March 2014
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Walkable City, the Sequel/March 18th
     Acclaimed urbanist and author Jeff Speck returns to the Duke City on Tuesday, March 18th for a 7:00 PM lecture on "Towards a More Walkable Albuquerque" at the beautiful Hotel Andaluz (125 2nd Street, Downtown).
     In August, Jeff spoke to a large gathering on "why walkability?"  On March 18th, he will discuss "how walkability?"
     With the added impetus of Fat Pipe and Innovate ABQ coming to EDo (see below), walkable urbanism has never been more important to our Economic Development strategy.  
     Many thanks to City Councilor Isaac Benton for hosting this valuable opportunity to learn "how can we become a great walking city?"
UNM Brings Innovate ABQ to EDo
     President Bob Frank, through STC.UNM and with the assistance of the City, the County, and the U.S. Economic Development Administration, has announced a planned 2014 purchase of the First Baptist Church site at Broadway & Central for an "innovation district."
     The great 2013 book "The Metropolitan Revolution" describes these districts as follows:  "(They) cluster and connect leading-edge anchor institutions and cutting-edge innovation firms with supporting and spin-off companies, business incubators, mixed-use housing-office-retail, and 21st century amenities and transportation, in a walkable urban environment."
     Sounds like the goals of the 2004 EDo Master Plan! UNM and their impressive Master Plan professional team have already consulted with our neighborhood leadership on shared interests and goals for the future. We thank them for that collaboration, and we thank everyone involved for their leadership in moving Innovate ABQ toward becoming a reality. 
Fat Pipe Lands at Albuquerque High Library
     Per Albuquerque Business First, a new information technology center is expected to locate in the renovated, historic Library at Albuquerque High, 200 Broadway NE.  
     The new IT center, dubbed "Fat Pipe ABQ," will function as both a startup incubator for IT and digital media companies, and as a "collaborative" where existing IT businesses and professionals also can locate, said Lisa Adkins, Bioscience Center director and future head of the Downtown facility. "This will be more of a collaborative center where startups and seasoned entrepreneurs can work, mix and network," she said.
     The center deliberately is located next to the future site of Innovate ABQ, a high-tech research and development center that the University of New Mexico and the city of Albuquerque plan to develop at the First Baptist Church property at Central and Broadway. "We selected this site because we see synergies with Innovate ABQ," Stuart Rose of the Bioscience Center pointed out "It can help jump-start the Innovate ABQ initiative."
     The IT facility will house up to 80 or 90 people, with about 20 people already lined up to move in when it opens.
Rebel Workout Comes to EDo
     At the corner of Broadway & Central, Rosa Ciddio and Alison Babcock are bringing better fitness to Downtown's doorstep.  Their workouts use your body weight to tone and strengthen muscles, challenge cardio levels, and stimulate you mentally. No two workouts alike! TRX suspension trainers, ViPR bars, and Sandbells assist in helping you become your inner athlete. 
New Show Reception at Exhibit 208
    This Friday March 7th from 5:00-8:00 PM, EDo's own Exhibit 208 is hosting a reception for their showing of artist Lucy Maki, "Aslant:  New Paintings and Constructions."  Please plan to enjoy the art and the festivities at 208 Broadway SE. 
Driving Away the Drive Through
Drive Thru
     The Subway Corporation has appealed to the City Council the denial of their application for a drive-through restaurant at 501 Central NE. The EDo and Huning Highland Neighborhood Associations are unanimous in their opposition to this request, and have successfully fought it with the Zoning Hearing Examiner and the Zoning Board of Appeals. The case will first be heard by the City Council's Land Use Hearing Officer on March 19th. From there, the appeal will move to the full City Council. We will be looking for strong support in the form of your attendance at that Council hearing!  Date to be announced.
New Trees for Huning Highland and EDo
     Our State Representative Rick Miera reports that there is $25,000 in the approved State budget for tree planting in our neighborhood. Along with City Councilor Isaac Benton's CIP set-aside of $25,000, this project will plant a significant number of trees in our historic and improving neighborhood.
     Thank you very much to those two elected officials and to State Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino.
     Jeff Speck lists "street trees" as one of the Ten Steps to a Walkable Neighborhood.  Their environmental and shade benefits are apparent.  Plus, they are just so darn beautiful!
Tucson Modern Streetcar Begins Operation/Why Not Albuquerque?
     Currently in testing, the 4-mile modern streetcar line in Tucson opens to the public in July.  The line connects the Mercado, Downtown, the 4th Avenue business district, the University of Arizona, and the Arizona Health Sciences Center. Arizona State Senator Steve Farley recently estimated that almost $1 billion of private investment has been made along the route.  "No one's building except for along the streetcar, because they see that as the place to invest."
     The two main (and proven) purposes of a modern streetcar system are:
A.  To stimulate development along the line.  
B.  To act as a "pedestrian accelerator" to connect these developed and developing areas. 
     Cities with systems under construction, near construction, or seeking approval:  Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boise, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Haven, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Portland, Providence, Reno, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Stamford, St. Louis, Vancouver, Washington DC.  
     Why not Albuquerque?  We ask ourselves that question every day. Bus Rapid Transit has not shown anywhere the capability to attract the level of investment already made around a streetcar system in Tucson, before it even starts operation.
The views expressed in this e-publication are strictly those of the editor and publisher, and not those of any official organization or group.