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Welcome to the BioWorks Bulletin - August 2014
Can you believe how quickly summer is flying by? And now it's already time for planning how to effectively utilize dips to clean up incoming cuttings and liners.
Clean Up Incoming Plant Materials By Utilizing Dips

Bringing in outside plant material also brings in unwanted pests. Many cuttings and young plant material from domestic or off-shore suppliers contain low level insect populations. Whiteflies, thrips, mites and aphids can arrive unnoticed until later in production when populations can suddenly explode. Dips can also be used to prevent root diseases on incoming plant material. Examine cuttings and liners for rust as soon as they are received. Throw them away if rust is found.


In Canada, where pesticide control measures are few compared to the U.S., and biological control is the norm, researchers have found that dips with biopesticides can be beneficial in pest control programs. Research in Canada has confirmed the benefits of dips in controlling whiteflies. Now U.S. growers have taken notice and there is growing use of dips on incoming plant material.


Dips are simply the use of biopesticide solutions in a tray or tub where bundles of cuttings or trays of plugs can be briefly submerged and thoroughly wetted. Plant material is then stuck or planted. Many cuttings or trays can be quickly treated when dipped using lower volumes of pest control product. Effective dips can significantly reduce the need for heavy rounds of chemical pesticides later in the crop cycle and their resulting impact on biological control agents. The bottom line is that it saves money and time for growers. Click Here For Successful Dip Rates 

Cultivate'14 at a Glance

With over 10,000 attendees at Cultivate'14, BioWorks is proud to have supported the industry at one of the largest horticulture trade shows in North America. We visited with a lot of familiar faces, as well as got to meet new individuals to the industry.  

Ann Chase Speaking 

Some highlights of the event were guest speakers at the BioWorks booth including Dr. Ann Chase, Suzanne Wainwright-Evans, Dr. Kim Williams, Dr. Neil Mattson, and Dr. Raymond Cloyd. We hope that you were able to stop by and learn from these experts. 


We had a blast and hope to see you all there next year!

One Grower's Comments: 

"We began using RootShield in the spring of 2005, we have been very pleased with the product. On plugs, bedding, and cuttings we have seen increased root vigor and reduced incidence of Botrytis and Pythium."


Chris Culbertson, Garden Springs Greenhouse  

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August 21 - 23, 2014  
Portland, OR


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Plug & Cutting Conference

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September 22 - 24
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(Dr. Matthew Krause gives presentation; "BioControl of Young Plant Pest Problems" on Monday, Sept. 22, 2014, 1pm - 5pm.)
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