Waves Newsletter
May, 2015

The CBE Launches New International Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics 

After many years of planning, the CBE is thrilled to have officially launched the Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics (JOCE) in April of 2015. The brainchild of CBE Research Director, Dr. Charles Colgan, for over a decade, the Journal is funded by a generous grant from the Loker Foundation. JOCE is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal that publishes research on the theory and practice of economics as applied to ocean and coastal resources. It is the first of its kind to focus on this specific field.
"Navigating Wicked Marine Problems" Course Breaks New Ground
This spring the CBE, in partnership with the seven-campus MARINE network, launched an innovative 8-week course on "wicked" or complex marine problems. It's the first for-credit course offered by all members of the MARINE network, and a remarkable opportunity for collaboration.  "Navigating Wicked Marine Problems,"  is co-taught by CBE faculty Dr. Michael McGinnis, and Moss Landing Marine Lab faculty Dr. Alison Stimpert.

CBE Research & Leadership Initiatives

Climate Change:
With literally trillions of dollars at risk in coastal regions, figuring out the best ways to adapt may mean the difference between fiscal solvency and bankruptcy.

Economic analysis of "hot spots" in the Artic:
The National Ocean Economics Program (NOEP) is tracking the expansion of economic activity and how this activity will impact the already shifting natural environment.

Building international consensus-2015 Symposium
The CBE will host the invitation-only "Oceans in National Income Accounts Symposium," October 25-29, 2015, with the aim of drafting a document outlining areas of agreement and points for further discussion in measuring the value of the oceans.

News & Events

The CBE hires Dr. Charles Colgan as the first Director of Research  


Latest CA stats presented in Sacramento, CA

"The New Economics of Coastal Climate Change" event in Washington, DC

We mourn the loss of colleague Nancy Olsen


Students Changing the World  

Meet our CBE Summer Fellows for 2015 


Meet CBE students choosing service for the semester


Alumni Making Waves
Nate Maynard determines  total economic value of Taiwan's first marine park.

Amanda Leinberger lands NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship


The CBE Applauds
Our thanks go to the Hayward Foundation for a generous 50K donation sponsoring our 2015 summer fellows!

The Plastic Bank.org innovates solutions for the problem of plastics in the ocean while addressing issues of poverty and social justice.


CBE 101
The Center for the Blue Economy's mission is to provide education, research, and data for valuing the oceans and coasts.

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