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People are often surprised to hear the Public Law Center provides $8 dollars' worth of legal services to our low-income Orange County neighbors for every $1 dollar of donations we receive. Supporters like you love the multiplying effect of turning each monetary donation into life-changing civil legal aid for domestic violence survivors, veterans, seniors, children and others in our community. I know a few wonder (sometimes out loud to me) what we can realistically do when you take $1 dollar and try to stretch it out to $8 dollars of assistance. 


PLC's Holiday Miracle Keeps Nearly 200 Orange County Seniors in Their Homes
Elderly tenants in Anaheim apartment complex faced rent increase of 75 to 80 percent

Covered in LA Times, Christianity Daily, LA 18 (in Korean), and KoreaDaily - Los Angeles (in Korean).

Earlier this month, nearly 200 elderly, extremely low-income tenants at Miracle Terrace, an apartment complex in Anaheim, California, celebrated a last-minute "miracle" that allowed them to avoid homelessness and severe economic hardship during the holiday season. After advocacy by the Public Law Center (PLC) and Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles, the tenants received 124 vouchers (one of the largest and fastest approvals in U.S. history) from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Miracle Terrace
Miracle Terrace residents speak at press conference

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PLC Wins Asylum for Honduran LGBT Rights Activist
PLC attorney, Ira Liston, helped detainee who saw friends murdered and faced police assaults.
In November, PLC Staff Attorney Ira Liston won asylum for Gerardo Lopez Hernandez, an HIV-positive LGBT rights activist from Honduras. Liston faced a series of challenges building this case under a quick deadline while Hernandez was held in detention in Santa Ana.

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