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We just finished our best year ever. 2012 saw 100% increase in profits and a 71% jump in online traffic. Twitter followers soared to more than 23,000. You can rely on us to predict, what's next in the world of online media and to connect your brand with the most influential women online.

TREND 1: Video
Fashion Videos

Video is such a powerful too. It tells a story and in ways that words can't--showing details and bringing products alive. In 2013, you'll be seeing more bloggers focusing on video reviews and unique content. Be sure to follow all the style news on the Momtrends Youtube Channel as we develop more unique, style-focused content. Click here to subscribe.
TREND 2: Online Personalities on the Rise
From book deals to TODAY show segments, bloggers are the new lifestyle experts. Matching your brand to the right social media personality is key. Before you pick a spokesperson or ambassador, read several blog posts and tweets to make sure your brands align. And be prepared to pay! Top-ranked bloggers are scoring 5-figure contracts for annual deals. 
TREND 3: Connecting IRL
Bloggers love events. Especially if they get amazing content, exclusive stories, and access to celebrities and pampering. In 2012, we created 18 events for social media moms. This trend will continue into 2013. The big news is the fresh Fashion Forward Conference. Part fashion conference, part fashion show, part expo, this unique style event brings brands and influencers together. Read more about it: Year in Style Review. 
TREND 4: Sponsored Posts Replace Banners
Every blogger would love to sell you a banner ad, but the truth is the real movement is towards sponsored content. Integrated brand messaging put into the voice of individual blogs--via sponsored posts and videos. Momtrends has huge success with programs for fashion, beauty and food. With more than 1500 bloggers in our network, we know how to generate buzz.
TREND 5: Google+ Erodes FB promotions 
Every month there seems to be a new social media platform that you can't miss. Instagram and pinterest made huge strides...and had some setbacks in 2012. In 2013, online influencers are flocking to Google Plus. It's a place to share photos, posts and videos. Yes, just like facebook, but with the power of Google behind it. Definitely worth a look.  
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