December 2014
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Jeff Speck's Downtown Walkability Analysis & Recommendations
     It's out, and it's both simple and brilliant. It is step one to a great EDo and a great Downtown. Let's hope our elected City leadership is collectively wise enough to make his recommendations a reality. A large number of the recommendations involve something inexpensive - paint. Stripe the streets differently to make them "complete." Meaning, streets that are safe, comfortable and practical for pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and drivers. Everyone has a place at the great streets table!
     If you haven't read it, click here. It's educational and interesting. Specific to EDo are his recommended street designs for Central (pp. 62-63), Broadway (pp. 33-34), and Copper (p. 59). Making these improvements give EDo and Innovate ABQ their best shot at attracting new residents, businesses, and jobs. Not making them means Albuquerque continuing to be an economic laggard.
     We hear City Councilor Ike Benton will introduce a bill to get the ball rolling on implementing Jeff's recommendations.  Let's do it!
Complete Streets Ordinance
     Councilor Benton has introduced legislation for consideration of Complete Streets Standards (national) in all City street projects. The new policy calls for an analysis of the potential benefits of complete street standards anytime a street is repaired, upgraded, or built. Economically successful cities across the country are ahead of us in building to these standards. They are good for safety and they are good for business. 
     Thank you Councilor Benton for your leadership on this issue. Implementing the Speck recommendations will get us a real-world model for how well they work in practice.
Innovate ABQ
Innovate ABQ
     As previously reported, UNM purchased the First Baptist Church property this past Summer, and are in the process of master planning the 4 block site. We hear the Plan will be released in January 2015. UNM has consulted with EDo and Huning Highland neighborhood leadership on our ideas for making Innovate great. We look forward to the Plan, but more importantly, we look forward to construction of the first phases of the Plan. 
How to Get More People Living On Central

3-Lane Central in West Downtown

          The beautiful 4-story Silver Moon Lodge Apartments at 10th & Central west of Downtown (photo above) just opened, and are 50% leased. On a recent tour and talk with the developers, it was clear the building would likely not have been constructed had Central Avenue remained a 5-lane facility, rather than 3 lanes as was done a couple years ago. 
     Jeff Speck is recommending the same 3-lane section for EDo (see photo below of current 5 lanes), and we think it's a great idea that will bring more residents and businesses to EDo, as it has to West Central.

  5-Lane Central in EDo
Imperial Building
     Construction is slated to start January 5th on this 4-story Downtown grocery (no word who yet!) and residential building on Silver Avenue between 2nd & 3rd Streets. A party to celebrate groundbreaking, benefitting the Penguin Exhibit at the Zoo, will be held January 13th at the Kimo Theater at 5th & Central.  
     Congratulations and thanks to Paul & David Silverman and Yes Housing!
Molina Health Care Coming Downtown
     Mayor Richard Berry recently announced that Molina will move 650 employees Downtown near City Hall. They had planned to move to the Jefferson Corridor.  After the recent defections (boo!, hiss!) of Presbyterian Healthcare and The Gap from Downtown or near-Downtown, this is good news. 
     Thanks to Molina, Mayor Berry, and all others behind this wise decision for our community.   
     Downtown is OUR living room, the place most visited by us and by our out-of-town guests. 
Rapid Ride Shelters
     The new shelters are installed, and they look great. Our thanks to ABQ Ride and City Councilor Ike Benton for making them a reality. Discussions are underway to allow the shelters to be "adopted" by local businesses, who will work with ABQ Ride to make sure they stay clean, safe, and a pleasure to use.
First National Bank of Rio Grande Coming to EDo
     Plans have been submitted for a 1 & 2-story mixed-use building at the corner of Central & Edith, on the site of the former Pop N Taco. This good news, and a proper building, come right after neighborhood efforts to defeat a drive-through Subway were successful. We look forward to welcoming our new neighbors!
I'll Take Gravy
     EDo's newest and long-awaited eatery is serving up delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 725 Central NE (former Milton's location). Gravy is the brainchild of the team behind Holy Cow, and we thank those Holy Cowboys for making our neighborhood better!
... Check out the menu
Keep It Querque, or Amazon?
     When we send our money to Jeff Bezos & Company, we might as well be putting a gun to the head of our local merchants and a healthy local economy. We at EDo News & Views have kicked our Amazon habit for good. We are asking our readers to do the same. Saving a few bucks is costing us all!  
     At the least, before you click "buy" on Amazon, think about it. Then stop and head for a local merchant. Pay a little more, but do a lot more for Albuquerque, and a lot more for you.