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Consultant Directory to be Upgraded 
The Southern New England Nonprofit Consultant Directory will be updated in the coming months, so now is the time to provide us with your feedback! If you have suggestions for how we might improve the Directory, please send your ideas to us at
Financial Management Program to Help Nonprofits Enhance their Financial Management Capacity
Through this NSP program, nonprofit leaders will gain: an understanding of their organization's financial health; an enhanced ability to communicate their organization's financial story; increased ability to effectively monitor financial results and use financial information; tools for financial planning and analysis; more effective communication among members of the leadership team; and an action plan for improvements to financial management practices.

The program includes a series of highly interactive workshops, a financial analysis, one-on-one coaching, and the creation of an action plan for improvements. The program will be facilitated by Fiscal Management Associates (FMA).
There is no charge for participating in this program. However, to qualify for consideration, organizations must have an annual operating budget between $300,000 and $8 million. For more information, contact Amy Studwell at, 860-548-1888 x1040.

Could your Agency Benefit from an Organizational Assessment?
If your nonprofit organization is: 
* beginning a new planning process
* has recently undergone major organizational changes
* has new board or staff leadership
needs to establish clear priorities
You may benefit from an Organizational Assessment.  Organizational Assessments provide a professionally facilitated governance-level review of your nonprofit, and bring key board and staff leadership together to develop a common understanding of important issues and priorities for future action.

Click here to learn more about this free service, and contact Doug Shipman at 860-548-1888 or
Connecticut Community Wellbeing Survey Provides New Data on Quality of Life, Health and Happiness
Do people think where they live is a good place to raise children? To find a job?
Do residents make use of arts and culture resources in their town?
How are people managing financially these days?

Last year, more than 16,000 Connecticut residents were surveyed on these same questions. If you want to know the answers to these - and many other questions - check out the DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey results at The results of the survey can be used in grant applications, organizational planning or communications about how your work impacts wellbeing.

Third Sector New England Offers Program for Long Time
Executive Directors/CEOs
For long time leaders, leadership transitions can bring specific challenges as executives explore their legacy, the board's increased leadership role, and the organization's preparation for change. TSNE's Courage in Leading: Paving the Way for the Transitions Ahead program supports this critical transition process by engaging leaders in strategic discussions and exercises on succession planning, leadership transitions, and the personal aspects of both that are unique to long-time leaders.   For more information and program details, visit
The Pro Bono Partnership Gets
a New Online Look
The Pro Bono Partnership (PBP), which provides free legal services to nonprofits, has a new website.  Click here to check out the new site and the helpful services that PBP provides to nonprofits,
What Are Nonprofit Boards
Concerned About in 2016? 
Click here to see what's on board members' minds as part of the Nonprofit Quarterly's survey of boards.
To learn about how NSP's Executive Transition Program can help your board do the proper planning required to successfully transition to a new Executive Director, visit
or contact Meher Shulman at 860-548-1888 x1047 or