Health Problems are Legal Problems  

PLC improves well-being of OC residents through Health Law Unit 

According to the National Center for Medical Legal Partnerships, 1 in 6 people needs legal care to be health. For many Orange County residents, the Public Law Center (PLC) is the only place to turn to when their health care needs intersect with their legal woes. Senior attorney Leslie Bigler Lindgren, staff attorney Zeenat Hassan and intake specialist Jazmina Castillo form PLC's Health Law Unit and run the
Medical-Legal Partnership and AIDS Legal Assistance Projects. 

Social determinants of health have a significant impact on the health and well being of Orange County residents. In over 20 years of providing civil legal aid within the health care context, PLC has traced several of these social conditions to laws that are unfairly applied or under-enforced. For example, people wrongfully denied medical coverage lack critical resources to lead healthy and productive lives. Families living in mold and rodent-infested homes-in violation of tenant protections-become ill or exacerbate existing conditions. 


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Domestic Violence Survivor Becomes Head of Household

Mother of 4 assisted by PLC's Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention Unit

After the Anaheim Housing Authority (AHA) proposed terminating the Section 8 benefits for the family of a domestic violence survivor whose abusive husband refused to leave their apartment, PLC stepped in to protect the rights of a mother and her four children.

"It makes me feel very happy because I see the change in my children now that I can provide a safe home, they are very happy about it," said PLC's client. "Their well-being is my priority, and their lives have changes tremendously now that we have our housing secured."

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