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Recipe: Corn Chowder
Featured Product: Pacific Foods of Oregon Soups
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Soup of the Month Club
Dear all,
This time of year, I think about the role of gift giving and receiving and how it impacts feelings of well being. Increasingly, I am less interested in giving OR receiving material presents. Instead, I appreciate receiving and lean towards giving gifts of time & experience, or of food and drink that are healthy, interesting or unexpected!  I hope you might feel inspired by this little story and bend your own interpretation of gift-giving this time of year. 


When the holidays rolled around last year, I needed something special for Kim, who many of you know as our New England School of Homeopathy administrator and part-time receptionist at the clinic. She has worked hard for us for so many years; I wanted to create a gift that would save her time, be fun, creative and nourishing and which would "keep on giving."


Amy in Art Room One day in December, working in my art room, I was thinking about a beautiful gift a patient of ours had given:  it was a Chocolate of the Month Club, where each month we received a specially wrapped chocolate delicacy. As some of you have experienced, Paul is a real chocolate

aficionado, so we looked forward to these delicious and unique monthly deliveries. 


Sitting in my sun-filled little studio, with that thought percolating through my mind, I got an idea. I would make Kim the first and only member of the Soup of the Month Club. I would make a palm sized accordion book, with fold over pockets for every month, each with a named soup card. Then as the months rolled around,  I would make & deliver to her front door the soup du jour and other accoutrements.


Well, the book came out so sweet and I believe the meals have been very much enjoyed by Kim & her husband. (click here to see pictures of the book & links to recipes for each month) Drop me a line if you make a soup and tell me what you think.


Here's to your own inspired gift-giving and feelings of well being this holiday season. We're sending bright wishes to you & yours with hopes for a healthy and peaceful new year.


All the best,





Amy Rothenberg ND

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Battle the Bulge & Get Healthy:
A Whole Person Approach to Metabolic Syndrome: Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Pre-diabetes, & Obesity
by Dr. Amy Rothenberg 
(This article was originally published in Homeopathy Today:  Winter 2011, Vol. 31, #4)

Caroline was a robust and outgoing woman in her mid-50s who had lived a life filled with family, friends, satisfying work as a teacher, and community involvement in her hometown. That she was overweight seemed part of her life story, though she said it hadn't noticeably affected her health until the past few years. When she was in her 40s, her blood pressure had crept up, and her cholesterol profile had worsened. Likewise, her fasting blood sugar had climbed higher than normal, and her weight had further increased to the point that she was now 50 pounds overweight. With all these risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes layering one atop the other, her family doctor had recently diagnosed her with "metabolic syndrome."


A syndrome of epidemic proportions:

Right on the heels of the epidemic obesity in the US, we have an epidemic of metabolic syndrome - defined as a cluster of conditions occurring together that affect metabolism, including hypertension, high blood sugar, an unhealthy cholesterol profile, and the presence of extra abdominal fat. Any one of these would not be ideal, but when they exist together, a person is ripe for all sorts of serious health problems related to blood vessels, heart disease, stroke, and type II diabetes. Some sources report upwards of 25 to 30% of Americans over age 20 have metabolic syndrome-an epidemic by any measure.

Recipe: Corn Chowder

Soup of the Month:  December Corn Chowder



I love to serve corn chowder with what my mother called a Famous Sandwich: toasted bread with a dab of mayo, lettuce, tomato & cucumber; you have to cut on the diagonal and if you happen to keep toothpicks with frilly tops on hand, this would be the perfect occasion to employ!  



Click here for the full recipe

Featured Product:  Pacific Foods of Oregon Soups

Pacific Soup


For the month of May, between travel & family & work commitments, I wanted to prepare a nice dinner/soup but found myself short on time. SO! I offered instead a salad with a wonderful, delicious and as-healthy-as-prepared-foods get, boxed soup. Pacific Foods Organic Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato is one of my favorites; I always keep one in my cupboard, for the more rushed evenings or lunchtimes when I yearn for something warm and cozy. I especially like this soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. 


I also like this company, they are clear and direct about what they put in their products and they have really worked on taste satisfaction.  Click here to browse all their soups.

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In health & vitality,
Drs. Amy Rothenberg & Paul Herscu
Naturopathic Health Care

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