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MM or SM, which one are you?


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Greetings Customers!

   I am stuck in the S - stage and don't know how to get out.

I haave cum a long waz baby ...

whats that !?!?!?

re-start ...

I don't know how to get out because I feel like I don't want to get out. I feel that I want to stay in this stage.

I love my newly found S pirituality.

But the Spiritual stage is only stepping stone, or was I thought.

Does this mean that my earlier view of SM and MM was wrong, hence is wrong?

I don't know, how does one know these things?

By going back to the beginning, by going down in order to come back up.

OK, lets start.

  • MM or SM, which one are you?
  • Metaphysical Metaphysician or Social Metaphysician, which one are you?

    OK, that was an enlightening tour ...

    ... and now we're back.

    What's next?

    Next we have to figure out how we can figure out where we currently are within the SM- MM galaxy and we have to do it without the benefit of the still to be developed tele÷meter test.


    I don't think that is possible.

  • Yes
  • It is.

    Here's how.

    1. CBR Yes as starter means to insulating yourself against a materialistic culture (if you are an American that is, but if you are British, then against a Queenistic culture, or if you are Middle Eastern then against a deathisitc one and so on, whatever your culture is, remember that culture is LCD and you want or should want higher).
    2. Thoroughly plumb the ins and outs of all of this too.
    3. Apply everything to you, yourself and yu.
    4. Make the following values your new values and/or your highest values: autonomy (with its three component parts: closeness, separation and individuation), authentic self esteem, self awareness, self acceptance, self responsibility and self assertion.
    5. Then read and study this chart (with its link to the four design rules for achieving autonomy) and do so with the highest intellectual honesty you can muster and after reading it--and if need be re-reading it multiple times--either sit back and feel your location within the MM-SM galactic universe (hint: breathe, relax and accept the first thought that comes to you without you forcing it) or give yourself the standing order (that is, give your subconscious the suggestion) that you will dream yor answer to the question: Where the fu ... am I?
    6. Or ... if you don't agree with any of my self then do as I did early on in my therapy years and as Dr. Branden (finally) in his later years discovered when he was asked, what would you say to "them" now? and he replied/implied: "To all my critics I would now say: Go f... yourself."

    The End.


       re read 6. ... ?slip or slOp? ... if you don't agree with any of my stuff ... stuff not self ... where'd self come from?
       Probably from within as testimonial of inner conflicts between self and ego with ego understood to mean the internal view of self and self the integrated actual whole person.
       Nature intended self and ego to be friends (PsycHHology principle), the best of friends and which they-are-in-you is entirely, completely, 100% up to you and your volitional choice.
       Have a happy life and/or see you at the next plateau - - that is, Level 3 (if, that is, you decide to go on).

    Another non-poetic poem: The meek will not ...
    The meek will not inherit the earth, rather:
          * they will inherit an unhappy life
          * they will inherit the burden of producing
             a surplus for their rulers to steal
          * they will inherit misery and gnashing of teeth
          * they will ...

    wait ...


    ... that's interesting ...

       Did people in olden times grind their teeth too?
       Yes. It is all about me. (I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to deal with, among other things, the consequences of four or five decades of teeth grinding).
       Just as in your [Yes], it should be all about [you].
       Because it just isn't possible for any one other than you to figure yu out.

       Square circles do not exist and cannot be made.



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       For some insight on how you can help yourself manage this aspect of your growth and development go here and click on the "How to choose a therapist" article.

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