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UC San Diego Cross-Cultural Center - Week 6, May 2014

Phone: 858.534.9689
Website: ccc.ucsd.edu
Located on the 2nd Floor of Price Center East
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The JOY of Art
Title: Palestine in Perspective
Location: Art Space
Photographs by: Professor Gary Fields
Gallery description & captions by: Students for Justice in Palestin

The Palestinian narrative is often misconstrued or not told at all. This exhibit provides a photographic medium through which to understand the Occupation  of Palestine. Our goal is to help community members visualize the present day realities of life under Occupation. The gallery coincides with Justice in Palestine Week as a way to promote the event as well as portray some Palestinian experiences. On Tuesday, May 6th, the photographer, Professor Gary Fields,will provide more insight about these photographs, the people he met, and their resilience. We hope that this gallery will help viewers put Palestine in perspective in terms of the impacts that apartheid and Occupation have on ordinary people.
What stories do you have to tell? Visit our Tumblr and be sure to attach #ccctb20 to any of your social media posts (Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Get excited and be a part of our project of celebrating 20 years in the making of CCC love and community. For more information please contact Edwina Welch at ewelch@ucsd.edu.
Breather Series: Intro to 1950s Jitterbug Swing Dancing
Wednesday | May 7 | 6-7PM
Cross-Cultural Center Art Space
Take a flashback to the 50s and join us for an intro to Jitterbug swing lesson! It's a fun and energetic partner dance. No partner required to participate. We will rotate partners to help you learn faster and meet new people. This lesson will be taught by Violeta Gonzales and Brandon Frost from the San Diego swing dance community. View the flyer here
For more information, contact Violeta Gonzales at 
Poets in Justice
Thursday | May 8 | 6:30-8:30PM
Cross-Cultural Center Comunidad
Jagged edges, beautiful souls, stories untold. Storytelling is powerful for oneself and others, yet many stories go untold. Join the CCC for a night of students speaking truth to empower. For more info view the flyer here
Got a story? Contact Annie at avasisht@ucsd.edu
Eating Asian America: The Politics of Food, Culture, and Identity
Friday | May 9 | 1-3PM
Cross-Cultural Center Comunidad
Dr. Martin Manalansan IV, Dr. Anita Mannur, and Dr. Robert Ji Song Ku will be presenting their brand new anthology, Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader,  which explores food and diasporic issues facing Asian Americans along the themes of labor, empire, queerness, colonialism, and identity. There will be an assortment of free food and chances to win free copies of the anthology and bottles of Sriracha! Presented by the Coalition for Critical Asian American Studies.
Policing Sexuality: Women of Color Body Politics
Monday | May 12 | 5-6:30PM
Cross-Cultural Center Library
Join us as we explore the topic of women of color and body politics with Professor Jillian Hernandez. The program will address questions of racialization, sexualities, embodiment, girlhood, and the politics of cultural production among others. Light refreshments will be served.
For more info view the flyer here or contact Sandy Garcia at smg006@ucsd.edu
Graduating Senior Send-Off
Thursday | May 29 | 5-7:30PM
RSVP by Wednesday | May 14 
Cross-Cultural Center Comunidad
The Cross-Cultural Center would like to honor the graduating seniors for their hard work and commitment in helping their community. Please come for a dinner, toast, recognition, post-graduation resources, gifts, and special guests. This event is for June-December 2014 graduating seniors only, as well as faculty and staff who would like to provide words of wisdom, offer support, and/or congratulate our UCSD graduates. There will be an open mic at the end for all participants, followed by a personalized good-bye artistic activity for graduating seniors.  Even if you are unable to come the whole time, please RSVP by week 7, Wednesday, 5/14. RSVP at the CCC front desk or by emailing Violeta Gonzales at violetag@ucsd.edu.
NEPANTLA: A Collective Blog
Submissions will be accepted and uploaded on a weekly basis
"I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own' - that I am not free as long as any oppressed person remains unchained" - bell hooks.
This is a brave space for womyn of color to express themselves, challenge one another, and grow together. This blog is to promote critical dialogue on everyday experiences as womyn of color and other underrepresented identities. Please feel free to read, comment, and of course submit your personal story. 
For more info contact Tania at t41romero@gmail.com
Real World Career Series: Building Skills for a Diverse Interconnected Community
The Wonder Woman Myth: Balancing School, Work, and Life Decisions
Thursday | May 8 | 12-1:30PM | Women's Center
Career Paths of Queer Black Women: Featuring Dr. Alina R. Payne, Business and Personal Consultant
Monday | May 12 | 6PM | LGBT Resource Center
#DoItForTheJob Professionalism and Transition to the Workplace: Professional Communication
Wednesday | May 14 | 3-5PM | Cross-Cultural Center 
The Real World Career Series is sponsored by the Campus Community Centers, SARC, Career Services Center and the Ethnic Studies Department. For a full list of events occurring throughout Spring Quarter view the flyer here 
8th Annual Asian & Pacific islander American Heritage Celebration
Re-Imagining the Slant: Storytelling, Culture, and Identity 
Upcoming Event:
Book Talk with Prof. Robyn Rodriguez 
Thursday | May 15 | 12:30-2PM | CCC Comunidad  
Dialogue with Professor Robyn Rodriguez as she releases her co-authored book, "Asian America: Sociological and Interdisciplinary Approaches." Light refreshments will be served. Copies of the book will be available for sale. 
View the APIAHC Events Calendar here for more information!
UCSD Women's Center
Women's Center Events
Living on the Hyphen: Latina Migrants
Tuesday | May 6 | 2-4PM
Price Center Theater

