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Welcome to the BioWorks Bulletin - June 2014
Poinsettia season is rapidly approaching us; along with this comes many challenges when growing this crop. With the right products and some planning you can easily avoid these issues. In this month's bulletin we will explore the problems you may face during this season, and offer you a safe and effective solution. 
It's Poinsettia Planning Time! 
Chris Hayes, Ph.D., SE Technical Sales Manager

Time to start planning for poinsettia season. I have heard it may be difficult to obtain stock plants, so most will be buying cuttings, both unrooted and rooted. Initial protection of these valuable cuttings is essential to establishing a transplant that will rise to the occasion when transferred to a container. Stress upon the cutting may slow growth and impose attack from pathogens and insects. Preventing stress and protecting the cuttings is what biologicals are about.


BioWorks offers a variety of preventative biologicals that will quickly kill pathogens and insects, or that give residual control by eating pathogen and insect hosts. From root protection to stem, leaf and bract protection, BioWorks products can safely and effectively prevent a diversity of profit robbing issues. RootShield Plus initiates the prevention; drench with RootShield Plus WP or have RootShield Plus Granules added to your growing media to protect the cuttings. Follow up with BotaniGard to protect your poinsettias against Whitefly attack. When weather conditions begin to favor leaf spot, think Cease for bacterial leaf spot and MilStop for fungal leaf spots. Tank-mix them together for total leaf spot control.


While the biologicals protect your poinsettias against attack remember to feed your plants. BioWorks offers a variety of bio-fertilizers, the Verdanta line, to help grow, develop and maintain a profitable poinsettia plant. Verdanta biofertilzers ensure gradual, long-lasting nutrient release with up to 4 times less leaching which are important considerations for poinsettia production. When planning your Poinsettia program for 2014 keep BioWorks biofungicides, bioinsecticides and biofertilizers in mind. 


For a Complete Poinsettia Disease and Insect Management Program Click Here. 

The Poinsettia Root Rot Preventative 
Rootshield Packaging

Pythium root rot is continued problem in Poinsettias. Poinsettias have always been very susceptible to root disease, so it's imperative to use a preventative product and combat the problem before it's to starts. RootShield Plus grows on the roots, shielding them against root damaging fungi for up to 12 weeks. Available in both granules and wettable powder, RootShield Plus is your leading solution to protecting your poinsettias this year.


 Poinsettias and Root Disease, Greenhouse Management Article 

One Grower's Comments: 

"Since switching to Rootshield Plus, I have never seen the roots on our Poinsettia crop look so healthy. Some of the roots, if not knowing they were poinsettias, looked like tree roots."  


Timothy Mortonik, Van Hoekelens  

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