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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We hope you are looking forward to a successful and pest-free growing season! But just to be safe, take a look at these articles and suggestions on protecting your plants against diseases and insects to keep them healthy through the growing cycle.
A Proactive Spring Strategy
Hosta Roots
You've probably already started your spring preparations. After all, there's a lot to do, from cleaning up after last year's plants to "waking up" those that were overwintering. It's a new year, a new growing season. So what's your plan? Your goal is to provide your customers with the best quality plants so they keep coming back. How are you going to do that? With the same methods as before, or will you try something new? 

Plug Roots
The Key to Success
Whatever your strategy is, you have to start with healthy young roots. From there, your job is to grow and protect those babies through the entire production cycle all the way to delivery. Proper preparation and protection is the key to your success. Being proactive can be the difference between a thriving crop and a weak, fragile crop that may not make it through shipping. 
Getting off to a Great Start
Let's think positively! Care for your plants early on will get the season off to a great start. Begin by protecting your plants' delicate roots from harmful pathogens that cause dreaded root diseases like Pythium, Rhizoctonia, and Thielaviopsis. You'll also want to use the right fertilizers to stimulate rooting and provide them with just the right amount of nutrition for them to uniformly develop into strong plants. 
Here are some articles out of the archives that may be helpful as you put your strategy into full swing. Good luck this year!


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Be Green, Clean, and Healthy
By Ron Shepard, Technical Sales Representative
Bedding Plants

Spring selling season is right around the corner. Having a fuller, healthier crop will keep your customers coming back and allow you to get top dollar when they do.


Start Off With an Advantage 

Taking a preventative approach to root disease using RootShield® or RootShield® PLUS will give you the advantage you need.  By providing up to 12 weeks of coverage, RootShield® allows you to spend less time and labor and chemicals on your crop. This makes is safer for you, less stress on your plants and safer for the environment. Use the time you saved with other crucial things on your "to-do" list, or better yet...spend time with your family.


RootShieldPLUS For less than $.02 per 6-inch pot, RootShield® is very economical too. RootShield® and RootShield® PLUS come in either Granules for mixing in your media, or Wettable Powder for drenching or dipping. This makes it easy for you to work it into your current application methods. 


More Disease Protection

By applying a tank-mix of CEASE® and MilStop®, you can also prevent many of the most common fungal and bacterial foliar diseases (or eradicate any pre-existing powdery mildew). Click for more on tank-mixing CEASE and MilStop.


CEASE and MilStop are used as stand alone treatments as well 

as rotational partners in an IPM program to help manage resistance to your other chemical treatments. There is no resistance to CEASE or MilStop, which makes them ideal rotational partners in almost any program.


Insect Management

Greenhouse whitefly

For controlling whiteflies, thrips, aphids and others, use BotaniGard in your rotation. This is an ideal resistance management tool with multiple modes of action and no resistance.  


With a short 4-hr REI it also is ideal to use for plants treated in areas open to the public. BotaniGard is available in 3 formulations: Liquid, Wettable Powder and OMRI Certified Liquid (Mycotrol O). 


Using a preventative approach with a Green, Clean and Healthy goal, you can grow a fabulous crop in safer way and create a better environment.

Learn more about the industry and how our products provide environmentally friendly, effective solutions for professional growers worldwide. 
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One grower's comments: 

I was looking for a safer way to control insects and fungus...after using BioWorks products we are getting the results I expected...and have made Westwinds safer for our employees and customers. 


Since I started incorporating RootShield PLUS Granules, our plants have had healthier root systems and none of the fungus problems we had at times before.  


We have been using BioWorks products now for 2 years at Westwinds Nursery and couldn't be happier with the results."


Rick Putman, Westwinds Nursery

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