Welcome to the BioWorks Bulletin -- April 2014
As the weather warms up and offers plenty of moisture, there are a host of pest and disease challenges growers must face. In this issue, our own Colin Ashbee and Matthew Krause write about managing Botrytis diseases. Also, read up on all the the ins and outs of plant nutrition, including some new options to consider.
Managing Botrytis Diseases of Greenhouse Crops
By Colin Ashbee and Matthew Krause, Ph.D., BioWorks, Inc.


Botrytis leaf blight lesion on greenhouse tomato.  Photo by K. Cullum

It is safe to say that nearly all 

greenhouse growers began to encounter Botrytis grey moulds or blights at the start of their careers.  For many growers, Botrytis foliar, flower, stem, and fruit diseases perpetually challenge crop health, quality and profitability.  Botrytis diseases are especially difficult and costly to manage due to a combination of factors.


This article is intended to provide important fundamental information about Botrytis and its biology, and basic strategies that you can use to manage diseases it causes on greenhouse ornamental and vegetable crops. 


Click here to read the complete article published in the March-April issue of Greenhouse Canada.


The Variables of Crop Fertility

Growers have plenty to handle when it comes to disease and insect control. Compound that with all considerations necessary in selecting just the right fertilizers.


According to a recent article published in Greenhouse Management magazine, greenhouse managers have to look at everything from the particular crop, to development stage, to specific rate and amount of fertilizers, to possible nutrient leaching. Ignoring any of these and other variables could lead to great inefficiencies and profit loss. 


GMPro "The following article is intended to help you understand the role of major and minor nutrients on good crop growth, discuss the interplay of the variables mentioned above, and introduce some new, and perhaps new to you, plant food products on the market, including organics."  

Click to read the complete article "Fertilizer Know-how can Grow Profits." 


The article also introduces the notion of organic products as an option for growers interested in more sustainable solutions that may also decrease nutrient leaching.


"...there is a recognized need for fertilizers that are not only sustainable in terms of how they are acquired, but also plant food that deals with issues of nutrient leaching and ground water contamination. There are some new products on the market from New York-based BioWorks Inc. that are worth a look for greenhouse growers of annual bedding plants, vegetable transplants, herbs, and perennials."


For more information on the full line of Verdanta fertilizers, click here.

BioWorks Expert to Speak at Biocontrol Symposium
Matthew Krause, Ph.D.
Dr. Matthew Krause, BioWorks' Product Development Manager, has been invited to be a guest speaker at the upcoming 2014 Biological Control in Ornamental Plant Production Symposium.  

Dr. Krause will discuss "Successful Examples of Biological Control of Soil-borne Pathogens." 
BioWorks is a proud sponsor of the event held on April 30 in San Marcos, CA.
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Greenhouse Peppers "We use BotaniGard in greenhouse pepper production, spraying at recommended rates.  I like the fact that we are able to apply beneficial insects right away. BotaniGard has also been an excellent tank-mix for us."

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