June 1, 2011

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Patagonia Rising -
The San Francisco Premiere!

When:     Wednesday, June 8th.

Time:       8:00 PM 

Where:    The Victoria Theatre

                 2961 16th St @ Capp

                 San Francisco, CA


Tickets:   $10  available at



Remaining tickets sold day-of-show ~  

Box office opens 7pm

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The nation of Chile is divided. Foreign multinationals with the rights to Chile's water want to build dams in the heart of Patagonia and bring energy north to Santiago. The dam builders promise cheap and abundant electricity to power Chile's expanding economy, but at what cost? And are there viable alternatives?


Patagonia Rising investigates this hydroelectric scheme and its implications for the region, drawing on lessons learned from dammed rivers around the world. Tracing the hydrologic cycle of the Baker River from ice to ocean, the documentary brings voice to the iconic South American cowboys, Gauchos, caught in the crossfire of northern Chile's energy demands. Juxtaposing the pro-dam business sector with renewable energy experts, the documentary brings awareness and solutions to this global conflict over water and power.


Please stick around for a post-show Q and A with the filmmakers and info from International Rivers about how YOU can make a difference.


This is a fundraiser for our outreach campaign. All ticket proceeds help bring the film to new audiences.


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International Rivers, studiobfilms, and Clif Bar



Editor's Note

I look forward to the San Francisco premiere of "Patagonia Rising," not only because of the film's at present relevant subject matter--HidroAysén, the hydroelectric mega project to be built in the southern-most tip of Chile's pristine paradise--but, notably, for an entirely personal reason: the film score's composer is my dear and long time friend--Axel Herrera.


I've known Axel for over a decade, but it wasn't long after I met him that I knew he had the makings of a Maestro. Born in the enchanting port of Valparaíso, in 1974, Axel Herrera discovered his vocation for music early on. By age twelve he was studying guitar and music theory at the Escuela Artística de Valparaíso, a community based school. Growing up in the shadows of Chile's military regime, his sensitivity found, during these turbulent times, a form of expression in music, specifically classical music.


Axel moved to California at seventeen and of course he met up with many compatriots that shared his social views and musical comprehension; in particular the former generation of local Chilean artists, many of which were the founders of La Peña de Berkeley, CA. In 2001 Axel got his music degree from San Francisco State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude.


Axel plays guitar, he is an amazing drummer, but foremost, he is a profound composer of classical music. Thus, it's not surprising that his work began to interest local filmmakers. His original film scores include: "Soledad is Gone Forever," directed by Mabel Valdiviezo (2006); "Sobreviviendo en el imperio," directed by Ariel López (2006); "The Blast,"directed by Dennis Maxwell (2006); "Epifanía," directed by Gabriel Restrepo (2006); and a documentary on the life of Manlio Argueta, renown Salvadorean poet and writer, titled: "Manlio Argueta, poetas y volcanes," by filmmaker Carolina Rivera, and director Nando Grancelli, (2010).

For more information on the HidroAysén Project, visit:

Patagonia Chilena ¡Sin Represas! 



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