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ArtsKC 360

April 9th  

at 12:00pm 

Join us for a complimentary lunch tour and be inspired by the stories of how ArtsKC is connecting, supporting, and transforming the arts in our community!

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ArtsKC 360

April 22th  

at 12:00pm 

Java with HB 
April 25th at 8:00 AM
Join our President & CEO Harlan Brownlee for casual conversations about the arts in Kansas City.
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April 2014

Crafting a Culture of Creativity




Many of our Kansas City companies surround their staff with original art by local artists, creating a more inviting and creative workplace. They encourage their employees to become art-makers themselves, recognizing that the skills and insights gained from artistic experiences can be transferred to the workplace. 


In Kansas City, art isn't confined to the Crossroads or to our city's best stages. Art overflows into our businesses; where program analysts sing opera, mechanical engineers write poetry, and mild-mannered aviation engineers let down their hair and rock keytars. ArtsKC At Work, is the nation's most expansive corporate arts challenge. The program celebrates the professionals who exercise their creative muscles in the visual arts, literary arts, music, film, and dance. Many employees say that they feel more visible and respected at work after sharing their paintings or poetry. Some say that new friendships are formed as co-workers discover they hold a shared passion. While others say they dust off guitars and paintbrushes and rediscover a long-forgotten love.


The arts have the potential to change the way people see the world and their place in it. From this new vantage point, new connections are made, new possibilities seen, and new opportunities created. When people experience art, they begin to act like inspired people. And inspired people attract other inspired people, helping to transform businesses and communities.  Show us what your company can do and get involved in ArtsKC At Work. Contact Kelly Seward, Director of Business Programs at or (816) 994-9226.


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Photo credit: Tom Styrkowicz,


Our Supporters: Q + A


Why does Black & Veatch support the arts in Kansas City?


Support, provided through donations of time and talent of our professionals and financial support from our Building a World of Difference Foundation, helps make our communities stronger. The company believes that the arts are also a very important part to building an environment where people choose to live and work, and when combined with other efforts, offers a powerful combination that adds to a diverse culture.

Lori Kelleher


How has participation in ArtsKC's Business Programs enhanced or changed your corporate culture?


As a global engineering and construction company we tend to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-related efforts in our day-to-day operations. The ArtsKC Business programs, and other efforts, align well with the innovative and creative thinking we need to deliver solutions to some of the world's most complex challenges in energy, water, and communications.  The value created from this diverse mix of programs and support of the arts help attract a great mix of Black & Veatch professionals and result in this being a great place to work and result in our communities being a great place to live.


Tell me about a surprising or exciting experience that your company or employees have had as a result of engagement in the arts?


Each and every day we are amazed at the innovation and creativity shown in addressing the world's infrastructure needs, with more than 10,000 professionals from over 100 offices around the world, you can imagine how this powerful combination of cultural, generational and educational diversity comes together. I guess the amazing thing to see is how engaged our technical professionals who focus on attention to detail, also see the amazing detail in the arts.  We see a lot of "left" and now "right" brain thinking and that helps make sure we are not only a culturally diverse place to work, but that the solutions we provide are innovative, reliable and sustainable.

Tickets Now on Sale!

ArtsKC invites you to delight your senses in a taste of what Kansas City artists, art enthusiasts, and arts organizations have to offer. Join us for a series of four exclusive, art-themed parties designed to tempt you with new collections, exciting performances, and lively libations. Go ahead, take a bite.

The fun begins 5:30 - 8 PM May 3 with "A Toast to the Classic" at the Ward Parkway home of Benny and Edith Lee. Enjoy timeless elegance, view the hosts' private collection, and sample a live classical piano performances by a duo of UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance students. Tickets are $100 per person. Learn more and buy tickets online at Get Involved ArtsKC Aperitif.

Questions? Contact Godfrey Riddle at or 816-994-9240. 

The Catalyst Grant


The 2014 applications for next year's Catalyst funding are available now online. Details are available at


Online, you will find links with copies of the Catalyst Grant application questions. 

  • Deadline for draft applications is Friday, April 25, if you wish to get feedback from the staff.
  • Final Deadline for all applications to be submitted online is Friday, May 16.
  • NEW THIS YEAR:  all work samples must be submitted ONLINE ONLY. 

Please plan accordingly, as it can be time-consuming to deal with technical problems converting your work samples to PDF or JPEG files at the last minute.


Please send any questions to Paul Tyler, Grants Director, at, or 816-994-9227.

Staff Picks: Kathryn Walker
Spring is here! For me, it is a time to start thinking about getting out more often and enjoying more art experiences. Spring reminds me of all the beauty in nature, which I view as some of the most beautiful art in the world. No matter what type of arts you enjoy, there are wonderful opportunities to enjoy arts in a wide variety here in the Kansas City metropolitan area, known to many as the Creative Crossroads of the nation. Here is a brief overview of some of the arts events that I'm looking forward to in the warmer months. 

Kansas City Ballet Performs Cinderella:

In May, The Kansas City Ballet will be performing Cinderella. I am planning on attending this as a family event with my daughter, my daughter-in-law and my ten-year old granddaughter. Our granddaughter has always loved the "princesses" and we are so excited to go see this event and enjoy the music, performed by the Kansas City Symphony and the dance by the Kansas City Ballet. What a double delight this will be.

James Taylor Under the Stars:

One of my all-time favorite singers is James Taylor, a well known American singer and song writer. He will be performing at Starlight Theatre on June 23, 2014. I look forward to hearing his music. I hope he will sing some of my favorite songs, such as "Fire and Rain" and "You've Got a Friend." 

Please take time to seek out and enjoy your favorite arts venues-the ones that pull at your heart, lift your spirits and help you see the beauty in all things ART.

Image courtesy of Tom Styrkowicz,

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