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UC San Diego Cross-Cultural Center - Week 10, June 2014

Phone: 858.534.9689
Website: ccc.ucsd.edu
Located on the 2nd Floor of Price Center East
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From the Vault


Had the honor of celebrating Dr. Jim Lin today at the CCC.  After 40 years of teaching at UC San Diego Jim is retiring from the classroom but don't think this means retiring from his other passion - diversity and social justice work on campus.  The photo you see here is from the CCC vault circa 1999.  Jim is attending a Leadership  Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP), an LA non-profit.  It's so fitting that this picture is from the vault; for those of you who don't know, Jim has been involved or spearheaded some many of the initiatives we enjoy today.  As a faculty in the Math Department, he taught the first Asian American Studies course because he saw a need.  His work teaching this course was the precursor to the founding of the Ethnic Studies Department.  He was at the meeting where the  Pan-Asian Staff Association (PASA) was formed.  He worked with faculty, staff, and students to research and recommend the founding of a Cross-Cultural Center at UC San Diego. As acting provost for both Muir and 6th college, he led team efforts to host the first ever Teaching Diversity and Experiential Learning Conferences.  All the while, he was great mentor to graduate and undergraduate students alike.  It's so nice to pull a picture from 'the vault,' remembering those early days of working together, and know that there is much work to be done together.  Congrats Jim on your retirement from all of your family at the CCC.


Open 24 hours
Breather Series: Arts & Crafts 
Thursday | June 5 | 12PM 
Cross-Cultural Center ArtSpace 


Come to de-stress or take a break from work or school. Take home what you create, whether it is a picture frame, wooden box, canvas, etc. All supplies are provided! All are welcome! 



For more information view the flyer here or contact Violeta Gonzales at vigonzales@ucsd.edu
24 Hour Stress Less Study Jam
Sunday | June 8 - Thursday | June 12
Campus Community Centers, OASIS & SPACES
Need a place to study for finals? Each day of finals week until Thursday, June 12, one of the Campus Community Centers and SPACES will be open...for 24 hours! We'll have study spaces, games, fun, and ridiculous amounts of coffee.


For the full study jam schedule, view the flyer here
 NEPANTLA: A Collective Blog
Submissions will be accepted and uploaded on a weekly basis
"I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own' - that I am not free as long as any oppressed person remains unchained" - bell hooks.
This is a brave space for womyn of color to express themselves, challenge one another, and grow together. This blog is to promote critical dialogue on everyday experiences as womyn of color and other underrepresented identities. Please feel free to read, comment, and of course submit your personal story. 
For more info contact Tania at t41romero@gmail.com
  UCSD Women's Center     
Women's Center Events
Graduating Senior Brunch
Thursday | June 12 | 10AM - 12PM
The Women's Center is located above Hi-Thai
Are you graduating or walking this Spring? Join us for our Graduating Senior Brunch.  We'll have good food and fun times! RSVP here











For more information contact 858.822.0074 or email
LGBT Resource Center Events
(A)sexual Film Screening
Tuesday | June 3 | 5-7PM
LGBT RC Conference Room


(A)Sexual follows the growth of a community that experiences no sexual attraction. In 2000, David Jay came out to his parents. He was asexual and was fine with it. And he was not alone. Studies show that 1% of the population is asexual. But in a society obsessed with sex, how do you deal with life as an outsider? Combining intimate interviews, verite footage, and animation with fearless humor and pop culture imagery, David and our four other characters grapple with this universal question and the outcomes might surprise you.  For more info, contact Sofia Beltran at sbeltran@ucsd.edu or at the contact info below.


For more information, contact the LGBT RC at

rainbow@ucsd.edu | Visit Website for More Events 

Black Resource Center Events
Sweet & Salty Study Break
Monday & Tuesday | June 9-10 | 9AM-6:30PM
UCSD Student Services Center, Multipurpose Room

Come over to the BRC this finals week and enjoy some sweet and salty treats. Whether you prefer salty or sweet, there will be tons of healthy, non-Cheeto choices to keep your chugging through the night! Also, you don't want to miss our HAPPY DANCE BREAKS! See you there!
For more info view the flyer here
For more info contact 858.534.0471
Raza Resource Centro Events
Black and Brown Solidarity: Staff and Student Mixer
Thursday | June 5 | 2:30-4:30PM
Located on the east end of the Student Services Center

The Raza Resource Center & Black Student Center present Black and Brown Solidarity! Our struggles, stories and unity continued! Join the BRC and RRC in an evening of critical dialogue, activities and FREE food from Chipotle!



