. Don't miss your chance! For more information and tickets see http://sausalitosistercities.org/. Jayne Reichert from the Cavallo Point cooking school will be preparing that dish.
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