Do you find the topic of Latina immigration an important issue to address or feel connected to the experience? Would you like to learn more about Latina Migrant experiences and issues? Join us as we will discuss some of the issues that Latina immigrants face in our social world. This event is opened to everyone and encourages the sharing of stories. There will also be FREE FOOD so don't miss out! For more info view the Facebook event here



For more information contact 858.822.0074 or e-mail women@ucsd.edu | Visit Website for More Events
LGBT Resource Center Events
Pride Parade Info Session
Tuesday | May 6 | 5-6:30PM
LGBT Resource Center


Join the LGBT RC and reconnect with friends, meet new people, learn a bit about the history of pride, and learn how you can get involved in the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade! Pizza will be provided! Register to march at the website here


For more information, contact Chris Datiles at

cdatiles@ucsd.edu | Visit Website for More Events

Black Resource Center Events
Campus Black Forum
#RealTalk: The Truth About Black Women & Depression
Wednesday | May 21 | 12-1:30PM 
BRC Conference Room
As a part of mental Health Awareness Month, this presentation will focus on how cultural influences the development and subjective experience of depression for Black/African American women. We will also be discussing treatment for depression and the mental health stigma within the Black/African American community. Also... Free food! 
For more info contact 858.534.0471
Raza Resource Centro Events
The RRC is Now Open!
Located on the east end of the Student Services Center
Monday - Friday 8AM-4pm








For more information, contact the RRC at raza@ucsd.edu | Visit the Facebook Page


Academic Abolitionism

Saturday | May 17 | 3-6:15PM

Cross-Cultural Center Comunidad


Native/Women of color Feminist/Queer of Color Learning and Living Beyond the (Re)Production of Death, a symposium in memory of Rosemary Marangoly George. For more info view the Facebook Event page here 

CGS 105: Queer Theory
Queer Theory/Queer Cinema

Mondays & Wednesdays | Summer Session 2
Instructor: Ashvin R. Kini


This course will offer an introduction to some of the key debates and questions in the study of lesbian, gay, trans, and queer sexualities. We will approach the field of queer studies by viewing a handful of iconic queer films of the past few decades: Isaac Julien's Looking For Langston; Dee Rees' Pariah; Jennie Livingston's Paris is Burning; and Wong Kar-Wai's Happy Together. These films will allow us an opportunity to engage a range of issues addressed in the various critical essays we will read by queer studies scholars and activists including the history of sexuality; family, kinship, and marriage; representation and performance; queer subcultures; and migration and globalization. Throughout our study, we will consider how gender and sexuality intersect with formations  of race, class, citizenship, and culture. Click here for more info!

Racialized Hauntings, Ghosted Embodiments
Mondays & Wednesdays | Summer Session 2
Instructor June J. Yuen Ting
Gender/text/culture: in this somewhat unconventional "literature" class, we will see "culture" itself as "texts" to be read like literature, and take "gender" - or better, the critiques of heteropatriarchy - as the lens to analyze culture as texts. This course will explore "hauntings" as a genre of critical inquiry that attends to the surplused, unclaimed, and uncontainable relations of the empirical, juridical, and rational modes of knowing and embodying - as well as unknowing and disembodying - the enduring violence of slavery, genocide, imperialist war, and primitive accumulation. Click here for more info!

ETHN 20: Intro to Asian American Studies
Instructor: Professor Amanda Solomon Amorao
Offered Fall 2014: MWF 10-10:50AM
Center 109
This class will explore the major historical events, social movements and cultural productions of Asian American communities since their arrival in the US to the contemporary moment. We'll investigate how the group labeled Asian American has negotiated a space within American society and culture and what it means to be Asian American today. For more info view the flyer here

Black Women's Collective: 3rd Meeting

Tues | May 6 | 5:30PM. Join us for an informal conversation about our experiences as Black women and connect with other Black women on campus. Free food will be provided. For more info, contact Aisha Ali at aaa002@ucsd.edu

Volunteers needed for Mi Arte, Mi Voz

Sat | May 10 | 8AM-3PM. Volunteers are needed to help make our conference a success! For more info contact Sandra at stelles@ucsd.edu or call 858.534.5271

Internship Opportunities for Academic Credit

Sat | June 7 | 1:50PM at Literature Building, Room 210The Academic Internship Program (AIP) is accepting Summer 2014 applications! For more info view the website here

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