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Ballroom Dancing
Help for Cystic Acne
Recipe: Four Minute Green Salad
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BALLROOM DANCING by Dr. Amy Rothenberg
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Paul & I have taken up ballroom dancing this year. I am loving it all: the music, the movement, meeting people, learning something new.  Each new dance I try is easier to learn because in this wheel of learning, I know more and more of the basic skills related to posture, rhythm, following.


It is SO MUCH easier to be the follower in ballroom dance. That said, I know I need to take care of a few things to be a capable and graceful follower. I need to be able to hold my frame well, which involves the whole body, standing tall with the proper set of my arms, depending on the dance. And simultaneously, I need to be relaxed! The other thing I need to do is be totally open and receptive to my partners slight movements and "leads," which might come through his body position, a hand in mine or a secure palm on my back. I need to let go and allow myself to be led, perhaps the hardest thing of all for a take charge person like me! Funny thing is, I am LOVING the NOT having to make any decisions!  I love the way this kind of dancing forces me to stay focused. I like taking individual lessons whether it's foxtrot, salsa, waltz, rumba, east or coast swing,  hustle or tango, and then mixing it up at social dances. I even bought  a pair of those ballroom dancing shoes!  


Like ballroom dancing, healthy living is a lot about adopting the right posture in life, both figuratively & literally. It's about practicing the good stuff and being disciplined. It's about choosing to stay present and focused. It's about following directions and guidance for what we know to be good choices in diet, exercises, sleep and all the rest! It's also about finding new things once in a while, pouring your heart & soul into them, and having some fun.


Here's to bringing something new into your own life this year, something you love and enjoy. Here's to vibrant good health and family harmony. We're sending bright wishes to you & yours this holiday season with hopes for a healthy and peaceful new year.

All the best,

Amy Rothenberg ND

In the Clear for Good!:
Homeopathy Heals Severe Cystic Acne 
by Dr. Amy Rothenberg 
(This article was originally published in Homeopathy Today:  Winter 2012, Vol. 32, #4) 
I sometimes think about the concept of beauty in our culture... we so often judge a person by how they look. I like to think I am not so shallow and that I care more about the quality of a person's internal attributes than about how they appear on the outside. That said, externally visible or "disfiguring" symptoms can cause a person terrific pain, both psychological and otherwise. Cystic acne is one such example. Thankfully, it is also one condition that, in my experience, homeopathy and natural medicine can really help.

Scar wars

Just about everyone has dealt with unwelcome acne breakouts at some time in their lives and to varying degrees-pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and raised red bumps (papules). Perhaps a big pimple appeared on your nose the morning of an important job interview. Or angry red bumps sprang up on your back the day of the all-school beach party or the prom. Although these experiences may be common, they are no less distressing for the person involved. And coping with acne can be especially traumatic for people with severe or longstanding acne.


People with the most severe form- cystic or nodular acne- suffer with very painful bumps (cysts or nodules of trapped pus, sebum, and debris) deep beneath the skin's surface, somewhat like boils. Their skin may be extremely inflamed over large areas of the face, neck, and/or back and be very painful to touch or pressure. Scarring of the skin is common, and unfortunately, embarrassment and low self-esteem are frequent accompaniments to this condition.

Recipe: Four Minute Green Salad

healthy recipes


It is not uncommon for me to grab my lunch and bring it to my consultation room to show it to a patient.  Most days I have a salad and I must say, it's a beautiful thing to behold.


It's all about what you have on hand and what you can grab! 
Here's how I do it so it takes under 5 minutes on my busy mornings trying to get out the door:



Click here for the full recipe & detailed shopping list.


Featured YouTube Video: Exercise!!!


The new year is a great time to pick up an exercise habit. Be it ballroom dancing or a yoga class or a walk around the block, we all know exercise is an essential ingredient to good health. Remember many insurance companies now cover part of gym memberships, ask yours!

We love this short YOUtube video called 23 1/2 Hours, for inspiration and encouragement. I watch it once and a while and often share it with patients. It describes the enormous health benefits of even a half hour of exercise a day. 

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In health & vitality,
Drs. Amy Rothenberg & Paul Herscu
Naturopathic Health Care

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