Sarah and her six-year old daughter might still be living out of their car.
homeless girl  
When her public housing landlord served her with an eviction, Sarah panicked. Where would she and her daughter go? Her anxiety escalated so she sought medical help and missed her court date. Sarah owed $680 in back rent and now court costs; the back rent a result of using her rent money to get her car fixed. Without a car, she reasoned, she couldn't get to her job. And without a job, she wouldn't have a paycheck. 

Sarah borrowed money to repay her landlord the full judgment amount and all additional new rent. Sarah breathed a sigh of relief, thinking the worst was over. Soon after, Sarah's landlord served her with a levy notice for eviction. This time, the landlord sent a constable to her apartment while Sarah was at work and changed the lock. When Sarah and her daughter returned, he refused to let them inside-- not even to retrieve their belongings. Left without a home, Sarah and her daughter alternated between sleeping in their car and at a friend's house.

Terrified, Sarah called MetroWest Legal Services seeking help. An MWLS attorney immediately filed a motion to recall the levy so Sarah and her daughter could return to their apartment
to get clothing and other personal items. The attorney also filed a motion to reinstate Sarah's tenancy since the judgment and rent had been repaid. The court agreed. The judge chastised the landlord for his conduct and denied his request for payment of filing fees and court costs. Sarah and her daughter moved back into their apartment, relieved to once again have a place to call home.    
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