Chile Lindo
Chile Lindo

Earshot Entertainment Presents:


Chilean Reggae Band @ The Elbo Room in the Mission

645 Valencia Street

San Francisco



July 15, 2011 

SF Gate

Gondwana w / From Chile at Elbo Room, 7/15/2011 - SF Gate

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Gondwana group
Gondwana - While reggae might be generally associated with Jamaica and then Africa, the influence of Bob Marley and roots reggae has traveled the world, even into South America where it inspired the formation of Gondwana, a Chilean band that has slowly made an impact around the globe. Formed in 1987, during the years of the Pinochet dictatorship in their native land, the band had to keep a relatively low profile until the political climate eased, as the government wasn't too keen on a younger generation airing beliefs that didn't mesh with their own, especially if they involved Rastafarianism, with its peaceful approach to life. In some ways, that slow development was good, because it gave them a chance to work out their own sound, which, according to singer Quique Niera, became "very rockish, but we also have the South American traditional rhythms, like the bolero." That mix showed up to some extent on their debut Together in 1996, but really came to fruition four years later on their sophomore effort, Second Coming. In Chile the album was titled Alabanza, and proved to be a breakthrough, rocketing them to the top of the national charts. The extracted single "Antonia" also proved to be a chart-topper. The album didn't shy away from political issues, with "Libertad" dealing frankly with the justice and peace that eluded Chileans during the dictatorship. In the wake of the album's U.S. release on RAS, Gondwana undertook a world tour. ~ Chris Nickson, All Music Guide

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I got to live with Hippies in Woodstock, in New York City's Lower East Side, and, of all places, in CHILE (and they were the real thing). Sooooooo... it comes as no surprise to me that Chile would have Rastafarians and a world famous Reggae Band--for, if you knew anything about Chileans, you would know that Chileans make any social movement their own "at the drop of a dime."


Hope you can check out Gondwana... and by the way, I'll be there as "The Girl from Empanada," selling the Mission's renowned Chile Lindo Empanadas!


Nos vemos!


Paula Tejeda