December 2012 

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Save District 3
Road Study Coming
Bus Rapid Transit Hearing
EDo Goals 2013
515 Central Renovation
EDo Storage Opens
Center for the Book

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Save City Council District 3 Fundraiser -
Monday, December 10th, 5:30 PM
ABQ Redistricting

     As we noted in March 2012, the City Council was tasked with redrawing the boundaries of our 9 City Council districts from the 2010 Census data. Unfortunately, the Council did not heed the recommendation of most of their public hearing speakers, and ENV. They have eliminated the former District 3 - our historic Downtown and surrounding historic neighborhoods, merging it into Districts 2 and 6. 
     Attorneys at the national League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) believe this redistricting violates the Federal Voting Rights Act. They have agreed to represent former District 3 in court, to restore our City's most historic Council district, and pay most of the legal costs if there is some local help.
     There will be a fundraiser at the Artichoke Cafe this Monday, December 10th, at 5:30 PM.  The suggested contribution is $100.  Please come support your historic neighborhoods!
     Contributions for LULAC's advocacy purposes are tax-deductible. This is a legal effort, not political, and your contribution, employer and identity are not subject to campaign reporting requirements. 
     Please make your check to LULAC, with "ABQ Redistricting" in the memo space.  To donate on-line, please go to You can also mail your check to Albuquerque Fair Redistricting, 1106 Santa Fe Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.
Central Avenue Road Study Coming Soon
EDo Illustration

     The City Council has engaged Gateway Planning of Fort Worth and Nelson-Nygard Transportation Engineers of California to conduct a study of Central Avenue from Downtown east to Girard, a 1.5 mile stretch that includes our 1/2 mile of Central in EDo. They will begin their work early in 2013.
     Here are the goals of the study, per the City. These are consistent with the goals of the 2004 EDo Master Plan.
1.    To develop an implementable "Complete Street Master Plan" for the corridor;
2.    To improve the overall safety and multi-modal functionality of the corridor;
3.    To increase options for pedestrians and transit users by improving facilities along the length of the corridor;
4.    To catalyze and support future development/redevelopment of properties along the corridor by creating a high-quality public realm;
5.    To improve the quality of life of area residents and create a sense of place through the design and construction of a safe and attractive roadway.
     These are great goals!  It's very important that the BRT Project supports these goals and does not thwart them.  
     Details to follow!
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project Public Hearing in EDo - Tuesday, December 11th at 6:00 PM
ABQ Ride

     Please come to Botts Hall at the City's Special Collections Library, 423 Central NE, for a briefing on this proposed project.
     Here's what ABQ Ride says about their goal for this project:  "more frequent and timely transit service will increase the people carrying capacity of Central Avenue."
     EDo News & Views does not see carrying capacity as a relevant or a worthy goal for BRT. The goals and design of BRT should support the goals the 2004 EDo Master Plan.
     We will be making that case with ABQ Ride. Transit must put the pedetrian first, and support walkable, vibrant neighborhoods.  It's not about how fast the buses can go!
     Please come to the presentation to support these goals, and others that you deem worthy.
EDo Neighborhood Association - Principal Goals for 2013
EDo Logo 2

     As outlined by their 13 member Board of Directors, there are 2 key goals at this time:
1.  Retrofit Central Avenue from a 5 lane thoroughfare to a 3 lane "great place," as described graphically in the 2004 EDo Master Plan. Traffic capacity of the overall Lomas-MLK-Central-Lead-Coal network will remain extremely adequate at all hours of the day.
2.  The City should immediately acquire the First Baptist Church property at Broadway & Central, and begin a redevelopment process with the private sector. It's been sitting there for 3 years, blighting the neighborhood - like Albuquerque High did for 27 years before it. The Lofts at Albuquerque High revived EDo and Huning Highlands. First Baptist redevelopment can take us to new and higher levels than ever before.  And it's right next to our biggest transit facility!
515-517 Central NE Being Transformed!
515 Central

     Maddox & Company Realtors will be moving their sales and management offices to their building, across the street from Pizzeria Farina. 
     Building renovations are underway, and will be complete in the 1st Quarter 2013.  The soon-to-be award-winning design is by David Day of Terra Designs, Albuquerque.
     Many thanks to EDo Board Member Jim Maddox for his leadership in making our neighborhood even better!
     Click here for more design details.
EDO Storage Opens
Photo Banner
     EDO Storage, a residential and small-business storage facility, recently opened at 401 Central NE, between EDo Spaces and Chez D'Or Salon. 
     The secure, climate-controlled facility offers storage spaces in 5 sizes ranging from a 3 x 5 to a 5 x 8, starting at $29/month.
     More information is available at
The Center for the Book - in EDo!
Center for Book

     Discover the history of the written word right here in EDo at the Special Collections Library, 423 Central NE.
     Come enjoy hands-on activities centered around the development of alphabets, early types of paper, and the eventual development of the printing press. The Center has several printing presses, including a Linotype, and a couple of beautifully crafted wooden printers manufactured by Cedar Crest artisan resident Richard Hicks. Visitors can explore books through the ages from antique editions (from as early as 1548), horn books, pop up and miniature books, audio books, and electronic readers.
     The Center for the Book is a great (and free) destination for adults, school, community, and scout groups. For more information, please contact Library manager Eileen O'Connell, or 505-848-1376.