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Looking to Reduce or Replace Chemical Insecticides?

By Matthew Krause, PhD
BioWorks Product Development Manager
Greenhouse Growers are increasingly seeking effective and low-impact alternative tools to reduce or replace conventional chemical insecticides in their pest management programs for several reasons.  

First, our industry continues to face risks of pests developing resistance to chemical insecticides.  Next, though we are still trying to determine the true impacts of Neonics on pollinators and other beneficials, retailers are facing the effects of public attitudes toward these pesticides.  In addition, growers are increasingly moving toward safer, more sustainable production practices to improve environmental and worker protection.

Whether you are trying to manage resistance to pesticides, reduce worker and environmental safety risks, or respond to public concerns and market preferences related to chemical pesticide use, BioWorks has products to help you effectively, compatibly and safely control insect pests. [Read More]
Customer Spotlight: Dickman Farms

The Growth of Generations
In 1903, Dickman Farms began as a small commercial truck farm selling vegetables in Auburn, New York.  Four generations later, brothers Dickman FarmsDave and Jim Dickman own and operate the now 450,000 sq. ft. wholesale greenhouse growing and retail garden center operations.  What's the secret to staying in business for more than 110 years? According to Jim, keeping a finger on the pulse of the market and making changes over the years to remain relevant, has contributed to their longevity.

"Things have changed a lot from the time my great-grandparents first started out as farmers selling produce from a road-side stand," Jim commented.  It seems each generation had their own impact on growing the business. From 1933 to 1962, while they were still farming, the Dickmans even converted a glass greenhouse into a big band nightclub for "dancing under the stars", where they became one of the region's leading entertainment spots! [Read More]
Q&A with Suzanne Wainwright-Evans, Buglady Consulting

Beginner Guide- Getting the Most out of Your Biological Pesticides
BotaniGard® is one of the most effective biological pesticides on the market today - especially if you know how to get the most out of the product.  Two ways to get the most out of BotaniGard are (1) Know the Supplier and (2) Know the Bug.

Certainly proper application rates and procedures lend to the effectiveness of biological pesticides such as BotaniGard®. However, there are other important dynamics that come into play that growers should consider.  We recently spoke to "The Buglady", Suzanne Wainwright-Evans who shared some insight she gained from working with several growers. With a primary focus on biological control and proper pesticide use, Suzanne has consulted throughout the United States and has become a sought after expert in the field. Here are some of her tips when it comes to biological pest control including BotaniGard:

Know the Supplier - Purchase from an Authorized Distributor
As the market for biological and eco-friendly products has grown, and online purchases in general are through the roof, very often products such as BotaniGard can be purchased from less than reputable sources. [Read More]
Keeping Up With Trends

By Jeffry Luke
BioWorks Marketing Manager
The world is changing. It's always been changing. It just seems faster now with the emergence of technology and social media tools that allow us to be plugged in, turned on and tuned in 24/7.

Trends are shaping every industry from automotive to retail to farming. They may be short term, long term or anything in-between - and it's nearly impossible to tell just how significant the changing winds may be.

We're constantly trying to stay relevant in a world hell-bent on making us obsolete.

I think the bigger challenge is trying to keep up with trends while staying true to your business's core values.

I was reading through the 2015 Garden Trends Report, which outlined the nine consumer trends that will shape the garden and outdoor living industry in 2015. [Read More]
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One Grower's Comments:

"I have been using Botanigard WP tank mixed with Molt-X for several years now to control Thrips. Previously I had crops that seemed impossible to clean up with other conventional pesticides. Adding Botanigard WP and Molt-X into my program has done a remarkable job at reducing Thrips pressure and allowing me to grow clean crops even when the environmental pressures are high. The low REI and flexibility of applying Botanigard WP and Molt-X is also a benefit during the spring when it seems there is no time to shut a greenhouse down for 12 hours or more. Botanigard WP and Molt-X, along with Nemashield and other natural predators, are now the backbone of my Thrips control program."
Aaron Bivens - First Step Greenhouse


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