For more information, contact the RRC at

raza@ucsd.edu | Visit the Facebook Page

View a full calendar of RRC events here! 

PHIL 169: Feminism and Philosophy
Mondays & Wednesdays | 2-4:50PM
Summer Session I
Instructor: Amy Berg

In this course, we will discuss why feminism has mattered to philosophers and how to apply philosophy to issues women (and men) face in everyday life. We will study the history of feminist philosophy, feminism's contributions to philosophy, different kinds of feminist philosophy, and new directions for feminist philosophy, including issues of class, race, and the environment. Everyone is welcome! No previous work in philosophy or academic feminism is required, and there are no prerequisites for this course.

For more info contact Amy Berg at aeberg@ucsd.edu or visit the website here

CGS 105: Queer Theory
Queer Theory/Queer Cinema

Mondays & Wednesdays | 2-4:50PM
Summer Session II
Instructor: Ashvin R. Kini


This course will offer an introduction to some of the key debates and questions in the study of lesbian, gay, trans, and queer sexualities. We will approach the field of queer studies by viewing a handful of iconic queer films of the past few decades: Isaac Julien's Looking For Langston; Dee Rees' Pariah; Jennie Livingston's Paris is Burning; and Wong Kar-Wai's Happy Together. These films will allow us an opportunity to engage a range of issues addressed in the various critical essays we will read by queer studies scholars and activists including the history of sexuality; family, kinship, and marriage; representation and performance; queer subcultures; and migration and globalization. Throughout our study, we will consider how gender and sexuality intersect with formations  of race, class, citizenship, and culture. Click here for more info!

Racialized Hauntings, Ghosted Embodiments
Mondays & Wednesdays | 2-4:50PM
Summer Session II
Instructor June J. Yuen Ting
Gender/text/culture: in this somewhat unconventional "literature" class, we will see "culture" itself as "texts" to be read like literature, and take "gender" - or better, the critiques of heteropatriarchy - as the lens to analyze culture as texts. This course will explore "hauntings" as a genre of critical inquiry that attends to the surplused, unclaimed, and uncontainable relations of the empirical, juridical, and rational modes of knowing and embodying - as well as unknowing and disembodying - the enduring violence of slavery, genocide, imperialist war, and primitive accumulation. Click here for more info!

ETHN 118: Contemporary Immigration Issues
Mondays & Wendesdays | 11AM-1:50PM
Summer Session II
Instructor: Kyung Hee Ha

This course will examine diverse issues around (im)migration -the movement and circulation of bodies, cultures, and knowledges -in the era of globalization.

For more info view the flyer here or contact khha@ucsd.edu 
CGS 111: Gender and the Body 
Tuesdays & Thursdays | 11AM-1:50PM
Summer Session II
Instructor: Jillian Hernandez

Can we imagine bodies as potential sites of creative social transformation?


Join Professor Jillian Hernandez this summer for a dynamic, interdisciplinary and arts-based course that explores how gender, race, sexuality, and class shape our embodied experiences in society. The class will engage feminist, queer, and critical race scholarship in addition to film, literature, popular culture, and contemporary art.  

For more info contact Professor Hernandez at jillhernandez@ucsd.edu or Joje Reyes-Alonzo at cgs@ucsd.edu
ETHN 20: Intro to Asian American Studies
Instructor: Professor Amanda Solomon Amorao
Offered Fall 2014: MWF 10-10:50AM
Center 109
This class will explore the major historical events, social movements and cultural productions of Asian American communities since their arrival in the US to the contemporary moment. We'll investigate how the group labeled Asian American has negotiated a space within American society and culture and what it means to be Asian American today.
For more info view the flyer here


Internship Opportunities for Academic Credit

Literature Building, Room 210The Academic Internship Program (AIP) is accepting Summer 2014 applications! For more info view the website here 

Pride Center Coordinator Job Opening

The Coordinator of the Pride Center at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona implements year-round programs, addresses the needs of the LGBTQA community and much more. For more info and to apply, visit the website here 

SDSU Student Can't Graduate Needs Heart Transplant

Xavier Osayande's brother is waiting for his second heart transplant. #FightForF. For more info contact Osayende at 619.850.1755 or visit the website here




International Documentary Film Series

Mondays | June 9 | 7PM at La Jolla Village Landmark Cinema. A film series hosted by the International Rescue Committee in San Diego. For more info and ticket prices visit the website here  


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