Welcome to the BioWorks Quarterly Bulletin - June 2015

Summer is upon us once again - as are its many promises. "What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade."
Gertrude Jekyll

New Product Review


ON-GardTM, RootShieldŽ Seed Treatment and RootShieldŽ AG


Unlike many other amino acid fertilizers derived from animal origin, ON-Gard is free of antibiotics, heavy metals and chlorides and other polluting agents. ON-Gard is an innovative fertilizer that is 100% plant-derived, 100% water soluble, and consistent in composition. [Read More]

RootShield Seed Treatment

RootShield Seed Treatment is a preventative biological fungicide that helps shield seeds from pathogens that exist in the soil during early development stages while maximizing the performance potential of each seed. [Read More]  


RootShield AG

RootShield AG is a preventative biological fungicide that helps protect roots of agriculture crops from many pathogens including Pythium, Rhizoctionia, Fusarium, Thielaviopsis and Cylindrocladium. Treated root systems are stronger, healthier and have great soil exploration and moisture uptake. [Read More] 

Customer Spotlight: Michael's Greenhouses

A Successful Grower's Winning Formula

By Tamara L. Brister


Computerized watering booms, heated floors, greenhouse vents that automatically open or close depending on the temperature, automated production lines - it's a grower's dream! These advancements in technology are part of what has enabled Michael's Greenhouses of Cheshire, CT to remain one of the leading wholesale growers for New England.


Owned by the Arisco family since 1969, the operation includes approximately seven acres of greenhouse growing space, including the addition of a three acre, state-of-the-art, fully-automated glass house two years ago. The success of this expansion has inspired them to build yet another two acre greenhouse to be completed later this year. [Read More] 

The Importance of Proper Diagnosis

By Kevin Ong, PhD

Director - Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Starting on the right footing: Good Knowledge.

A big challenge in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to greenhouse and nursery operations is the diversity of crops that are produced. Unlike traditional agriculture, a greenhouse or nursery operation may be dealing with over a dozen or more different types of plants at any given time. Many times, these plants have inherent differences in nutritional and water requirements, growth habits and pests/pathogens that occur on them. So how can an effective IPM program be developed for more complicated production systems? [Read More] 

What Does BioWorks Mean To Me?

By Bill Foster
BioWorks President


What does BioWorks mean to me?


Our name and our logo have a strong history - and both were developed with an emphasis on the importance of protecting our planet, the people and the plants - for which a sustainable, safe environment is essential.


Our name means that biology works - that we can use nature, living organisms and natural products to protect our environment and globe in which we live and work.


Our logo, with hands surrounding a leaf or plant, tie directly to our greater purpose of creating a safer environment - we are protecting the plants we grow, protecting the people who use our products to create the beauty around us and who grow the food we eat, while protecting our entire planet in which we live, breath and dream.


How you grow really matters to us at BioWorks - and we're here to provide the tools and ideas to protect our people, our plants and our planet.

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One Grower's Comments:  


"Since switching to Rootshield Plus, I have never seen the roots on our Poinsettia crop look so healthy. Some of the roots, if not knowing they were poinsettias, looked like tree roots." - Timothy Mortonik, Van Hoekelens


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